dreamsfallenthrough  asked:

25-35 :]

Was I a good child? - I was a quite child. 

I love… - when it gets super cold and I dont gotta work. Sweats and socks and a mansion of blankets with some netflix. oh man oh man…

Do I smoke? - depends, sometimes

Do I like to party? - I use to go to all types of parties, but that got old fast for me.

Do I get embarrassed easily? - kinda….it fucking sucks. 

How Am I feeling right now? - A little lonely, but super relaxed, yet bored. Its a roller coaster right now.

What am I interested in? - people.

Has it been a good year so far? - It’s been a pretty good year so far for me.

what am I looking forward to? - Deftones and Circa releasing new albums!!!

Am I a hopeful person? - I’m a very hopeful person, its a flaw…

Am I really flirty? - Extremely….it’s a flaw.