Jessica hummed as her cab pulled up outside her little brother’s house. At least, this is where she was told he lived. 

It really was an impressive house. She smiled, looking it over from the backseat. Looks like her brother’d been holding out on her. He was hardly struggling if he lived here.

She paid the taxi driver, smiling in thanks as she stepped out and walked up the driveway. She rapped the door and waited on her brother opening. His surprise would be fantastic.

Rescue [Tony/Dan/Dae]

Tony sighed as he put his phone back on the counter. He’d lost touch with both Dan and Dae now, and he was more worried than ever that JARVIS wouldn’t be able to get a lock on them. He paced back and forth, waiting impatiently in his armor, needing to be able to go and get them back safely.


“JARVIS, please tell me you got their locations…”

Indeed, sir. They are located in the same building, the rooms they are being held in are next door to one another.

“Good. Send the coordinates to the suit”

Of course, sir.

“Hang on Dan… Dae… I’m coming to get you both.”

He flew out of the Tower at top speed, heading towards the building that the GPS coordinates gave him.

Gone [Tony/Dan/Dae]

They were gone… They’d been taken… He’d been panicked when Fury knew nothing of Dan’s whereabouts and when he went to check at Dae’s, there was nobody. He was supposed to protect them. They were taken without his knowledge. He stared forlornly at his screens, waiting for JARVIS to finish running the GPS locator and hopefully get a lock on their positions.

If he couldn’t save them… Then how could he possibly call himself an Avenger? He just hoped that he would get to them in time.

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Mr. Sonohan, what is sex with your fiancee like? She looks like she'd be a screamer. Is she a screamer? Or perhaps she's like her sister, flirty and wild and oh so sweet... Perhaps I'll have a taste of her before your wedding.

“Too far with that last one, Nonny because you lay a damn hand on her, or her siblings, and I’ll put you through a wall. As to how she is, trust me when I say this much: Better than you’re getting.”

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Chu, Nip, peck, Hey

( Neri/Dae/Death-mun did tell me this was meant to be sent from the Dae account, so keep that in mind. )

Dan smiled. “You don’t even need to ask, beautiful.” With that, he carefully kissed her cheek, his lips and then her neck, pulling back with a soft smile and a blush.

(As for the Hey…

Opening Credits: Screaming Eagles - Sabaton
Falling in Love: Lost - Avenged Sevenfold
Fight Song: The Final Solution - Sabaton
Breaking Up: Therapy - All Time Low
Life’s Okay: Come One, Come All - All Time Low
Getting Back Together: If You Could See Me Now - The Script
Wedding: Midway - Sabaton
Birth of Child: Firestorm - Sabaton
Final Battle: Ghost Division - Sabaton
Death Scene: Guts - All Time Low
Funeral Song: Welcome To The Family - Avenged Sevenfold
End Credits: Love The Way You Live - Eminem (feat. Rhianna)

Wow… Pretty poorly organized musical score, not gon’ lie XD )