dreams in the dusk

last night I had a dream where everyone was outside in this pretty garden at dusk and Lance was lying down underneath this largish bush with fairy lights in it and Keith sat down beside it and Lance reached over and nudged him and was like “hey come on, sit with me” so Keith went to lay down beside him and then Lance snuggled up to him and rested his head on Keith’s shoulder and then my alarm went off and I couldn’t go back to sleep again but anyway it was a really soft dream and I wanted to recreate it as best as I could!!!!

Full Kiss Prompt List

This is inspired by a prompt list found here (OP deleted the post): (x). I added several prompts to it for a complete list of 38.

  1. “Good morning” kiss
  2. Kiss on the forehead 
  3. Drunk/sloppy kiss
  4. Awkward kiss 
  5. Angry kiss 
  6. “I’m sorry” kiss 
  7. “I’ve missed you” kiss 
  8. Seductive kiss
  9. “War’s End” kiss 
  10.  “Goodbye” kiss
  11. “I almost lost you” kiss
  12. Kiss on the nose 
  13. Kiss on the ear
  14. Kiss on the neck
  15. Kiss on the back 
  16. French kiss
  17. New Year’s kiss
  18. Needing to kiss to hide from bad guys**
  19. Villain kiss**
  20. “I do” kiss 
  21. Shy kiss 
  22. Surprised kiss 
  23. Kiss on a dare 
  24. Sad kiss 
  25. Exhausted parents kiss 
  26. Kiss of life 
  27. Kiss inspired by a song
  28. Jealous kiss
  29. Giggly kiss
  30. First kiss 
  31. Last kiss 
  32. Kiss under a full moon
  33. Kiss at dusk 
  34. Kiss at dawn
  35. Kiss in a dream 
  36. Returned from the dead kiss 
  37. Themed kisses
  38. “We can never be together” kiss 

** Were given to me by the lovely @thegemem. So thank you to her!


how to lose a dream by Liviliosa
Via Flickr:

Prompt List

I compiled some prompt lists I found to form a list of 76 kiss prompts. Send in a number and a character and one of us shall write a one shot based on it. 

  1. “Good morning” kiss
  2. Kiss on the forehead 
  3. Drunk/sloppy kiss
  4. Awkward kiss 
  5. Angry kiss 
  6. “I’m sorry” kiss 
  7. “I’ve missed you” kiss 
  8. Seductive kiss
  9. “War’s End” kiss 
  10. “Goodbye” kiss
  11. “I almost lost you” kiss
  12. Kiss on the nose 
  13. Kiss on the ear
  14. Kiss on the neck
  15. Kiss on the back 
  16. New Year’s kiss
  17. Needing to kiss to hide from bad guys
  18. “I do” kiss 
  19. Shy kiss 
  20. Surprised kiss 
  21. Kiss on a dare 
  22. Sad kiss 
  23. Exhausted parents kiss 
  24. Kiss of life 
  25. Kiss inspired by a song
  26. Jealous kiss
  27. Giggly kiss
  28. First kiss 
  29. Last kiss 
  30. Kiss under a full moon
  31. Kiss at dusk 
  32. Kiss at dawn
  33. Kiss in a dream 
  34. Returned from the dead kiss 
  35. Themed kisses
  36. “We can never be together” kiss 
  37. It’s-the-end-of-the-world kiss
  38. Awkward teenage crush kiss
  39. Spin the bottle kiss
  40. Hiding/hoping not to be caught kiss
  41. Forbidden kiss
  42. Sated kiss
  43. Soft kiss
  44. Tender kiss
  45. Passionate kiss
  46. Long kiss
  47. Quick kiss
  48. Morning kiss
  49. Before Bed kiss
  50. In Secret kiss
  51. Public kiss
  52. Accidentally Witnessed kiss
  53. Against a wall kiss
  54. Against a Locker kiss
  55. True Love kiss
  56. Caught off-guard kiss
  57. Breaking The Kiss To Say Something, Staying So Close That You’re Murmuring Into Each Other’s Mouths
  58. Moving Around While Kissing, Stumbling Over Things, Pushing Each Other Back Against The Wall/Onto The Bed
  59. Kissing So Desperately That Their Whole Body Curves Into The Other Person’s 
  60. Throwing Their Arms Around The Other Person, Holding Them Close While They Kiss
  61. Hands On The Other Person’s Back, Fingertips Pressing Under Their Top, Drawing Gentle Circles Against That Small Strip Of Bare Skin That Make Them Break The Kiss With A Gasp
  62. Lazy Morning Kisses Before They’ve Even Opened Their Eyes, Still Mumbling Half-Incoherently, Not Wanting To Wake Up
  63. Routine Kisses Where The Other Person Presents Their Cheek/Forehead For The Hello/Goodbye Kiss Without Even Looking Up From What They’re Doing
  64. Being Unable To Open Their Eyes For A Few Moments Afterward 
  65. One Small Kiss, Pulling Away For An Instant, Then Devouring Each Other 
  66. Staring At The Other’s Lips, Trying Not To Kiss Them, Before Giving In
  67. When One Stops The Kiss To Whisper “I’m Sorry, Are You Sure You-” And They Answer By Kissing Them More
  68. A Hoarse Whisper “Kiss Me”
  69. Following The Kiss With A Series Of Kisses Down The Neck
  70. Starting With A Kiss Meant To Be Gentle, Ending Up In Passion
  71. A Gentle “I Love You” Whispered After A Soft Kiss, Followed Immediately By A Stronger Kiss
  72. When One Person’s Face Is Scrunched Up, And The Other One Kisses Their Lips/Nose/Forehead 
  73. Height Difference Kisses Where One Person Has To Bend Do Wn And The Other Is On Their Tippy Toes 
  74. Kisses Where One Person Is Sitting In The Other’s Lap 
  75. Kisses Meant To Distract The Other Person From Whatever They Were Intently Doing 
  76. Top Of Head Kisses