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do all doomed dreamselves merge with the alpha dreamself or was that just rose in that one timeline because she's a seer or something

That was just that one Rose doing some Seer bullshit

k soo this is a little photo of me and my friends dream selfs. (I have to due to the fact im following a headcanon that doom players have 2 becomes of the tumor and like 10 other reasons. its on the wiki. in aspect.) where making a 5 player session and only have god teirs & dream selfs so far. and I refuse to wear a dress. refuse.

prospit is a planet from the comic series Homestuck where one’s dreamself lives, and the blue planet in the sky is Skaia also known as The Battlefield,
there’s a lot more to talk about Skaia and how its important in the game but I’ll let the Wiki explain that: mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wi…

(all most of the art is from the comic but my little Clyde is not, somewhat >w>; I edit one of the kids to look like him ^ ^; )

Quick Question For People Who Headcanon Dave As Trans

I’ve seen a lot of really cute fanart of this headcanon, but something confuses me. In a lot of the art Dave’s wearing his god tier pajamas, which I guess means it’s meant to take place after he and Rose went off to destroy the green sun.

But shouldn’t he have male parts/not need to wear a binder after that point? The version of Dave that went on the suicide mission/ascended to god tier was his dreamself not his “earthself” (ie. the physical body that John sent to earth via meteor), and aren’t dreamselves meant to be more of a reflection of who you believe yourself to be deep down? Terezi’s dreamself was blind because deep down Terezi believed that being blind was right for her, but Vriska and Tavros’s dreamselves seemed perfectly able-bodied as far as I could tell (and Vriska continued to be after she godtiered). Jade’s dreamself was even able to grow extra arms in order to play her advanced guitar.

So if deep down (or not so deep down) Dave is a man, shouldn’t his dreamself have masculine parts, regardless of what his earthself has?

Just food for thought. I think this has potential for some really cute/heartwarming fics (imagine how wonderful it must be to wake up in the right body after living in the wrong one for years) but I haven’t found any that use it yet (if someone knows of one let me know).


Edit: Reread this because it seems I offended someone and I had to check to see where the problematic language was. “Believed” is a very bad word, because it implies it’s just what someone thinks they are, not what they truly are deep down. I’m terribly sorry for that, I was using the word to parallel how Terezi explained it, but I can see where it may have given a bad impression. I’ve fixed it now.

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here's a question: when karkat contacted john, he said he'd spent "Sweeps" searching for him. So aren't the trolls older than the kids? They also said they'd spent at least Months on the meteor after jack happened, before Dave contacted Terezi. And how long was the Trolls' session? And how old were each of them compared to one another? I feel like they can't all be the same age. So i guess I'm asking; how old are the trolls compared to the kids, and one another?

He was exaggerating, he’d only been searching for a few hours. The trolls are the same age as the kids. And the trolls were only on the meteor for like a day before they found the kids, since we saw Karkat go to sleep for the first time in weeks only to have his dreamself killed. And the trolls session lasted a little over three weeks.

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Does any past injuries affect your dream bubble self? Like obviously kurloz's mouth is still sewed shut and meulin is still deaf but none of them are affected by the explosion that killed of them.

They still have those imperfections because those characteristics are a defining part of themself and they choose to keep them. Similar to why Terezi’s dreamself was blind and why Caliborn (if he did ascend) is still lacking a leg and tooth.

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Is there a website or place I can create my alters the way I see them? My therapist wants my to draw them, but I can't draw, and it interests me to do this as well. plus I have 26 of them so it will take time if I were to draw them. I can't find any apps or websites so far to build or create a person/face the way you need to. I know it's a long stretch to ask but I'm very interested in doing this so other people can be introduced to my system the way I see them. Please help!

you could try avatar creation webpages. there’s a wide variety of them available but there’s a couple that i’ve found to be pretty popular with the DID community here:

full body: http://www.dreamself.me/ (requires chrome or flash to be installed)

full body: https://recolor.me/ (requires creating a free account). you may need to check off the option at the bottom that asks “what if i have all the items” for full access to the outfitting options.

bust: http://www.rinmarugames.com/game/?game_id=421 (requires chrome or flash to be installed and does have ads/music that play automatically, just to make you aware)

if you’re ok with installing programs or have the capability (not everyone does and that’s ok) there’s also the new Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo. this one is also free but it does require you to create an account with and then download/install Origin, the EA Games game management software (also free). then you would download and install the Create a Sim demo itself. http://www.thesims.com/create-a-sim-demo

i was going to include a link to Arvee So Fetch! but it seems that the hosting lapsed and the data has been removed from the servers, so the likelihood of it coming back up is slim (last info update was 5/24/15). which is a shame because it was one of my favorites. it was based on Subeta.

some systems also used tektek, which was based on GaiaOnline and the items available, but it appears that the website had to be taken down.

those are the ones that i know of but i’m sure that there are hundreds more out there. maybe some of our followers have other suggestions too?

