Class Feature Friday: Dreamspun Bloodline/Visionary Variant (Sorcerer Bloodline/Wildblooded Variant)

We’ve covered dreams before in the form of the Dreamweaver Witch archetype for changelings, and today we cover them again with the Dreamspun Bloodline. This particular heritage give its wielders power over prophecy, sleep, and memory, which are all commonly associated with dreams.

So how does this bloodline come about? Perhaps the sorcerer is descended from a creature from the plane of dreams, or if there is no such plane in your setting, perhaps a living denizen of the ethereal plane. Living Dreams, Nightmare creatures, xill, phase spiders, and so on are all candidates for an ancestor, but don’t discount the possibility of more mental beings, such as contemplatives of Ashok or caulborn. For a non-biological origin for the bloodline, consider looking into planar connections to the dreamscape, the ether, the mother or father being prophets, artists, or engineers, and so on.

The visionary variant feels like a true mutation, Focusing on prophetic dreams and the rejuvenating power of sleep over manipulating the subconscious.

The bonus spells granted by this bloodline include magic to put others to sleep, divinations both short-term and long, communication through dreams, and even travel into other dimensions.

The techniques learned by these mages give them increased charm and cunning both on and off the battlefield, and even the ability to make their spells as intense and hard to resist as the amount of energy they put into them.

For the primary members of this bloodline, their arcana allows them to touch the subconscious and primal thoughts of single foes they target with their magic, giving them insight into their behavior in battle, making avoiding their attacks and abilities all the easier. However, the wildbloods instead can enter an especially deep slumber that allows them to refresh their soul’s energy for spells with a mere hour of rest, though it does nothing for their body’s needs.

Drawing upon the sounds of peaceful dreams, these sorcerers can hum or sing a mystic lullaby that causes those nearby to drowse, making it hard for them to pay attention, and making them more susceptible to sleep magic.

In their dreams, these mages catch glimpses of the future, including battles ahead, and use that to their advantage, reacting to the start of the battle as if already remembering it, moving faster.

Later on, those of the primary bloodline can reach into the dreams and memories of a foe, manipulating memories and even coaxing the answers to questions from their subconscious. The more familiar they are with the target, the easier it is to do so. On the other hand, those of the wild blood naturally have prophetic dreams, learning about the consequences of their actions in the near future.

Perhaps one of the more unique abilities of these mystics is the ability to create what is called an Eye of Somnus, by entering a trance. This magical sensor is normally invisible, but with a thought, they can make it visible, causing those who look upon it to drift off into a deep sleep.

Finally, these sorcerers learn to step sideways into the dream realm, becoming intangible. Like an incorporeal creature, their magical attacks only deal half damage against foes, but their non-damaging spells are unaffected.

Wanna mix divination, control, and debuffs? This sorcerer bloodline might be just right for you. You get an arcane eye that doubles as a symbol of sleep, quick reactions, the ability to debuff with impunity at max level, and for the primary bloodline, a big defensive buff against foes that you are currently casting against. The wildblooded variant is good too, getting a free divination each night, and the ability to rest for a short time to regain spells. While tiring, this can be useful when time is of the essense.

I recommend a divination and debuffing build for this archetype, with a bit of stealthy espionage with the primary bloodline, thanks to the ability to erase and distort memories and interrogate the subconscious.

Sleep disorders like narcolepsy and Insomnia come to mind when thinking of this archetype, but while roleplaying a character with those disorders can be fun when done right, it’s not necessary. Consider though the blurring of reality and dream, and how that might affect a character who is partially composed of dreamstuff. Perhaps they have trouble telling the difference between their dreams and reality?


When the goddess of dreams, Sikiluk, battled the great spirit beast Akrua, shreds of the dream world were torn away and fell to the world, many were collected and safeguarded as mythical relics. Some of the smaller ones, however, became infused in children, creating the first dreamspun sorcerers. However, the Cult of Guarded Dreams seeks to reclaim even the smallest shred, and will stop at nothing to extract the dreamstuff from those who have “stolen” it.

Nianda keeps waking up from the same nightmare, her prophetic powers showing her the terrible accident that ended her wife’s life, and no matter what she does differently, it always happens, only for her to wake up again. Little does she know that she has been cursed by a night hag, placed in a sleep of eternal nightmares. You see, a dreamspun soul driven to insanity is a rare treasure indeed in the lower planes.

A second moon has appeared in the sky, and prophets everywhere clamor for an explanation and interpretation, some calling it a sign of doom, others of good fortune. All but the dreamspun sorcerers, that is. They, one and all, merely watch the sky in muted fear, knowing on some level that the invader moon looks back. The plane of Leng is now coterminous with the material, and soon the moon-beasts will come.

moonwish  asked:

"I'm so sorry ! I didn't see you ! " WITH ROUGH AND DREAMY GO

Rough had left Chicoltgo that day with no particular destination in mind: all he knew was that he had a hunger for adventure that could only be satiated by taking to the skies. This wasn’t his first weekend excursion outside the city limits; this one, however, felt like it was going to be… different, somehow. More interesting–he could feel it in his bones. 

With a graceful gesture of his wings, he took to the skies. Flapping his powerful wings excitedly and fostering a big, dumb grin on his face, Chicoltgo’s skyline was nothing more than a dot on the horizon behind him within minutes. 

The cool breeze gently tussling Roughspun’s fiery mane had never felt better, and the sun shining on his dark coat provided a consistent, pleasant warmth. As he traveled farther and farther westward of his home city, the sights only became more and more pleasant to his metropolitan-fatigued eyes. 

The sky appeared as though it was painted by a visionary artist: pastel pink and purple hues tinted the clouds, highlighted by the glorious gold of the sun’s rays. It was an utterly hypnotizing sight, and Rough found himself entranced. Daydreams and thoughts of music filled his mind, inspired by the beauty beholden in front of him. There was so much he could–


In his wonder, he had neglected to notice another pony marveling at the sky, and consequently bumped into her in his absentmindedness.

He hastily apologized and blushed profusely to the caramel colored mare before him, noting her rather… odd wings.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!! I didn’t see you!!”