This idea popped into my head today and i finally had time to get in down on “paper.” a logo adapted from the Sapling logo to fit the Dreamlings ^^ 

not sure if it’s any good, but i had to get it off my mind, so here you go! hope you all like it! : D

feel free to use it, as long as you don’t claim it as your own work i’m totally fine with that. Martyn and Kaeyi of course can use it for whatever they want if they wish to! ^^

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  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> We will now be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One.<p/><b>L:</b> Hunk, your codename is Been There, Done That.<p/><b>L:</b> Keith is Currently Doing That<p/><b>L:</b> Pidge is It Happened Once In A Dream<p/><b>L:</b> Allura is If I Had To Pick A Princess<p/><b>L:</b> Shiro.... Eagle Two<p/><b>Shiro:</b> oh thank god.<p/></p>


     So, to start things off, I want to explain the picture above. I was originally gonna go with another image for the promo because I felt you guys might like the #Aesthetics of it. But as I was looking through my caps of episode 18 of The Final Act, I saw this one and thought, this is perfect.So here we go for the explanation (from right to left)!! Sota (the little sparkling kid at the door) represents my lovely followers stumbling onto this blog and deciding hey, yeah I think I’ll follow them and clicking that follow button. Inuyasha here represents my feelings for my followers, red for my passionate love and white for the Purity of that love tbh. And then there’s Kagome, who represents me. And who is violently smashing Inuyasha (aka my feelings) into the floor and trying to keep #Cool in front of everyone.

     But the image aside, I’m absolutely floored. As of today, it’s been six months since this blog opened for business. And, boy, has it been a fun six months! I was nervous af when I made this blog because I’d only watched like….about 80 episodes of the anime and still knew nothing about what my children were going to endure for the rest of it. It also didn’t help that I made and set up the blog at like 4 a.m. But I knew at least one person in the fandom so I was going to try and Make It. And here we are six months later! Still a giant meme who loves Kagome and a large part of why I love being here and writing on this blog is because I follow some pretty amazing people. You all are so nice and funny and I hope we’re mutuals until the end of time.


     These are the people that make me smile just by being themselves. Whether I’ve written with you or not, I enjoy and appreciate every single one of you. You all give my kokoro the dokis and make me want to confess my Undying Love for you.

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     These are the people I met in the Inuyasha community who have made me feel like I’ve come home at last. Thank you guys for putting up with my Memes and Late Night Angst and for just being the Best Baes. You all are angels and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.

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i’m really shook that it’s been almost a month and yet 200+ of you numbskulls are following me ( though I admit I got some….porn blogs in the mix ). but anyways, this is deadass my first time in the final fantasy community and I’ve felt pretty welcomed like wow y’all are great 10/10. and it’s been difficult writing vince lemme tell you – my oc, which is my main muse, is the complete opposite. he talks a lot + wears his heart on his sleeve while vince is like some emo zombie. but i’ve come to love him anyways !!! maybe it’s because of you guys idk. ANYWAYS. on to the important part lol

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Ronan and the gang visit Adam for his first Family Weekend at Yale

Thank you @cabeswaterlovesthem for the suggestion on this one :)

  • So it’s Adam’s first family weekend, a month into his first semester at Yale
  • Ronan, like the dutiful and has-nothing-much-else-going-on-except-raising-a-dreamling boyfriend that he is, arrives a day earlier than expected. 
  • The sarchengsey trio plan on meeting them on their way down from a quick stop in Canada. Gansey needed to know what all the fuss was about for Canadian cuisine - i.e. Poutine
  • Opal is back at the barns wreaking havoc with the now very-much-alive dream cows teaching them synchronized grazing (what Ronan doesn’t know won’t hurt him) (he’ll thank her for it, she’s sure)
  • Chainsaw has a gameboy to play with now and it keeps her entertained for the whole ride
  • A few students in the parking lot skitter around Ronan when he gets out of the car in his all black get up with a raven on his shoulder and a duffel bag in his hand
  • Chainsaw flies in through Adam’s window and gives him an absolute fright, which earns Ronan a glare when he busts through the door cheerfully
  • Ronan freezes in the doorway at the state of Adam’s room. There are books everywhere, old cup o’ noodles and protein wrappers overflowing in the trash can. 
  • “Parrish when did you become a slob?”
  • “Nice to see you too. I was going to clean up before you got here.”
  • They don’t talk much after that.
  • A few hours later they’re eating chinese food sitting cross-legged on the bed watching HGTV and discussing how much fixer uppers could be improved with dream objects
  • Also Garden Crashers is Adam’s favorite show
  • Adam mutes the TV as there’s some commotion outside
  • He and Ronan go to the window to check it out and Ronan smirks so hard his face nearly cracks into a smile. Pulling into the parking lot is a bright orange Camaro, with two–blue guys? Half hanging out of the sunroof? 
  • It’s Gansey and Henry. 
  • They’ve literally painted their chests blue
  • In white paint across their chests “ADAM” is written (AD on Gansey, AM on Henry)
  • They’re such fanboys it’s ridiculous
  • Blue is driving, big aviators on her face, weaving her way through the parking lot and cringing as the two hooligans start chanting “PARR-ISH, PARR-ISH.”
  • They stop in front of Adam’s building and see him and Ronan watching them from the window and scream “HAPPY FAMILY WEEKEND!!”
  • Gansey pulls a loud speaker from somewhere
  • Henry yanks the loudspeaker away from Gansey and wipes an invisible tear from his face “THEY JUST GROW UP SO FAST DON’T THEY DICK?”
  • Gansey again “HE’S GETTING STRAIGHT A’S HE IS!!”
  • Campus police show up.
  • Students are snapchatting the shit out of this, the next day #ParrishFanBoys is trending on twitter
  • Gansey continues to use his loudspeaker to explain to campus police that they’re guests of “ADAM PARRISH FIRST OF HIS NAME” and they’re here for family weekend
  • Just to clarify - it’s Wednesday morning
  • Needless to say, Adam comes home to visit them next family weekend

