dreams will protect us all

Task for Today (9/5/17)

–Call or fax your Senators and House Rep. (You can text “resist” to 50409 and it will walk you through the steps)

–If they have spoken out in favor of DACA or the DREAM Act, thank them for their support and tell them that you support them in this work.

–If they have not, or have spoken against it, tell them that you support DACA and that this is an issue that matters to you, and you would like to hear them voice support for it.

–Tell them that you believe that DACA must be extended until the bipartisan DREAM Act can be passed, that you want to see action on the DREAM Act and that you would like their support for Rep. Coffman’s BRIDGE Act, which will extend DACA for up to three years.

–Tell them that the final version of the DREAM Act *must* protect all people who came to the US as children and *must* keep families together, and that these points are non-negotiable (there is some talk that Republicans may try to pass a “lite” version of the DREAM Act so it is worth specifying these two points).