this morning i woke up, i was stretching n i thought to myself ‘o i think i had a dream last night!’ so i sat up n was trying to recall what it was, right? n i was like 'o! i think it was a voltron dream! because i remember keith being there, but what WAS it, what did i dream about?’ n suddenly there it was in my mind, fuzzy bc i stink at remembering dreams, but it was there, the first dream i remember in a long time: I DREAMT THAT MEITHMAN WAS CANON. IM SO MAD. like season two came out n there was actually a mothman character n keith ended up w him, n i was so excited in the dream for some reason, n the meithman tag was trending on tumblr, n no one even knew what klance was, my username was justmeith, n i cannot believe this, WHO EVEN INVENTED MEITHMAN? seriously if someone knos please tell me so i can personally forward them this text post so they understand that their memes r invading my subconscious.

so… u guys heard it here first, meithman for season 2 #CONFIRMED, o my g, im so sorry for anyone who actually read all of this, carry on…..


It is time… to head into the story of Wishdream.

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dreamlog #3 | Feldspar | 4C00-0014-B3AA

I visited @melancholycobra‘s lovely town of Feldspar. What I loved most about this town is how the path perfectly corresponds with the flowers and homes, giving it a very soothing yet creative vibe. It’s simple but very beautiful and clever! The rooms in Mayor November’s house gave off a calm tone, perfect for sitting back to relax. The entrance to Mayor November’s home was very pretty, it felt like a getaway. I personally think the town would look best at night to take advantage of all the modern PWPs but nonetheless, it’s stunning during daytime. My favorite part of town was in front of the tower where you can see the paths changing color; it was very charming! Be sure to give a visit to the lovely town of Feldspar. I recommend visiting after a long day to sit back and relax.


And now it’s the first time we see missromancedy drawn my me.
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Character Featured: Miss Romancedy by Ruhiana
From: http://missromancedy.tumblr.com/

Did you know? On this very post, I tried copying Miss Romancedy’s eye style on this one. He has a gem in his eye instead of a heart.

hey so I got my p*riod and I have like no pads or anything can someone donate like $20 so I can get something and some pain killers (I get severe pains) please


there’s a honey grading scale like with maple syrup

lighter colour = lighter taste, darker colour = (darker) stronger taste
dark honey is supposed to be better for you  but IT’S SO BAD. I ruined so many cups of tea trying to use it up. also I think it might’ve been eucalyptus honey because it had a distinct menthol flavour, but honey in mint tea is nice, this was just awful