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vanessa + lily (penny dreadful)

thought my job would consist of being locked in an office and occasionally getting permission to go do archive work with physical primary sources
job is actually just “can i work at home 2day? just finishing up x brief” “sure!” “can i go to LAC for the day? city directories and fire insurance plans to sort thro for x house?” “sure!” so u can say im dying a lil

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What do you think the Miyuki and narumiya battery would have been like

Miyuki and Mei’s battery would just be unstoppable.

I do think Miyuki knows how Mei thinks and works around and vice versa. Also they have this equal respect on each other as players and they both look forward with each other’s plays. 

Even not being a battery together, those two had already showed signs that they both knew each other well. Like how Mei knows Miyuki’s not in his usual condition while batting against Yakushi. And how Mei hit Nori’s pitch which had them the game at the last Summer tournament? What if he kinda predicts Miyuki would ask for that pitch, and it’s not just pure luck and such. What if. 

And that time when Miyuki got upset/mad about Mei shaking off Itsuki’s lead that cost them a game? I think those are sort of signs that they both have this idea of how to play with each other. That with those, they’d be both unstoppable because they knew, oh they both knew how each minds would go and what is the best play they could execute. 

Imagine Miyuki enjoying Mei’s pitches because it’s perfect. It has the power and speed and the control is flawless. He’s enjoying the variety of the pitches and he enjoys making the batters looking terrified and perplexed and troubled.

Imagine Mei grinning at Miyuki’s play calls. It’d be complex yet simple because he can do it and at the same time it’s troubling to do it with the risks and such but he has faith in his catcher’s calls and he just pitches because this is Kazuya making the calls. ‘nuff said.

With Mei’s variety of perfected pitches and Miyuki’s crazy plays and such, really, they’d be unstoppable. It’s kinda overwhelming for me but i do want to see this someday or somehow.

I do hope one day t-sensei would give us a back story of such about these two. really. like if they’ve been together in a team, if they had form a battery in the past, if they’ve faced each other many other times before the actual plot right now, we need them to be honest. or i need them. haha. it’s really intriguing. it makes me excited and hopeful. ugh.