dreams coming to reality

We shouldn’t overlook the fact that Carol was reading a romance novel at the same time that Daryl showed up. She’s fantasizing about romance, specifically titled, ‘Denim DREAMS.’ This is a huge foreshadowing of what’s to come, because her DREAMS OF ROMANCE WILL BECOME A REALITY. That’s the whole point of the scene with Carol fantasizing with a book in hand, and then she’s snapped into reality by Daryl on her doorstep. It’s foreshadowing Carol and Daryl’s romance will become a reality.
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Two Weeks (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you please write something fluffy and Christmas-related with (Tom Holland’s) Peter Parker?

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 1,729

Warnings: None

A/N: Wow! Longest imagine yet! I really loved this request, and when I started writing I just couldn’t stop. I just love Peter. Just look at that cutie! FYI, (Y/L/N) means “your last name,” (Y/F/M) means “your favorite movie,” and (E/C) means “eye color.” Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas!

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“You’re staring again, Peter,” Ned, his best friend, mumbles to Peter. 

“Wha-?” Peter asks, snapping out of his day dream. Coming back to reality, a soft blush now creeps up his neck. “Sorry, I was just-”

“Staring at (Y/N)?” Ned asks, smirking. “You know, if you wanted to talk to her, you could just go up and say ‘hi.’”

Shaking his head, Peter begins picking at the pizza on his plate. “No, she would never like me.” As lunch went on, Peter found himself staring at you once again. You were over at your table of friends, laughing along to whatever joke was just told. It was December 21st, the last day of school before Christmas break and you and your friends were exchanging gifts. Peter sees that your friend got you a (Y/F/C) scarf and he smiles to himself. Good, Peter thinks, watching you hug your friend, it’s her color. She always looks great in that color. Once again, Peter was snapped out of his daydream as the lunch bell rings, making him drag his feet towards History. 

“Aunt May, I’m home,” Peter calls out, turning the key in its lock. Stepping through the door, he sees his Aunt rounding the corner.

“Peter! You’re here!” She exclaims, pulling him into a bone-crunching hug. “Guess who’s christmas card we just got? The (Y/L/N)’s! And they’ve invited us to their annual Christmas Party on Friday. Isn’t that great?”

Peter, shocked, just stands there nodding his head. Once the words came out of Aunt May’s mouth, his mind was already in over-drive. What am I going to wear, Peter thought, still nodding his head. What am I going to do? I might make myself look like a fool in front of her! Who am I kidding, I always make myself look like a fool in front of her. Still vaguely nodding his head at his Aunt, a little light bulb lights up in his head. Mr. Stark!

“Uh, Aunt May, I have to, uh, go to my room. Lots of homework,” Peter mumbles, feet walking fast towards his room.

“But it’s break!” He hears his Aunt shout, but he doesn’t acknowledge her. All that he needs to do right now is get ahold of Mr. Stark and get girl advice from him.

“Please pick up, please pick up,” Peter chants to himself, waiting for his brand new computer screen (courtesy of Mr. Stark) to light up. Seeing the blue bubble next to Mr. Stark’s name turn green, Peter throws his hands up into the air in victory just as Mr. Stark’s face fills the screen.

“What’s up, boy-wonder?” Mr. Stark asks, briefly looking up at the screen as he continues to tinker with the gauntlet in his hand.

“I, uh,” Peter mumbles, feeling a blush start to creep up his neck once more. “I have a problem…”

“And that is?” 

“Well, there’s this girl…” Peter starts, but is soon interrupted.

“A girl? Boy-wonder likes someone? Tell me immediately.” Mr. Stark demands, now giving Peter his full attention. Peter, blushing even more now, starts to tell him all about you. About how your smile lights up the room, about how your (E/C) eyes are so deep that he could get lost in them forever. Wrapping up his little rant with the fact that he is going to your Christmas party that Friday, only two days away, Peter voices his concerns.

“Man, you got it bad,” Mr. Stark starts. “Okay, all you have to do is just try to start up a conversation with her. Find out what she likes, and then become the expert on that thing. When you go to talk to her, she will be so impressed. Then, all you have to do is turn on the charm. Flirt a little, gently touch her arm or whatever. You got this, so don’t worry.”

“Th-thanks Mr. Stark,” Peter breathes out. “I don’t really have anyone to help me out with this stuff, and I sure wasn’t going to ask Aunt May…”

“How is the lovely lady, anyways?” Mr. Stark asks, eyebrow raising.

