yooooo, for any of u guys interested, here is my calarts sketchbooks on youtube



and i welcome any comments or suggestion….well, it’s not like i can fix it or anything, just in case if I get rejected, i know where may the problems be 


i am so nervous, i am mailing them out soon.

Mamma I made it.

I still can’t believe I got accepted into Howard. Like it feels like I’m  dreaming. Its surreal, but I’m just in a total shock. When you wait for so long for something and you finally get all you can do is feel blessed. All good things take time ,and it took four months for my greatest accomplishment to come to me. I promise to do only my best at Howard ,and I’m ready for the amazing journey I will begin this fall.

I've loved you since the fifth grade.

SO PLEASE ACCEPT ME. Pleaseeeeee, omfgomgogmggfkgof. Even though decisions come out tomorrow, I’m going to check on my 18th birthday at the temple on Friday. Please God, the only birthday present I want is an email that starts of with “Congratulations!”.

I just hope I didn’t fall in love with a school too early on in my life.