-e (of SN)







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Didn't John fuck up so badly by causing jade to die and Dave had to time travel to stop John being an idiot and left rid to stop existing. Would rose still exist and be all alone or stop existing

Terezi convinced John to go see his denizen early on and he tried to fight him and died. He couldn’t bring Jade in to the Medium so she was killed by meteors. That Dave then time traveled back and stopped John from going to see Typheus. The doomed Rose ceased to exist but her dreamself merged with Rose prime’s dreamself. 

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Hi! I don't know if you asked this, sorry if you did! But I'm kind of confused with the Dream planets, Prospit and Derse. Are people who are pre-destined to play SBURB (say like, a year before they get the game) still have dream selves? Like, if Egbert didn't even know about SBURB yet, would he still have his Prospit dream self? Or would it be gone until he got the game?

If you were predestined to play sburb, meaning your ecto baby dropped on earth from a meteor then yes you will have a dreamself regardless if in a doomed timeline you dont play sburb or die before you play sburb

TG: whoa fuck
TG: a suicide mission are you serious
TG: no bullshit thats not happening
TG: hey look suddenly everything we just talked about was useless because its time to make a plan that doesnt fucking suck
TT: Let’s not be so dramatic.
TT: I was talking about my dream self.
TT: She’s the one who won’t be returning.
TG: oh 

Okay, good to know that Rose isn’t quite that suicidal, and also that Dave isn’t having any of that shit.  Of course Rose’s real motivation is that she knows that if she kills her dreamself she’ll end up in the Tentacle Zone whenever she sleeps.

TG: haha yeah thats fine i guess
TG: those fuckers are all kinds of mad expendable
TG: way to leave me hanging there
TG: for someone whos saying lets cool it on the drama the whole i wont be coming back thing is a pretty theatrical bombshell
TG: for future reference
TT: That’s true.
TT: Your outburst was pretty sweet though.
TG: yeah i know 

Okay, I wouldn’t say that the dreamselves are quite that expendable. You’d think they serve some purpose in the game. Also yeah she should’ve lead with the “dreamself” thing. It’s like she pretty much phrased it specifically to mess with him. Which might very well be the point, I guess.

TG: so when do i do my thing
TG: make this map
TG: which i guess is just like
TG: a solid black piece of paper
TG: this is going to be fucking stupid isnt it
TT: If there’s one thing you have more than any of us, it’s time.
TT: So, whenever you like.
TT: As long as conventionally speaking, it’s quite soon.
TG: alright
TG: so
TG: dog it as long as possible
TG: then travel back to about now and go to sleep 

I don’t know how these guys keep their schedules the remotest bit straight.  Dave, I know you have all the time in the world, but seriously procrastination is still bad.  Get that shit out of the way so it won’t be hanging over your head.

TT: Sure.
TT: And if you have trouble going to sleep, maybe you can ask your patron troll to trick the telepathic one into putting you to sleep again.
TG: what
TT: Each of us seems to have a troll infatuated with helping us. Haven’t you noticed?
TG: no
TT: What about the psychopath who’s currently helping you?
TG: oh yeah terezi
TG: no shes cool 

Uh, Terezi is actually one of the less psychopathic trolls.  At least compared to Vriska and Karkat. But especially Vriska.

TT: Isn’t that camaraderie blossoming into some sort of interspecies whatever?
TG: its blossoming into an interspecies partnership in incredibly shitty cartooning
TG: what do you mean get her to trick someone into putting me asleep again
TG: when did that happen
TT: Just now.
TG: who did that
TT: That would be John’s patron troll. 

You were wondering about why everything suddenly became shitty? Yeah, that was her.  Sure, Terezi killed John once, but that was in an alternate timeline anyway.  John really got the short end of the stick when it comes to trolls.

TG: god
TG: fuckin trolls
TG: too many of them who can even keep track of this shit
TG: which ones yours
TG: is it the absurd juggalo one that would be hilarious
TT: There’s a juggalo one?
TG: yeah see what i mean 

Still better than Vriska.  It would be pretty awesome if Rose got stuck with him.

TT: She’s contacting me now actually.
TG: oh ok
TG: well im suddenly not interested so go talk to your fairy god troll
TG: ill be over here paving the way for your elaborate dream suicide
TG: when i feel like getting around to it i mean
TT: Thanks.
TG: later 

Well, at least now we know what the deal with the Tumor and Rose’s plan and all that shit is.  Whether or not it’s a good plan or even a good idea is completely up in the air. I have no doubt that this plan will not turn out well, though.  If you actually say what all the steps of the plan are, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that it’s going to backfire horribly.