“Nope. Not happening,” Peter says, putting his foot down. “Anyways, I have to go. Thanks for the help.”

“Anytime, boy-wonder.”

That Friday night, Peter stood in front of his bedroom mirror, making sure he looked alright. He wore dark jeans with a Christmas t-shirt and his black converse. Hoping that this was enough, Peter exited his room before he realized that he forgot something. Cologne! Running back to his room, he briefly sprayed himself with the cologne, and exited his room once more. Meeting Aunt May in the car, they begin their drive over to (Y/N)’s apartment in south Bronx. Right as they were pulling up to your complex, Peter felt the nerves kick in. Breathe, Pete. You can do this. You’re freaking Spider-Man, for crying out loud! Peter told himself. After all, he had spent the last two days prepping himself with information about (Y/F/M). He even watched it. As the car came to a stop on the street, Peter let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in. Lets do this.

Walking up the stairs to your apartment, he felt his heart start to pound as Aunt May knocked on the door. Not even a few seconds later, the door opened to reveal you, smiling brightly with that new scarf hanging around your neck.

“Hi!” You greeted. “Come on in!” You called out, letting the both of them in. Heart still pounding, he felt like his heart was about to explode when you turned to him.

“Hey, Peter. Long time no see, huh?” You asked with a giggle, and Peter felt like he died and went to Heaven right there. Be cool, he reminded himself.

“Y-yeah,” Peter stuttered, before clearing his throat. Smiling once more, you took his hand, oh God, and led him through your apartment.

“I’m really glad you came, I thought I was going to be stuck here with my parent’s stuffy friends and work buddies. But thankfully, you showed up.” You say, stopping when you reach your bedroom door. “Do you want to just hide out in here while we let them do their thing?” You asked, still holding onto his hand.

Boy, would I, Peter thought. Nodding his head yes, he lets you pull him through your door. Entering into your room, you sit on the small couch next to your bed. 

“Wanna watch a movie?” You ask, kneeling down next to your movie collection. I prepared for this, Peter thought to himself.

“Uh, yeah. How about (Y/F/M)?” He asks, seeing you light up.

“You like that one too?” You ask, shocked. Nodding his head, he sees you smile at him. “I thought I was the only one. All my friends hate it. I always thought they were weird because of that.”

“I don’t see why they don’t like it,” Peter responds with a smile. “The plot is amazing.”

“I know, right?” You say, popping in the movie. “Let me go steal some Christmas cookies real quick for us. Be right back.”

And with that, you left. Peter automatically begins to adjust his clothes and hair, trying to make himself look better. He just finished when you returned and sat down next to him. Silently pressing play, you sank back into the couch next to him, right up against his arm. Feeling a bit brave, he draped his arm across your shoulders, and smiled when he felt you cuddle up closer to his side. This is going great, Peter thought, relaxing as he watched the movie.

Stretching, the both of you stood up as the end credits started to show up on the screen.

“That was great, Peter,” You say with a smile. “I really enjoyed watching a movie with you.”

Feeling that familiar heat start to creep up his neck once more, he smiled back at you. “M-me too.” Looking at his watch, he realized how late it had actually gotten. “Aw, crap, Aunt May has to work tomorrow. We have to leave now, I think.” Peter says, seeing your smile fall a bit.

“Okay,” You say a bit softer. “Lets go find her.” As the two of you began to walk through the house again, Peter felt like he never wanted to leave. Finding Aunt May, they start to walk to the door, with (Y/N) leading them out.

“It was nice having you guys here,” You start, mainly looking at Peter. “I’ll see you in two weeks, yeah?”

“Y-yeah. See you in two weeks.” Peter says a little sadly. Walking away from the door with Aunt May, Peter hears the door click shut. Well, Peter thought, it was great while it lasted. Walking back down to their parked car, Peter just exited the building as the snow drifted down. Right when he was about to step off the curb, he hears you yell.

“Peter, wait!” You shout, pushing the doors open. Stopping in his tracks, he turns around to see you running towards him. Just when you were about to stop, you slipped on a patch of ice, but luckily Peter caught you. Standing you back up, you push your hair out of your face. 

“Whoah, sorry ‘bout that,” You begin, fixing your hair as the snowflakes fell down on it. “Thanks for coming tonight, it meant a lot to me.” You confessed. Peter once more felt the heat rush through his body.

