What K dreams:

A comprehensive list of the simple and not so simple things K wants.

  • An awesome girl friend or date mate. Someone who looks at me like I’m worth something to them, who’ll understand that I show my love differently than others but love them just the same, someone who will put up with me and laugh with me and care.
  • Friends. People who think i am worth something to them, who care what I have to say. Who listen and who feel safe talking to me about whatever. people I can trust.
  • A cozy apartment somewhere. One that doesn’t look like a messy hellhole that someone randomly threw together one day.
  • A PUPPY. 
  • To go to Disney Land!
  • To stay in a nice hotel for no reason, just to relax.
  • Explore abandoned places
  • Explore not abandoned places
  • Make a half decent cosplay
  • Finish a book
  • Write a book someone considers their favorite
  • Host a panel at a convention
  • Get married (Maybe at Disney?)
  • Go on a date (This should probably have gone above, right?)
  • Talk to someone for more than just ten minutes
  • Have someone talk to me first for a change
  • Finish Supernatural
  • Get a table at a convention to sell my plushies
  • Get a job
  • Run a cafe
  • Go to school

so anyway i haven’t made a dreampost yet:

i dreamed that Lego remade the second Mata Nui Online Game and that it was pretty fucking weird

like…. a racing game? or something? or something like Spelunky

with weird stuff like terrain features made out of food and stuff