Here is the new song from Adam Granduciel and The war on drugs. It’s eleven minutes and twelve seconds of pure sonic beauty, featuring backing vocals from Philly’s The Dove and The Wolf. Listen to it below, and float away…..

I’m really hooked on this new Beach House album. It maintains their usual repertoire of moody yet smoothly velveteen songs while adding to that familiar sound: moments of dream-surf distortion on Beyond Love; of wailing pitch-stretched notes on Space Song and even an amazing choir feature to close the album with the last track, Days of Candy.I thought Teen Dream might have been their peak since their follow up, Bloom wasn’t as noticeably lasting for me. But Depression Cherry immediately surrounds me, pulls me, drowns me–I had to have played it from beginning to end at least 4 times yesterday night and once more this morning before leaving my apartment. 


Prototype - Outkast 

If you were a fan of Outkast ever as a youth - which I can’t imagine you weren’t - then you probably have heard this song from “Speakerboxxx//The Love Below”. Going back through my crates this one stands out still as my favourite from the compilation, and also one of my favourites of all time. It still stands relevant.

Art: Numero Russia - Elizaveta Porodina

Honeydew (Alternate take)
Honey Gentry
Honeydew (Alternate take)

Honey Gentry | Honeydew | Alternate take

This song is really special to me, it was the first song i wrote on the guitar and really the song that set me down the current  path that i’m on creatively. I wanted to re-work it a little using a different setup - hope you enjoy this version!