“N-no problem. It meant a lot to m-me too,” Peter mumbles out, seeing you smile once more. Looking up at your window, Peter sees your parents yelling down for you to come back upstairs into the warmth. Shaking your head at them, you turned back to Peter.

“I should probably go,” You start. “Anyways, I came down to give you something.” Peter, confused, raised his eyebrow. “Merry Christmas,” You say hurriedly. Just when Peter was about to respond, you place your lips onto his. Shocked, Peter just stands there for a second, too stunned to kiss back. Kiss back, you idiot! Your dream girl is kissing you! Peter shouts to himself. All too soon, you pull back before he could even kiss back. Looking a bit defeated, you start to back up. Peter then snapped back into reality, grabbing your arm quickly, before you walked away too far. Before you could even say a word, he crashes his lips onto yours, holding you close. Smiling into the kiss, you wrapped your arms around his neck as you feel the warmth spread throughout your body. Pulling back, you smile even brighter than all the times that you did that night.

“So,” You say, breathless. “See you in two weeks?”

Smirking, Peter pecks your lips. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to see you a lot sooner than two weeks.” Nodding your head, you pull back from him as you walk back up to your apartment.

Best day ever! Peter said to himself, walking back to the parked car.

“So,” Aunt May began, smiling at her nephew. “You and (Y/N)?”

“Yeah,” Peter said smiling to himself. “Me and (Y/N).”

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VIXX Reaction to You Catching Them Watching Porn [Hyung Line]

I know you said or obsessing over a girl group, but come on. Porn is so much more entertaining to catch someone watching ;)

Warning: Masturbation at its finest

I will do part II after work <3 


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In this present moment I am so happy in life, in love, in work, & in creative harmony. I used to dream about this day. Nothing in particular is even really happening today… it’s raining and I’m working from home. It’s more just the actualization of a dream-turned-reality, and the gratitude that comes with that. I know everyone has a dream they want to fulfill, and I hope that you write them down and find ways to formulate them into goals. Goals are dreams with deadlines, and no matter what kind of harsh reality or situation you may be facing, you can make it happen. You really can. I know it sounds corny and cliche but I don’t care, because being real/authentic/sincere isn’t the enemy. I am thankful to everyone that sends me nice messages of encouragement & wisdom. It inspires me every day, and I wanted to pay it forward by saying it back to you. Thank you // I love you 💘

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 1)(Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Summary: After Jerome’s escape from Arkham Asylum he goes to visit his best friend Y/N (yes that’s your name right there). But somethings off, and after what you tell him  he wants to make sure that your dreams surely comes to reality. 

Pairing: Jerome x Reader 

Warnings!!!!: Swearing, mentions of rape and lots of details about torture! If don’t like then please do not read!!!!

Song:  Cake (Melanie Martinez) I dunno? I think it would suit this imagine, and plus who doesn’t like Melanie Martinez?

Fandom: Gotham

Season: Season 2

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Jerome was excited to see his girl. He hasn’t seen you in hell knows how long? The last time you spoken in person was about her father Grey. 

Grey wasn’t the nice guy you would want to meet, especially if it’s your crushes parent. He is the least expected guy to meet ever! Jerome hated him with all means and he had a good reason too. He wanted him dead, anything to keep you from harm. Especially from that son of a bitch. 

He reached to her broken, old, shitty apartment of yours. The building really did look unsecured, unsteady and looked like it would clasped any second now. He looked at your window to see if it was opened and to his luck it was. 

He smiled as he went over to the fire escape and climbed up to your window. Once he reached her window he slide the window opened. 

A warm smile escaped his lips as he climbed inside the window. He turned around to shut the window close and turned around to see your room. 

It wasn’t much, especially when you’re living with her father. You were lucky to have a bed, a warm blanket and a couple of pillows. But you were lucky to have a bed to sleep in and a place to live, for now. 

He’s gonna hopefully try to convince you to come with him and live with him. He couldn’t care about all of the insane people there, or how wanted he is, and that he didn’t even ask Theo if you can live with him. Oh well! 

All he cares is your safety and care. If Greenwood goes anywhere near you or even looks at you, he’ll make sure to murder that son of a bitch. Partner or not he should know that you are Jerome’s. He’ll make sure that you’re his soon enough. 

