American Circumcision
A feature-length documentary about the most common surgery in America and the growing Intactivist movement against circumcision.

I have wanted this film to exist for 15 years. 

I first learned about circumcision in my college Human Sexuality class when we watched Whose Body, Whose Rights. The movie was really well done but pretty outdated so it became a dream of mine that I would someday produce a modern version and include many of the same voices.

It’s happening!!!!!!!!! The link above is a Kickstarter for the film and the gif below is how I feel about my dream really, really coming true. 

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Costa Rica ~ Summer ‘16 recap
I traveled here alone for two weeks. This was my first trip out of the United States. I traveled around the entire country. Words flew from thought to paper and I was exactly where I needed to be. I woke up right after the sun, got to the beach, and took all my clothes off. I swam naked in the Caribbean. I met a sloth, monkeys, and creatures I never seen before. I tried fruit and veggies I never see in my grocery and it felt so damn good. I stayed in an amazing treehouse, a hostel called Hakuna Matata, and a lovely young couple took me in as a couch surfer! This was a dream come true. I am grateful for this trip. Costa Rica is a place I would like to return.

Моей тайной страстью всегда была акварель: с тех пор, как я открыла для себя @agnes-cecile и ее чувственные работы. Она до сих пор остается одной из моих любимых художниц, а я негласно мечтаю научиться складывать робкие штрихи в один чувственный, цельный образ.

Наконец-то я нашла в себе силы попробовать рисовать акварелью. Это было трудно и еще раз трудно, ибо краски не давались мне еще со школьных времен. 

Вчера столичный дед-мороз привез мне приятные рисовальные мелочи и моя душенька почти нашла силы поверить, что со временем и тонной практики у меня все получится. 

Тамблеровский, делюсь с тобой моим первым акварельным пейзажем эвер :з


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This is why you don’t cheat on me

I was exclusive with this boy until he cheated on me with multiple girls. We happen to be in the same college English class together, and a few weeks ago he wrote this essay about a dream he had where the love of his life stapled a sign that said “Cheater” onto his shirt (it was all fictional).

Well, guess what? The cheater had left his shirt over in my dorm room, so i did the only thing i could do- i returned it to him.

I pinned it onto his door so everyone could see it, and on the back of the paper i wrote :

 “sometimes dreams do come true”

Dream until your fear of failing forces your dream into a prosperous existence.
—  T. L. House