…i was really bored. and there were a lot more mayors i wanted to pixelate but i’m saving that for when i’m bored again lol (over 20 mayors eughhgghgh)

[if ya want your pixel just send me an ask and i’ll cut you outta the batch lol]

A commissioned gift for little-chouette <3

I was tagged by: meitopia and kappasuit ! Thanks guyss

Since I did it already I took Mei’s idea hehe and wrote with my other hand and as you can it didnt go well xD

I tag: -peachtea-, chewycrossing, chimeriacrossing, dreamskipper, digbyoppa, snowabi, fabuloustown, hobomayor, lillibo, rorascrossing, and anyone else who wants to do it! ^-^

And may I mention how awesome I wrote all your urls pretty fab right :D -slaps face- :D

some child hood friends (and io) hanging out

I see th conversastion going something like 

Maddocks talking about how all her clothes were in different drawers today and doesnt remember doing it and Cat is all thats weird

but in reality rem, cy and fae did it while she was out

and io is just being a pouty assface in the back

i dont think i’ll eer finish this so take it

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  1. What’s your name? 

  2. What’s your URL? 

  3. What’s your blogs name? 
Gwiyomi. lmao i didnt even try orz

  4. Have a crush? uh. kindasorta.

  5. What’s your favorite colour? 


  7. Favorite band/singer: 
i have a lot orz. 

  8. Favorite number? 
lmaooo uh. 1004’s cute. and 486/143 both are as well. stupid cheesy shit lol.

  9. Favorite drink? 
i drink water usually? coffee or tea with milk + something to sweeten it is nice too lmao. i like sweet drinks orz.

  10. tag people! uhhh. meitopia iamdrsloth craneleaf reinyrays laocoon-crossing kappasuit weeradish idkkkkk all of youuuu?

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MARCH 31ST (disregard that last one HAH)

March: favourite colour? Uhhh I have lots actually! Generally I love those soft kind of pastel colours, e.g. pale green, pale grey, pale blue etc. but also navy blue and forest green! 

31st: can I talk to you about Jesus Christ our lord and saviour? I mean you can, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be interested in the conversation or agree with your beliefs. Basically, I’m not religious, but even if I’m not interested in the subject, I’m interested in learning new things. So if it’s a topic where you’re telling me something interesting, I’ll happily listen! But if you’re just trying to shove your beliefs down my throat, then I really won’t be a happy ducky.

dorkycrossing replied to your post: anonymous said:HI ANON IS HERE WI…

can i have some of your ice cream

*stares into your soul* Hrrmmmmmmmmm ok but only because you’re my friend and I love you *reluctantly scoots up close with a bowl of ice cream and two spoons*

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24, 35, and 42 EYYY B)

Pffffft Cat <3 You lovely doob

24.What ARE you looking forward to?
You 8} UH. But actually I think right now just… Sleep? I know it’s really stupidly simple but I’ve had a good and active day, so I’m just looking forward to having a really nice sleep ^-^ I’m just not quiiiiite ready to sleep yet!

35.If you could move somewhere else, would you?
Hmmmmm probably! I mean I love Greece and all, but I’m sort of ready to start a new phase of life somewhere else? See where things take me :)

42.Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
Honestly I’m not sure - I’ve never had a massive opinion on this? I think more than having one set soul-mate, we all have multiple people who are very well suited to us (a.k.a. multiple soul-mates?) and it really just depends on who you meet when, and if you meet them at all! Am I making sense here? Because idk *flops over*