But he was pulled from his trains of thoughts when he heard sobbing. And it was yours. He knew he couldn’t go out there to save you because of your father and how wanted he is. He desperately wanted too but he knew he couldn’t risk there friendship either. 

He heard footsteps coming towards the bedroom and he quickly hid in the wardrobe and closed the door. 

He watched you run in your room and closing the door behind you as you cried. Your face is full of your tears and loud sobs were heard. Why are you crying? You looked so unhappy. You looked so fragile and harmless. 

All he wanted to do was run out of the wardrobe and hug you to death. To kiss you passionately and to tell you that everything will be alright. But he would lie if he said that to you. And he couldn’t hug or kiss you because you aren’t his. But soon you will be. 

Jerome watched you as you clasped on the bed, crying. Your cries made him feel upset as well. He never wanted to see you like this, not ever. And he made sure to make it his goal not to see you like this ever again. 

He opens the wardrobe door and quietly walks over to you. Your face was deep in too the pillow as you continued to sob. Jerome crawled onto the bed as he hovered over you as he rubbed your back in a circle. His face was close to your own as he continued to rub patterns on you back as you began to calm down. 

You thought that you were imagining all of this. Like your guardian angel has came to comfort you, maybe even get you out of here? But what you didn’t know that this imagine is reality, and it wasn’t any angel more like the devil’s son. 

“Y/N? What happened?” He asked you in an smoothing, comforting whisper. You turned away from your pillow slowly and looked at Jerome with an wide expression on your sad features. Light had shown in your E/C as you saw the red head herself. You weren’t imagining it, it was real. He was really here.

“Jerome!” You said in an exciting tone that was almost an yell. Your arms wrapped around his torso and your head rested on his neck as soft sobs still could be heard. 

Jerome felt weird, that you were hugging him. He never had anyone hug him like what you’re doing. But he felt safe and happy. He slowly returns the favour/favor of hugging you back. He began to make small patterns on your back once again as he tried to calm you down. And it worked too. 

You both stayed like that for a couple of minutes but felt like hours. He wanted to stay in this position forever, but forever is a long time. Especially in this City. There are things that need to be done but fuck them.

“How did you escape?” You suddenly asked curiously as he chuckled. He sits down on the bed with his legs crossed as an smiled appeared on his face.

“Oh! Haven’t you heard! About the Arkham breakout? Probably not since your bitch of a dad can’t let you watch TV. But I’ll tell ya anyways. Me and some other inmates escaped from that hell hole and the person that got us out was Theo Galaven himself. Ha ha! But when I escaped all I wanted to do was to see your face, doll.” He confessed as you smiled weakly and a small scarlet colour was visible on your cheeks. 

But soon your blush fades and she became quiet as an mouse. He soon caught on your silent tone as worry started to hit him. 

“Y/N, are you alright?” He asked as he touched your cheek with his hand. You instantly fell for the touch as you looked up at him. You bite your lip nervously as you started to cry again. “Y/N please tell me.” He begged as he started to get worried about you. You never acted like this, especially when you’re around him. 

“A-a couple of hours ago… M-my father… H-h-he…” You said as you became very nervous and sad. Major flashbacks came back to you as you became scared. Jerome noticed this. 

“You don’t need to be scared, gorgeous. I’m here for you. Please tell me what happened. I hate seeing you upset.” He confessed as both of his hands were in your own. Silence fell between them as none of them spoken for awhile. Jerome was starting to feel worried about you, and he never worries about anyone. You never acted like this ever, and it was starting to freak him out. You take a deep breath and looked up at him. 

“He used me as one of his sex toys Jerome. He used me as one of his entertainment. He used me his own fucking daughter to have fucking sex with! An innocent girl to have fucking sex with! He fucking basically raped me Jerome! I’m not a piece of cake, I’m no one’s piece of cake!” You snapped as Jerome jumped a little. You looked up at him as something shown in your eyes. Darkness and danger and anger formed in them, something that Jerome never seen before. 

Jerome frowned as he felt his blood boiled up. Why would your own father use you for his own fucking entertainment? That’s just wrong! Jerome felt hatred thoughts flowing through him as he became angry and horrible. He wanted to kill this man for once and for all. He couldn’t care less about how wanted he is he wanted what was best for you.

“I want to give him a taste of his own fucking medicine!” You suddenly blurted out, unexpectedly. Jerome smirked a little as curiosity came to his mind. 

