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A long analysis of various Thirty Seconds to Mars songs, part 1.
Since I’ve been on the Leto/Farrell emotional rollercoaster for the past few weeks, I finally decided to put my tin hat on once again and, in the light of my recent, new thoughts on the matter, spend some more words on the analysis of many Thirty Seconds to Mars songs, all written by Jared, that could possibly hint to Jared’s closet / closeted relationship.

If you think Harry and Louis’ story is painful, think again. There is worse around. And I’ll show you.

First off. Do I believe that Jared Leto is closeted? Yes. Do I believe that he and Colin Farrell have been together? Fuck yes. Do I believe that there has been a heavy closet going on for the past ten years? Yes. Do I believe that Jared and Colin are still together? It hopefully looks like so, considering Jared’s recent (2013/2014) Twitter activity. Last but not least, will I be biased about the meaning of the songs? Fuck. Yes. And I honestly don’t care. I WILL link the songs to Jared and Colin, because they make senseAlso because, you know, Jared’s always been painfully vague about the meaning of his songs. Do I believe that all the feelings expressed in the songs are caused by the closet? Probably not. I’m sure many negative feelings were caused by their own mistakes, regardless of the closet.

Other few useful info:

  • In my mind, in 2004 Jared and Colin already were an item. I’m not sure if their relationship started before or during the shooting of Alexander (2004), but the two of them have known each other since the 90s and I think that Jared was already closeted at that time.
  • They have probably been on and off for the past ten years.
  • In Alexander, an eagle that appears before every battle/journey is an important element of the movie. Don’t forget this.
  • I don’t think someone can actually write some strong, heartbreaking lyrics, when they haven’t supposedly been in a serious relationship for the past ten years and they’re a serial no-emotions-attached womanizer.
  • Please, listen to the songs.
  • It looks longer than it really is, but it’s mostly lyrics of the songs, so don’t worry to much. 

Before you kindly point it out—no, I have no mean to prove once and for all that my opinions are legit. But I don’t give a fuck, since this post won’t hurt anyone.

You okay? Fasten your seatbelt. This is going to be long. And heartbreaking. Ready, set, go!

There are five main themes going on from the album A Beautiful Lie (2005) through This is war (2009, produced during the EMI/30STM 30 million dollars lawsuit, the icing on the cake) to Love Lust Faith + Dreams (2013):

  1. Love, but rarely in a positive light ESPECIALLY in A Beautiful Lie - sometimes it’s about two people forced to go parted ways, sometimes about two people that betrayed each other. Either way, don’t worry—it slowly gets better.
  2. Regrets, lies and resentment, often interwined, and with a nameless interlocutor Jared often refers to.
  3. Secrets that are either sold, unknown, or both.
  4. Then, finally, some sort of rebirth in a more positive tone.
  5. Faith.

It’s impossible to outline a distinct theme in each song; the first four are often deeply connected to each other (e. g., love, causing lies, causing regrets and desperation), but it’s possibile to trace a path from the darker undertones of A Beautiful Lie, made of the regrets and the wrongs of the past, to the present frustration of This is War, to a sense of final rebirth in LLF+D. 

EDIT: Since this is getting far too long, all I will do here is analyze the songs in A Beautiful Lie, dated 2005. I’ll add a second part in a separate post with songs from TIW and LLF+D, covering from 2005 to 2013. I will find a good way to link both posts back together.


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