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Remember walking home late at night

And riding on my bike through the city

Walk beside the river, the light looks so perfect in my head, in my head

I love what I chose to remember

And I love what I chose to forget

Nobody can be quite who you want them to be, obviously

I think I dreamt up your existence inside my idealized image


Hello lovely friends!

I’ve just spent the last several days/weeks aggressively/compulsively making a shit load of new stuff for my etsys!

Check out all the new stuff/updates on old designs I’ve just posted

PS this is just the first half of it : )
I’ll be posting the rest of the stuff i made through out the week





Lots of updates after a cold and harsh winter which we spent neglecting our collective etsy (sorry friends)

We’re keeping on top of things (hopefully) for the next few weeks until we start our first TOUR(~!!!!!~) through the states this summer!

Help us afford our tour by buying tons of cute stuff from our shop

There’s lots more than just what’s here! 

(check out my other etsy for EVEN MOREEEE!)

New tunes AND NEW PATCH DESIGNS!?! Yay!! Its been far too long! We’ll have these back patch // medium/small patches on tour in BC later this month!

<3 Dreampipe Collaborations <3

Once tour’s over they’ll become available on our shop for any other folks out there who want them xo