“And what would that be doll?” He asked as you looked up at him with an glare. You nervously bite your bottom lip as you looked down at your hands and started to fiddle with them.

“Do you really want to know? Like I mean I don’t want you to thi-“ 

"Doll, you helped me with my whore of a nagging mother, remember? So why would I think anything crazy about you? So now I’m gonna return the favour/favor. So mind tell me your ‘medicine’ for your bitch daddy.” He said as a smile escaped his lips. You looked at him with an nervous expression. But soon you pushed that aside as an small smile returned to your lips.

“I want to torture the fucking bastard. To prove him that he messed with the wrong girl. I want to torture him with an blade or anything and slowly cut the sensitive, hot flesh as the blood slowly escapes from his grasp, demanding freedom. Hearing his high pitched screams as he begs for mercy as I continue with the blade. Cut every little vain off of his body as he cry in agony and sorrow. Then he’ll learn not to mess with me.” You said in an dirty tone as you began to imagine it. A small smile on your lips made him tell that you were picturing it happing. 

Jerome’s eyes widen in shock and disbelief. He never thought ‘that’ will ever come out of your sweet lips. Those types of thoughts even entered your sweet and caring innocent little mind. 

But soon shock and disbelief turned into excitement and joy. He wanted to kill the bastard for exactly how long? And he was finally thrilled that you wanted to do the same. Well thank bloody goodness! He laughed as you looked up at him with confusion.

“What?” You asked as his laughter died down but his smirk never left his lips. 

“Oh doll! That was the best thing I’ve heard all day! And why not make that dream… turn into reality?” He said as he tapped your nose playfully.

You soon looked down with an downer look. You sighed as you looked at him. 

“Jerome… I can’t though. His the only family I have and I’m lucky enough to be living under a roof… Barley.” You confessed as Jerome’s thoughts turned into confusion. 

Why on earth would you not want to kill this son of a bitch? Surely he does! But why can’t you see that he’s not the best one to live with! He does these horrible things and you still wants to stay with him? 

“Y/N… Do you really want to live with this bastard? The bastard that fucking abuse the shit out of you since you can even remember? The bastard that makes you his little fucking slave and you gets him what the fuck he wants? The bastard that made you one of his fucking sex toys for Christ sake! Do you really want to have a life like this? With that fuck bag? Surely I don’t. And I think you don’t either?” He said as you paused. You nodded as you agreed to him. 

“How about this doll. Since I hate the bitch that’s 'apparently’ called your 'father’. I wanted to kill him ever since you told me about him. And I definitely know that you do because of your reactions from him. You should stay with me. So you can have an better life. And you can be safe and far away from that fuck twit. And I can look after you and we can always see each other.” He asked as you paused once again. 

You don’t know. You always wanted to be with Jerome and away from your fucked up father any day. But if your father found out that you ran away what if he finds you and beats the living shit out of you? You just wasn’t sure. 

“Jerome you know I would go with you any fucking day but… What if he finds me?” You asked him as he chuckled. 

“Remember what you said earlier that you wanted to torture your daddy?” He asked you, you nodded. “Well I said it once and I’ll say it again. Let’s make that dream turn into reality, babe.” He said husky as you looked up at him with unsure. But soon your unsure turned into a smirk, an insane smirk. 

Let’s make my dream turn into reality? Hmm sounds like fun and looks fun. But what about the police? What if they come here and finds out that I did it and they send me to Arkham? I don’t want to go to Arkham.” You said as Jerome hummed and smirked. 

“Well let’s talk about that uh doll.” He said in an low tone as you smirked. An insanity smirk.

(I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes and my grammar is wrong, sorry if Jerome is out of character too, this was also an Jerome x OC before but oh well)

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 2)

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 3)

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Final Part)

as a language major i firmly believe that we need to bring the term “kawowsa” into our everyday language, as a substitute for the word “wow”

Josie's Past
  • Josie's Past
  • Xiu Xiu
  • Plays the Music of Twin Peaks

if someone who loves me reads this years from now, please try not to hate me. i only feel the way i feel. i don’t hurt anyone else, and i don’t want to. i try every day to be better, and more the way i think the world wants to see a girl like me.

but i am laura. i am sad. god, i’m sad again! i miss laughter and a day where time is spent with my friends who don’t care what i think of late at night. they don’t hate me for sometimes dreaming late at night, with my hand buried between my legs, ashamed, and of how i wish that my other hand would simply pull the trigger.

bob, i forbid you to come to me ever again, in dreams or in reality. you are not welcome! i hate you.

