Today the Department of Awesome Animal Hybrids is exploring the work of Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz who paints incredibly murals in the style of massive engravings. Diaz creates fantastic creatures that are made of multiple kinds of animals and also sometimes part plant and/or human as well. Instead of one trunk, an elephant becomes an octophant sporting 8 tentacle trunks. What appears to be a sperm whale on one end is a squid on the other and features a human hand for a flipper, and a pelican nesting in its blowhole.

And then there’s the stupendous roosterfish with his human hand wings:

To check out more phantasmagorical creates visit Alexis Diaz’s website, Facebook page, or follow him on Instagram.

[via Colossal]


Fantasy World in Real Places  by Omerika

Artist Omer Agam, aka Omerika manipulates pictures by adding a dose of fairy and fantasy. In her collection entitled Whismical, she stages characters and object by miniaturizing them of by incorporating touches of supernatural. A lovely travel in a dreamlike and enchanted world, that could remind everyone who would going there, in his old dreams., fantasies, fantasysupernatural, Whismical


Christian Schloe

“”One afternoon whilst trolling Pinterest for inspiration, I happened upon some hauntingly beautiful images by artist Christian Schloe. I quickly created a new board and then spent way too long sifting through images and pinning my favorites. I sort of forgot about it until I was online looking for a tote bag the other day and found this. I recognized the style and was delighted to find that the Society 6 page for Christian Schloe has quite a number of beautiful home items as well as prints and canvases.”via:vylette