this morning i woke up, i was stretching n i thought to myself ‘o i think i had a dream last night!’ so i sat up n was trying to recall what it was, right? n i was like 'o! i think it was a voltron dream! because i remember keith being there, but what WAS it, what did i dream about?’ n suddenly there it was in my mind, fuzzy bc i stink at remembering dreams, but it was there, the first dream i remember in a long time: I DREAMT THAT MEITHMAN WAS CANON. IM SO MAD. like season two came out n there was actually a mothman character n keith ended up w him, n i was so excited in the dream for some reason, n the meithman tag was trending on tumblr, n no one even knew what klance was, my username was justmeith, n i cannot believe this, WHO EVEN INVENTED MEITHMAN? seriously if someone knos please tell me so i can personally forward them this text post so they understand that their memes r invading my subconscious.

so… u guys heard it here first, meithman for season 2 #CONFIRMED, o my g, im so sorry for anyone who actually read all of this, carry on…..

My mothers birthday is Sunday is there any way I could get something so I can take her. I had to use all my money to pay bills w nothing to spare for herself and she’s always doing for me and I want to take her out please help


Anonymous asked epsee: you probably get this a lot, but I don’t think it would hurt to say that you’re one of my favorite artists! Thanks so much for drawing. love your dreamlogs <3 please have a nice day

aw, this is really nice. i hope you have a lovely day too!

Anonymous asked epsee: (im dying and the only cure is for you to open up a shop and sell cute little jesse pinkman stickers)

oh no, please don’t expire (you’re not the first to ask about br ba goods haha, i’ve been thinking about opening a shop come new year. /w\)

Anonymous asked epsee: Hello! Different asker here, but could you explain more about “post-processing” ? Your art’s really nice and I’m also curious to how you draw/color so pretty :)

hello! i still have the .psd for a recent post, so here’s a gif of the workflow. post-processing is all the little editing you do at the end after you’ve drawn out the picture. i mostly use this time to fix/add details (important: pizza steam) and darken/lighten parts

I realized I have to pick up my medicine today and I don’t have enough carfare to do so and I ran out of my medicine to wait til Thursday when my mom gets paid could someone spare me $20 for carfare and something to eat



It is time… to head into the story of Wishdream.

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If you want to check all the stories and blogs featured:

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Sorry for the long post but I really wanted to feature each and everyone that are my friends, my inspirations and the people I look up to.

Thank you all. -WishMod


And now it’s the first time we see missromancedy drawn my me.
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Character Featured: Miss Romancedy by Ruhiana
From: http://missromancedy.tumblr.com/

Did you know? On this very post, I tried copying Miss Romancedy’s eye style on this one. He has a gem in his eye instead of a heart.