Ronan and the gang visit Adam for his first Family Weekend at Yale

Thank you @cabeswaterlovesthem for the suggestion on this one :)

  • So it’s Adam’s first family weekend, a month into his first semester at Yale
  • Ronan, like the dutiful and has-nothing-much-else-going-on-except-raising-a-dreamling boyfriend that he is, arrives a day earlier than expected. 
  • The sarchengsey trio plan on meeting them on their way down from a quick stop in Canada. Gansey needed to know what all the fuss was about for Canadian cuisine - i.e. Poutine
  • Opal is back at the barns wreaking havoc with the now very-much-alive dream cows teaching them synchronized grazing (what Ronan doesn’t know won’t hurt him) (he’ll thank her for it, she’s sure)
  • Chainsaw has a gameboy to play with now and it keeps her entertained for the whole ride
  • A few students in the parking lot skitter around Ronan when he gets out of the car in his all black get up with a raven on his shoulder and a duffel bag in his hand
  • Chainsaw flies in through Adam’s window and gives him an absolute fright, which earns Ronan a glare when he busts through the door cheerfully
  • Ronan freezes in the doorway at the state of Adam’s room. There are books everywhere, old cup o’ noodles and protein wrappers overflowing in the trash can. 
  • “Parrish when did you become a slob?”
  • “Nice to see you too. I was going to clean up before you got here.”
  • They don’t talk much after that.
  • A few hours later they’re eating chinese food sitting cross-legged on the bed watching HGTV and discussing how much fixer uppers could be improved with dream objects
  • Also Garden Crashers is Adam’s favorite show
  • Adam mutes the TV as there’s some commotion outside
  • He and Ronan go to the window to check it out and Ronan smirks so hard his face nearly cracks into a smile. Pulling into the parking lot is a bright orange Camaro, with two–blue guys? Half hanging out of the sunroof? 
  • It’s Gansey and Henry. 
  • They’ve literally painted their chests blue
  • In white paint across their chests “ADAM” is written (AD on Gansey, AM on Henry)
  • They’re such fanboys it’s ridiculous
  • Blue is driving, big aviators on her face, weaving her way through the parking lot and cringing as the two hooligans start chanting “PARR-ISH, PARR-ISH.”
  • They stop in front of Adam’s building and see him and Ronan watching them from the window and scream “HAPPY FAMILY WEEKEND!!”
  • Gansey pulls a loud speaker from somewhere
  • Henry yanks the loudspeaker away from Gansey and wipes an invisible tear from his face “THEY JUST GROW UP SO FAST DON’T THEY DICK?”
  • Gansey again “HE’S GETTING STRAIGHT A’S HE IS!!”
  • Campus police show up.
  • Students are snapchatting the shit out of this, the next day #ParrishFanBoys is trending on twitter
  • Gansey continues to use his loudspeaker to explain to campus police that they’re guests of “ADAM PARRISH FIRST OF HIS NAME” and they’re here for family weekend
  • Just to clarify - it’s Wednesday morning
  • Needless to say, Adam comes home to visit them next family weekend
car club name generator for 2016

first letter of your first name : 
a - mom
b - night
c - dark
d - street
e - plug
f - kawaii
g - hidden
h - secret
i - booty
j - grip
k - butt
l - anime
m - car
n - bad
o - vape
p - camber
q - super
r - night
s - dank
t - deviant
u - phat
v - original
w - dad
x - bought
y - my
z - evo

first letter of your last name :
a - assblasters
b - .co.jp
c - daddies
d - tits
e - fisters
f - street
g - elitists
h - hentai boys
i - international
j - instafamous
k - dream
l - crew
m - runner
n - stancers
o - vape
p - unlimited
q - supreme
r - cena
s - memers
t - dreamers
u - loop runners
v - bigcartel
w - squad
x - x
y - bozuzuzuko
z - hondas

Thank you Dreamlings ♡

Whether you are a die hard ITLD fan, you enjoy my beauty videos or you just think i’m a bit weird and like to hear about my life.. i just want to thank you!

My passion, creativity and happiness levels are at an all time high.. and for once im not checking views numbers or worrying about my subscriber gain. I am just making videos i thoroughly enjoy!

The comment section has been a pleasure to read through and the support is stronger than ever! My health has been significantly better since i have been happier about what i am currently doing!

It doesn’t bother me that my Beauty channel has 7k subs and my vlog channel has nearing 90k. Because i am (for the first time) making content that i love and enjoy!

I wouldn’t change what i have for the world and it is all thanks to you!

Thank you for supporting both Martyn & myself in our vlogging! (ITLD)

Thank you for supporting my new beauty channel! (Beautaeyi)

I love you all so much ♡

Not a good day… but I’m in my snuggie and dinosaur pj’s drinking tea. It could be worse. Today’s made me realise just how lucky I am & I had a good cry about it. Really hits home when I see people with the same conditions (Disabilities) as myself and they are fighting to not be homeless.. I managed to donate £100 to their go fund me but I wish I could help more! If you’re interested in reading about this heroic woman struggling to survive.. or if when I told you how I am and you thought ‘I could help financially’ as I know so many of you wanted to donate but I wouldn’t take it.. This woman needs our help and she is way worse off than I. It’s very sad and without @inthelittlewoods I could of been in a similar position. Not everyone is as fortunate as me to have all the Dreamlings so please shoe your support even if it’s just a loving tweet. Her twitter is: thecrystalcrow and the go fund me is: www.gofundme.com/d223u8 thank you ♡

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