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The only thing I remember she participated is stand up to cancer but other than that she doesn't. She donates money but that's it. There's nothing annoying about her fans wanting her to do more ir be more active. Donating money is one thing and that's wonderful and more beneficial but it's not wrong for us to want her to be there and talk to victims & listen to their stories/challenges. I'm a huge fan of her but sometimes I want her to be more active and help out more than just donating money.

*i didnt use the word annoying

**she has done more than Stand up to cancer if we should talk about benefit concerts. i recall at least two others, one in sydney, she participated in one in the UK which benefitted children (also donated). she opened up the dress rehearsal for SNWT, sold tickets and donated all the proceeds to the victims of tornadoes. 

i wont sit here and try and change the way you perceive people or taylor or sit here and outline how much more she does than your average celebrity but i’m going to have to admit that i am genuinely unable to understand where this point of view originates and what sits behind in terms of what you actually want to see that is realistic beyond donated money.  

For someone who is so busy, i do seem to recall lots of visits to ill children in the hospital for just about as long as i can remember her being famous, dying fans like delaney in colorado where she actually flew to their house, gobs and gobs of free tickets to sick or chronically ill people to her shows - a lot of the time that never get any press, some of them even get to meet her which is amazing (this local little girl i used to follow who bless her heart is in remission, she was at the concert i was at, they got full vip package and tour and met taylor, she was five or six, honestly you never even hear about this stuff, it was not even on her fb page, i only know bc i went up to them during vance joy and literally said i recognize you and want you to know ive been praying for you im sorry to interrupt and the mom was like oh thats so kind actually we are here bc of taylors people they reached out to us and so on…..), face times to sick fans (and i dont mean five minutes like a half hour), money to the family of a fan who died in a car accident (+ a note), a huge sum of money to cedars sinai on behalf of LT (again, what more can she contribute to research efforts for congenital heart surgery than money?) All of this sounds pretty active to me. 

 phone calls to sick children who are going to pass away (i just saw one one fb the other day that i had never even heard of that the parent JUST posted about) donating items left and right to charity functions & silent auctions, like guitars and her prom dress back then and stuff, visiting veterans (like last year, or attending a wedding, playing at it, the year prior), donating books and the proceeds from wtny to nyc schools……. i dont know what would have been a more effective approach. Should she have gone and tried to teach the kids to read too? that isnt realistic. she’s donated to the red cross and flood relief programs so many times. what more is even feasible to help in that situation? people need food, shelter, running water. money achieves that. what do you exactly mean by ‘more active’… supporting an orchestra financially (how else can she support an orchestra?), i have to be honest i’m not clear what sort of expectation you have in mind in terms of being ‘a more active philanthropist’ because when it comes to charity - causes that need funding- money is and always will be the way change is made.  She cannot save obviously the wild animals in africa herself but she donated all her youtube money to wild animal conservation efforts in africa from wildest dreams. 

No, money can not buy the joy it brings a sick child to have a visit from her in the hospital, which is why it’s awesome that she visits hospitals every so often. and i’m not sure if you think that if she was actually serving the meals at the food bank and talking to the people in receipt of them, about the struggles they face in light of poverty but i have to admit that many may not want to talk to or find reason to relate to an extremely weathly white woman serving them a meal necessarily. I know it’s popular to do but would hammering the nails in the frame of the house with habitat for humanity, somehow be a better use of her time? or just donate to those efforts in places ravaged by weather. or rather than to buy the entire set of books the library in a child’s school in louisiana she should instead have gone and chilled with the kids…? or donating money to the wildfires last year,…what more is she supposed to do? As recently as last month we learned of her sizable donation to mariska hartigay’s foundation which is amazing, and i am sure there were other non publicized donations, but i do hope you are not insinuating that part of her charity should be to sit down with fellow victims of sexual assault, (especially given the fact it’s been less than one. month. since that donation occurred)_ bc someone who has experienced that, talking about it and bringing those feelings back to the surface may not be an emotionally sustainable thing that they can do, as well as the fact they may not feel academically sufficiently prepared to counsel others, so i hope that is not what the reference to talking to victims and listening to their challenges meant. i am sure it would be great for people if she did that and my hat would be off to her, but it may not be a realistic possibility either. 

anyway i stand by my previous statement. charity in any form is not a requirement it is an act of giving and people should have the freedom and respect to be allowed to do what they feel is right for them and what they are able to do within the constraints of their life.  i could outline plenty of highly wealthy hollywoodites who dont do shit. 


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