dreams of dolls

So I had the weirdest dream..

I was at some small markets and I see a market with a bunch of doll heads decorating the front and sides. The smells coming from it were like
pork and it honestly looked like this stall was selling pork crackling. Interested, I walk over and this old woman with grey, dead, hair is ringing a bell and calling out


So I’m like

“Woah? What? Baby necks?”

So she gives me some to try because I must of looked hella confused. So I take a bite and then I fall to my knees and begin throwing up.

I begin throwing up tiny baby doll heads. Yep.

So while I’m throwing up baby doll heads, Shane Dawson comes over and kinda goes


And he takes a photo.

And then I wake up…

Fun Fact

This beautiful model idol who is dubbed “The Beautiful Blade” but who is also bit of a Tsundere

Shares the same voice actor with the “ordinary” yet “I’ll do my best!” idol with a fantastic smile

Who also shares the same voice with this cute bear-like fairy mascot

Who also shares the same voice with this merciless, sharp-tongued gun wielding high school girl

Also sharing the same voice with this deadly assassin who hates yet loves her older sister who is also an assassin

Also sharing the same VA with this mysterious cute loli who somehow becomes a babe later on in the show

Who also shares the same voice with this cute normal middle-schooler who is the master of 5 “dolls” who came from cards

Same voice as this red head ribbon wearing novice Manga editor

Same voice as this man loving CG Anime girl animated by the dudes who did Kemono Friends

Sharing the same voice with this very gay and jealous blonde

Same voice as the less tsun version of Ran

Shares same voice actor with the “Cruel Princess” with fine legs

Who also shares the same voice actor with this cute yet overly kind drummer


I’ve got the full lineup of dolls that’ll be available this weekend at the New York Faerie Festival ready and we are on the road to the land of Fae! If you’re in the area, definitely come check out this great event–I’d love to meet you guys! Find out more about Faerie Fest if you haven’t already!

I’ll be there with my work from 11-7 Friday, 6/23, through Sunday, 6/25

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