dreams of a live

You could have one, ten, or a thousand people on your side; but if you don’t believe in yourself, then it doesn’t matter how many are present. You, of all people, must be the first and most strongest supporter.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

i really feel like im having a life changing time in my life..like I feel like i really am being 15 tbh,, im exploring what the world has to offer, making the most of being young and breaking the rules a bit and allowing myself to have some fun and to do what i want!! its great :’D this is what 14 year old me always dreamt her life could be like as an older teenager or smth and i’m not letting me down!! im really living for the first time ever!!

Okay so as far as overwatch dreams go

One was Hanzo dream where he saved me by using dragon strike then held me.

Second I had another Hanzo dream and it was him very into me being on top and making out with him. And to be honest I’m really confused as to why I had these two.

Also  had one about Jesse as a werewolf basically being a big loveable guy just following me around.

Finally a third dream I was living in my grandparents house by myself and it was broken into while I was in one of the rooms. The robber held me down at gunpoint and was about to try some shit when Reapers extra ass came in and punched a dang hole through the guys chest. 

He left right after pulling me back up but then returned later in the dream as Gabe and decided to live a normal couples life with me.

I know no peace in my sleep.