Jin Vocal Evolution
Jin Vocal Evolution

Jin Vocal Evolution

a compilation of Jin’s parts in all of BTS’ promoted songs

  1. No More Dream (2013)
  2. We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 (2013)
  3. N.O (2013)
  4. 진격의 방탄 (Attack on Bangtan) (2013)
  5. 상남자 (Boy In Luv) (2014)
  6. 하루만 (Just One Day) (2014)
  7. Miss Right (2014)
  8. Danger (2014)
  9. 호르몬전쟁 (War of Hormone) (2014)
  10. I Need U (2015)
  11. 쩔어 (Dope) (2015)
  12. Run (2015)
  13. Epilogue: Young Forever (2016)
  14. 불타오르네 (Fire) (2016)
  15. Save Me (2016)
  16. Awake (2016)

“Stevie said, “Okay, just imagine a white horse in the garden…” And she spun a beautiful, dreamlike visual. Then the next day, she woke up and looked out her window and a big trailer was arriving with a white horse in it. She was ecstatic. (…) The place became a crazy house. Suddenly you couldn’t tell if it was a film set or the interior of Stevie’s mind.” 

 Dave Stewart, Sweet Dreams.

When i see this:

and this

and of course this…..aww Kaya!!

How i feel:

Slow motion Clap for All the Caucasian Women who got to do and will do crossover photo shoots with Drop- Dead- Gorgeous Korean Men in Entertainment

You don’t know how lucky you are….

(Anyone who finds more pictures like this….feel free to add in and enrich this post)

To all fellow South Asian Korean Entertainment Enthusiasts

 isn’t it time that Brown chicks come in and get a taste too ???

Lets add all up!!!! Hahah!!!