How To Have  A Dream Come True:

The dream you want to come true will manifest itself, will be brought into reality by you, the moment you have imagined you already have it. When in your imagination you have lived the experience often enough that it seems natural to you. Not a ‘big dream’ anymore, but with tones of reality to it now. The only path to make a dream come true is by radically changing your personal psychology. By this is meant your attitude towards yourself. 
Your results and accomplishments the crucial test of your ability to use your imagination. 
Everything depends on your attitude towards yourself. That which you can affirm as true now - even though your eyes cannot see it - will be realized into reality. This attitude of already having it in your imagination is the only necessary condition by which you realize your goals!
To know more about this, I’d highly recommend The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard.

This girl is hands down the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and changed my life. By far the most important, influential person in my life. I would go to the ends of the earth to make this beautiful girl happy because she truly deserves it. The distance sucks but I wouldn’t change it because it makes us so strong and maybe I live in a fantasy world about some of the things we can do based on my current money income I have, but I am so determined to make them happen but I know that in reality there is nothing more that I want than to spend my life with her.

I will make your dreams come true and make our dreams a reality. I will forever keep your heart and soul safe.

I love you @fvvck–it

To whom it May Concern,

Now is a good time to start.  Now is a better time than ever before to begin, to refresh, to play.

Creativity is ongoing.  More importantly it must be proactive, not reactive.  

I find myself at an awesome point, speaking to an audience of both new and old followers from Plain T-shirt, to new friends, to family.  Because of community, I’ve been able to make amazing dreams a reality.  Though each has been a blessing, they come with transformation, with unbalance and renewal, and with constant resistance.  These are things I’ve been able to welcome and manage the more and more I’ve put myself out there as a person and an artist.  

I have been proactive to seek out every goal and experience, though reactivity is something I have also experienced.  And I wanted to take a moment to tell you all that these seasons should happen in life, and that you must stay proactive in these times.  If you find yourself reacting, check yourself.  Become your own biggest fan.  Hit another game winner.  

Anyone experiencing a creative block, I encourage you to stay proactive and steer clear of reaction.  Read a book, write a note, take a photograph.  Speak motivation in to those around you.  Gratitude will return the favor.

Act like a child, both playful and naive.  It’s time to become our biggest fans.  

Yours truly,


切ない - Oda Nobunaga drabble

I don’t even know where this came from… I didn’t edit this thoroughly either, because… I just feel too raw right now XD
But here’s another drabble. Any grammar mistakes will be mine and I’ll apologize in advance…

切ない - Emotion between bittersweet, painful, and wistful. A kind of heartrending emotion

          Nobunaga never regretted anything. Not when had to massacre hundreds, thousands of people on the battlefield. Not when he had to practically burn the monks in Mount Hiei alive, including his own beloved little sister’s husband. Not when he killed the Tiger of Kai in cold blood, just before his pregnant wife-in-all-but-name begged him to spare Takeda’s head, prostrating herself in front of him. 

           Nobunaga did everything without a sliver of regret, because his goal is absolute for him. He lived for his dream, to see his ideal world come into reality, to be the one who will unite the nation under one flag. He was born for this, he knew, and he would die for it before he gave up on his dream.

           That’s why, he shouldn’t feel any regret over what he would do this time either. He didn’t.

           Or maybe it was the way he tried to make himself believed that he didn’t regret to cut his time with her. To leave her defenseless, though he tried to think that she would always be his even in death, and even in their next lives together. He would always search for her, yearning the way her presence brought him solace like none other, the way she sooths his jagged heart with her delicious sweets.

           He laughed wryly, blood dribbling slightly from the corner of his mouth. If only his name was not Oda Nobunaga, would he still be smiling beside her? Would they have many, many more years left together, many kids to raise before temporarily torn apart by death? He wouldn’t know. Maybe he would demand Death to answer those questions when he meet them shortly. He needed to threaten them to keep MC live a long happy life, after all.

