I was born with a heart of a mama and the dream of motherhood. I can’t wait to kiss little button noses too many times, to feel a hand pulling at my apron, and hear sweet giggles in between tiny footsteps echoing throughout the home.

I had a dream last night where 5SOS was playing on  a vv small stage and Ashton was playing drums with one hand and piano with the other and when the piano started to fall, I went and I caught it and then the other boys kept playing while Ash was all like 

“Do you know how to play this stupid thing? Because I dont” 

So I turned the piano around and fucking rocked that shit and then the other boys are like

“What the fuck are you doing up here?” 

And then I’m just all like “You fuckers need a piano player it’s not cool for you guys to let Ash play both instruments by himself.”



So after the concert-goers left the small room, a guy in FUCKING HANDCUFFS comes down and he says he’s a police officer and idk why but I believed him and he’s just like 

“Miss I need you to go upstairs” 

and I’m like okay. So I go upstairs and Ash, Cal, and Luke all followed me and then I went around asking if anyone had seen michael and when nobody did, I went back downstairs and started panicking because neither the police officer nor Michael were anywhere 

then my dad shows up and is just like 

“Amber that police offcier was an escaped serial killer. we need to search for the bodies that he stored down here. Maybe we’ll find michael.”

And i’m like well if we find michael that means hes FUCKING DEAD.

So my dad and I start tearing the wall paper off and we ofund that this place wasn’t any place for a concert it was a fucking morgue and I opened all the doors looking for michael and I found him in the last one but he was covered in like 10 kittens and he’s like 

“Oh hey amber the guys not a serial killer he just really wanted to give me these kittens”

And this, kids, is why you shouldn’t take double the normal of Melatonin before bed.

This is what your body is busy doing while you’re asleep
In our increasingly busy lives, sleep can feel pretty unproductive. But just because you’re not awake, doesn’t mean stuff isn’t happening.
By Fiona MacDonald

In our increasingly busy lives, sleep can feel pretty unproductive. But just because you’re not awake, doesn’t mean stuff isn’t happening. To make you really appreciate all the complex things your body during those eight (or, more realistically, six) hours you’re out each night, artist Jan Diehm from the Huffington Post has created this fascinating infographic.

You can see a much larger version of the image here, which breaks down each sleep stage by what happens during it and how much of your night it takes up on average.

And while it makes me appreciate my body and all of its involuntary behaviours, it also makes tired just by looking at it. Is 8:36 am too early for a power nap?

Laura Schocker over at Huffington Post has also given us a run-down of the different sleep stages in more detail. So what’s going on?

Stage one is that time between wake and slumber when it’s super easy for someone (or something) to wake you up. If you do wake up during stage on, you’re going to feel like you haven’t slept at all.

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Waking Up Makes You Look Insane (W/ LEO THE GIANT) 😴

This is so accurate to life, guys, like seriously. (I’m pretty sure this is how my siblings see me when I try to tell them my dreams XD)

I saw a young G sitting on the wall
Had a gun in his bag on the way from school
I told him, “If you get life you’re a fool”
Then he said something that stuck with me
He said, “I’d rather do life, than have none at all”
He said, “Krept, you made it out fam, you’re cool”
He said “Me, I slip once, then I’m through
You’d do the same if you was in my shoes”
I said, “Bro, I’m just tryna keep you alive
I’m sick of funerals, another suit and tie
How do you expect me to tell a young G
Put down the guns? That could be suicide
For him it’s kill or be killed, fam it’s do or die
He said, "Krept, I don’t even like this stuff
But I’m in too deep, I’m kinda fucked
I can’t think straight when man are tryna line me up”
—  Krept