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Zootopia fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.20- Let me be good to you

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Chapter 20 – Let me be good to you

It was just after 4am in Tundra Town when Kit Cloudkicker emerged from a very discreet looking building, to the outside world it looked like an office building but this was just a charade, it was in fact a brothel. Despite prostitution being legalized, regulated and taxed over a decade ago most brothels in the city kept themselves discreet as not to bring down the tone of the neighbourhoods and to keep workers and clients’ identities somewhat under wraps. Despite large sections of Tundra Town being destroyed in The Wave this brothel was still one of the most visited in all of Zootopia. Cloudkicker walked over to his snow covered car, unlocked with the fob on his keychain and got himself into the driver’s seat, but just as he was about to start the car he felt the cold metal rest next to his throat, he froze in case any sudden movements would provoke his attacker, he sniffed the air and sniffed the air to try and figure out whom was holding him hostage. He didn’t catch any whiff of his attacker’s natural musk that most mammals gave off but the bear immediately smelt something familiar; a perfume composed of the rarest flowers and sandalwood, it was Shalini perfume, an expensive choice at nearly $1000 a bottle but more importantly Cloudkicker only knew one mammal in the world who favoured that scent. “Hello Ronin.” He greeted in a friendly manner, despite having a blade on his jugular.

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Best Country Songs of 2013:

1. “I Want Crazy” – Hunter Hayes

“I wanna be scared, don’t wanna know why. I wanna feel good, don’t have to be right. The world makes all kinds of rules for love, I say you gotta let it do what it does.”

2. “Don’t Ya” – Brett Eldredge

“Cause I can see you move a little closer, closer. Girl, I gotta get to get to know ya, know ya. Everything about ya makes me want ya, want ya. Know what you’re doin baby don’t ya, don’t ya?”

3. “We Were Us” – Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert

“When a road was a road, I could roll on through without wishing that empty seat was you. Money was gas, dreams were dust. Loves was fast and we were us.”

4. “Carolina” – Parmalee

“She feels like Carolina, looks like California. Shining like those New York lights on Broadway. When she looks back I’m behind her, I’ll always be there for her.”

5. “Drunk Last Night” – Eli Young Band

“I got a little drunk last night. There’s something ‘bout a midnight rain, staring at the ceiling fan. I couldn’t get you off my brain.”

6. “Mine Would Be You” – Blake Shelton

“What’s your all time high, your good as it gets? Your hands down best ever make-up sex? What’s your guilty pleasure, your old go to? Well if you asked me, mine would be you.”

7. “Southern Girl” – Tim McGraw

“Kisses sweeter than Tupelo honey. Little bit crazy like New Orleans. Memphis blue and Daytona sunny. Soft as cotton in some cut-off jeans. Don’t you know, ain’t nothing in the whole wide world like a southern girl.”

8. “It Goes Like This” – Thomas Rhett

“And it goes like hey, girl I’m blow away. Yeah, it starts with a smile and it ends with an all night long slow kiss. Yeah, it goes like this.”

9. “Sunny and 75” – Joe Nichols

“I’m somewhere, somewhere sunny and 75. You and me on a beach chair. Yeah, I’m so there every time I look in your eyes. Kissing you and the salt air, I can taste it, I swear.”

10. “Drink a Beer” – Luke Bryan

“I took a walk to clear my head, this is where the walking lead. Can’t believe you’re really gone. Don’t feel like going home.”

Laura Michelle Kelly: Maybe you woke believing your dreams were in the dust and there is no hope? Maybe let a little hope start to grow in this moment. Let’s choose to believe that your best years are ahead of you and the best is yet to come in our lives! #newsunrise #newstart #newhope #achievetheimpossible when we #believetheimpossible

Olitz drabble: Today

This was inspired by miltonsong’s brilliant drabble a few weeks ago. 

He cut their cords.

First Jerry, slick with placenta, came into this world with a loud cry proclaiming his existence.  So very different from the shy, contemplative young man he would become. Fitz didn’t know at the time that the seeds of the destruction of his marriage were planted with his conception.

He wanted to throw up.

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