In the end, everyone is looking for a purpose, something that makes it worth the fight, a reason to keep going.
And when it comes down to it, with you, everything was suddenly starting to make sense.
—  // you are my destination
(And I’m not willing to let that go)


1. Shifting Camille Chew
2. Bunnerfiles – Kate O’Hara
3. Summoning Daniel Shaffer
4. You Shouldn’t Have Come Here – Julia King

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Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

The Midnight Exhibition Opening Reception is just around the corner! The reception runs from 7-10pm this Friday night. Be sure to swing on by, because all of this artwork is ridiculously awesome. While you’re checking out the show, we’ll also have little stations set up around the gallery that will allow you to write down your interpretations of the symbols that are present in the artists’ dream & corresponding artwork. It should be a ton of fun!

Also, don’t forget that this weekend is Halloween weekend! That means our Young Mystics Witchy Workshops are coming up quick too! Check em’ out and sign up if you’re interested in learning about the significance of Palmistry, and the uses and making processes of Pendulums, Potions, and Talismans. You can learn more about each of the workshops and what they entail HERE.

Thanks for lookin’!

“I had this recurring dream for about a month after moving into a new house that I didn’t like and didn’t know why. I was laying in my bed but I wasn’t in my room, I was in the dim area with nothing around me at all. It was like an infinitely large white room that was poorly lit. In the distance, I see a shadowy figure and I got the feeling it’s watching me. Every night I had this dream, the figure, dark, tall, and skinny in the most vile way, would get slightly closer to me in my bed. I would stare at it for a few minutes and wake up scared every night at the exact same time - 3:34AM. Eventually it was close enough that I hear it breathing, but I wasn’t able to see its face.

One night, it was so close to me I could feel it’s breath on my face and I finally saw its face for the first time. It was gnarly, ugly and twisted. I could see in its eyes, which held the most deeply malicious and evil expression I can recall. I screamed in my dream and woke up.

The next night, I had the dream - I was laying in my bed in this infinite, blank, dim room - but as I looked around, I was alone. There was no figure. I woke up, again at 3:34, and as I looked around I saw the very same face from the other night in my window, staring with the same disturbing and malign intent. I was too terrified to even scream. I grabbed the bible on my bedside table and began to read from it; I was too scared to check my window again or look at anything else but the book until about 4:15.

The monstrosity, whatever it was, was gone and I never had the dream again. To this day, I get a sinking feeling every time I look out a window at night.”

By: benfisher22 (What paranormal experiences have you actually had that you cannot explain?)

Last night I dreamt that I was helping my eldest brother concoct a magical blend of Blue Lotus and some other things to be fed to a couple of gerbils (or hamsters maybe) in order to induce our travel through time and space. I had a bad feeling about it, but he was set on the idea, so I ultimately decided it would be better for me to help rather than let him attempt such sorcery on his own. 

Once we returned from our brief journey, I lied down to relax. Moments later, I jolted upright to the sound of his voice hollering, “Holy shit! Amanda, come here!” As I rushed into the room that he and the enchanted gerbils were in, it immediately became apparent that they had mutated. They were now blue, demonstrating highly aggressive, rabid behavior. They ended up chasing me out of the room and down the hallway as I screeched like a little girl. 

I woke up flailing in bed, giggling uneasily about mutant hamsters.