When I woke the darkness was so thick,
So palpable and black that my eyes
Seemed blind as stone staring into stone.

The blade that I had dreamed, efficient and quick
As it cut into my thigh, cleaning a gangrened
Wound infected to the bone, seemed poised

Above my throat: Close-grained, impenetrable,
The blackness rose before me like a wall.
And then off in the next room, nervous, light,

A soft padding as of an animal
Raced like my heartbeat in my temples
Round and round, trapped, stealthily desperate

As if hunting its own track, terrified
And captivated by its own odor.
Skin cool in the night air, eyes drilling

Through the dark, who I was before I
Slept had burned off like a vapor
So that amnesiac and pure, witnessing

My terror that I no longer recognized
As my own, my mind floated beyond me
To confront that frantic, closing footfall

As Jacob dreaming met his dark angel—
Though in my wrestling nothing blessed me
Or promised any blessing; but was a mask whose eyes

Were all black pupil, blind as molten tar.
I strained to see what paced there, my eyes burning
Through the dark until a pair of eyes blazed

Back across the blackness, an insistent, glazed
Staring that shimmered and disappeared.
The shining blade plunged at my throat, my mind

Stretched and twisted, its wires tightening
And turning as the creature lunged back and forth
And with a deep-throated yowling, thrashing

And thrashing to fight clear of its own circling,
Cleanly leapt away. I reached for the knife
But gripped only air, my eyes pressing

Deeper and deeper into the night’s black stone,
Cutting the way the knife had cut into my wound,
Probing for the white shining of the bone:

What had I become? What darkness had my dream
Led me down into? Too frightened even
To move, I lay bound and sweating in

The sheets, the moon a warning-bell beating
On the glass, its light carving out the curtains
Like the shadow of a wing across the windowpane.


The Wound

Tom Sleigh


Graphic - Carlos Schwabe

car club name generator for 2016

first letter of your first name : 
a - mom
b - night
c - dark
d - street
e - plug
f - kawaii
g - hidden
h - secret
i - booty
j - grip
k - butt
l - anime
m - car
n - bad
o - vape
p - camber
q - super
r - night
s - dank
t - deviant
u - phat
v - original
w - dad
x - bought
y - my
z - evo

first letter of your last name :
a - assblasters
b - .co.jp
c - daddies
d - tits
e - fisters
f - street
g - elitists
h - hentai boys
i - international
j - instafamous
k - dream
l - crew
m - runner
n - stancers
o - vape
p - unlimited
q - supreme
r - cena
s - memers
t - dreamers
u - loop runners
v - bigcartel
w - squad
x - x
y - bozuzuzuko
z - hondas

                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

                        ❝ Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time
                           with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts
                          is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words. 

The holiday season has officially started and since today is Christmas Eve, I wanted to write a little something for all the people I’ve met during my first year in this fandom; everyone of us had ups and downs, everyone of us had happy and sad moments and yet, somehow, we’re all still here. I made so many wonderful friends and more than once, I’ve been given affection and support and virtual embraces that helped me to stand up again whenever I fell - You could almost say that I’ve received my Christmas presents throughout the whole year. 
I personally love this period of the year !! I don’t know why, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially when I see that the people I care about are also happy and joyous - This is why I’m writing this little, super lame post with a very ugly edit ( I’m sorry, but I’m still sick and I seriously didn’t want to spend too much time on photoshop orz ) . 