           He gripped the last jar of konpeitos that she gave him before they part ways, or more like he put her into a cell for her own safety. “You are the one intended to be by my side, just as I am the one intended for you. That is a fact, no matter how many lives our soul will go through and how our encounters came to be… My Lady, I will come to collect my heart from you, just as I will keep your heart safe with me… My Love…” His whispered words were swallowed by the roar of flames around him, and he again coughed violently, making more blood trickled through. He almost swore he can feel her hand caressing his hair gently, like he was a mere child to be comforted after a nightmare rather than the man who were called the Lord of Hell. Ah, even in the end his soul craved her company, it seems. So he smiled, his eyes slowly closed as he watched the temple turned into ashes and ruins.

           And yeah, for the last time, he did not regret this. Or maybe he would just compensate her in their next lifetime, and the next one too.

           Because he was sure, he would make sure, that they will meet again.

sentence prompts ➝ the lumineers
  • ❝It’s too late.❞
  • ❝You’re all alone.❞
  • ❝Lovers come, lovers go.❞
  • ❝We’re bleeding out.❞
  • ❝But I can take a punch if you can take a jab.❞
  • ❝Yes, don’t make a scene.❞
  • ❝I needed the truth.❞
  • ❝Did you flinch, did you care.❞
  • ❝I ain’t nobody’s problem but my own.❞
  • ❝I hope it’s not too late.❞
  • ❝This loneliness won’t last for long.❞
  • ❝May your dreams come to reality.❞
  • ❝She handed me a beer with a kangaroo.❞
  • ❝It’s a long road to wisdom.❞
  • ❝Bitterness is all I taste.❞
  • ❝There’s some blood, around the - ❞
  • ❝I’m still fighting for you.❞
  • ❝Overnight my hair turned gray.❞
  • ❝Darling, hold me tightly.❞
  • ❝I think you and me, we might be falling.❞
  • ❝Let’s drink to your health.❞
  • ❝I don’t wanna go if it means goodbye.❞
  • ❝You’ll never sink when you are with me.❞
  • ❝Keep your head up, my love.❞
  • ❝You’re my sweetheart.❞
  • ❝There are times we live for somebody else.❞
  • ❝It’s a shame that it ends this way.❞
  • ❝Would you call back, baby, if I wrote you a song?❞
  • ❝I never trusted my own eyes.❞
  • ❝Rest your arms and rest your legs.❞
  • ❝I’ve been down, I’ve been defeated.❞
  • ❝Everyone thinks I’m a liar.❞
  • ❝I don’t gamble, but if I did I would bet on us.❞
  • ❝She’ll lie and steal, and cheat.❞
  • ❝I need somebody, needed someone I could trust.❞
  • ❝All I tend to do is think of you.❞
  • ❝I’m standing on your porch screaming out.❞
  • ❝I’ve been living a lonely life.❞
  • ❝Burn the car and save the plates.❞
  • ❝When we were young, we did enough.❞
  • ❝Would you stay the night?❞
  • ❝You told me I was like the dead sea.❞
  • ❝Won’t you stay, stay with me.❞
  • ❝Only love can dig you out of this.❞
  • ❝I don’t know where I went wrong.❞
  • ❝I’ll never leave you again.❞
  • ❝It’s better to feel pain than nothing at all.❞
  • ❝Be in my eyes; be in my heart.❞
  • ❝Picture my surprise when I had tried to lean in for a kiss.❞
  • ❝Love should make you feel good.❞
  • ❝She’ll tear a hole in you, one you can’t repair.❞
  • ❝I don’t think you’re right for him.❞
  • ❝Don’t ask for cigarettes.❞
  • ❝I won’t leave until you come downstairs.❞
  • ❝But I still love her, I don’t care.❞
  • ❝I think that I could love you back.❞
  • ❝I won’t close my eyes.❞
  • ❝I belong with you, you belong with me.❞
  • ❝I don’t know where I belong.❞
  • ❝So show me, family, all the blood that I would bleed.❞
  • ❝I don’t blame you dear for running like you did all these years.❞

Wife: “So here’s what we’re going to do tonight-”
6yo: “I’ve got it - we’ll go inside, eat tacos, put on pajamas, watch ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and then EAT ICE CREAM!!!”
Wife: “Well, that sounds like a perfect idea. For another night. But since I already made chili, you’re eating that, then taking a quick shower, and then going to bed.”
**6yo sinks into his car seat, groan/exhale/moans miserably as his hopes and dreams perish and he comes to terms with this new, harsh, unblinking, reality**