Dream Panther - Chutes and the Ladder

Listen guys. It’s amazing.

Dream Panther - "Beyonce's Child" (2013, Chill Mega Chill)

Dream Panther is the smooth talking three-piece from southern California. They recently released Beyonce’s Child on Chill Mega Chill , y’all can get it here digitally (it’s sold out on cassette).

Just like Blue Ivy is a gift to Mr. and Mrs. Jay-Z, this 6-track EP is a gift to us. It’s super chill from start to finish. The feel of the EP is a really laid back, tropical vibe. It’s peppered with dreamy guitar riffs, sweet vocals an a beat that gets your hips swaying. A couple of tracks sample chirping birds and the second track, “Dorsey’s High // Jim Gilliam (Pass the Ball),” we’re listening in on a high school basketball game - squeaky sneakers, cheerleaders and all. And I’m pretty sure I heard a saxophone or a synth posing as one in “Chutes and The Ladder” (the sexiest of all, IMO). 

I just want to grab a mixed drink and sit next to the pool with this EP on repeat all afternoon. It’s the perfect summer album.

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posted by Emily