I really hope that everyone will have a great holiday season, with a lot of warmth, happiness, fun and food !! I hope all of you will get to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones and I hope that we can all stay together even during the upcoming year - I’m really thankful for meeting all of you !! It doesn’t matter if we started talking months ago, if we just started or if we’ve never interacted just yet, your presence on my dash and in my life is extremely important and I’m genuinely thankful for meeting you all. I hope we’ll manage to stay together in the new year as well !!

I wish you all nothing but the best !!

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      hello my dearest followers,  mutuals   &   non - mutuals alike!  first of all i would like to say i hope you all have a wonderful holiday   &   new year   &   that next year is brighter than this year.  i truly wish you all happiness,  joy,   &   less stress in your life    &   that everything looks up soon if you are going through a rough time.   &   if you ever need a friend,  know i am here for you!

      next i would like to say thank you for 200+ followers,  it may not seem like a lot to some people but it is a lot to me   &   i’m so thankful to everyone who follows me,  writes with me,   &   is extremely patient with me when replies are slow or i,  myself is slow to replying to you.   &   most of all i am so thankful to have you all because i feel like i have a support system,   &   maybe even someone rooting for me.   &   i want you all to also know i am rooting for you,   &   your dreams.  i am rooting for you to do what will make you happy at the end of the day.  just really,  all i can say is  T H A N K Y O U.  to each   &   every one of you!


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as you all know (or may not) – yoo hyejung was created the day the drama was born. which was the 20th of june in the year 2016. the amount of relationships and plots that she’s been in is truly amazing. and i’ve hit 500 followers. wow, halfway to 1000. so! this is y’know, an appreciate post for those who’s been a great help of helping hyejung grow. thank you all for giving me the opportunity to write with you!

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so, basically, I’ve been here for around a year now (lowkey maybe as another fc until I switched, but that’s besides the point.) During this past year, I’ve got the chance to interact with many people and make tons of friends, and I’m quite thankful. This is the first follow forever I’ve done, so why not save it for when I hit 2k right? Above all, I’m thankful for everything and can’t wait to interact with many more people in the future! 

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— ( ♡ ) i think it’s time for me to make such post, since i reached a beautiful number of 500 followers and it’s almost three months since i’m roleplaying mao! during this time i met so many beautiful people and honestly, i think i’m really very happy here. i met old friends, i fixed old friendship and i met many new amazing people that i would like to keep in touch with for a long time! as always, i probably messed up with everything trying to put everyone on this follow forever, but i’m trying my best and even if you’re not here, please, remember that YOU’RE ALL LOVED AND CHERISHED.if not by me right now, then you surely will pretty soon, trust me. anyway, once again, THANK YOU for being here, for coping with me and making my life so much better. you’re all my little stars that i cherish the most ♥ ‘

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“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.” ― Roy T. Bennett

So since I can’t use ps on my little laptop here, I apologize for the crappy graphic but hey, the motive is Jungkook so forgive me. I don’t think that many of you know but I’m currently in Korea as an exchange student. Things are fascinating as terrifying sometimes and if it wasn’t for a few of you who even stuck with me during my hiatus and also now, I wouldn’t feel as confident and hopeful as I feel today. Due to circumstances, I had to move blogs and only a handful of 400 people followed me onto this account. But this is why I’m even happier. There are people who decided to (re)follow me, with or without much interaction prior. I’m also thankful that you keep up with slow me as my laptop is not the best thing to do replies on but I can’t and won’t miss being on here whenever I can. Kanna, first and foremost is my diamond, she is the one I am focusing on the most. Thank you for appreciating her. Hyunwoo, Hyunshik, Hyunjae and Woojung are characters born through interactions, inspiration and ideas I got thanks to you. I can’t make a special notice for each of you but I hold each and everyone dear to me. Please continue to be fabulous writers and fantastic people !!!

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My dear followers! Yes, yes, it’s time for one of these again, because I’ve surpassed every threshold I might have thought I’d reach followers wise, and I feel like it’s the time to send some love to my favorite people! First and foremost… happy 1639. What sort of number is that even? I know I’ve promised that the next time will come with a graphic, but I lied. Shh, you have my heart, do you really need anything else? I haven’t written with all of you, though I’d like to, and with others, I’ve barely spoken once, but, nonetheless, I appreciate having all of you, and I really, really hope that we’ll have a lot more chances for our muses to interact soon!

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