Architectural Watercolors of a Dreamlike Warsaw by Tytus Brzozowski

Architect and watercolorist Tytus Brzozowski imagines a dreamlike world where giant structures rest on towering stilts and trains seem to emerge from tunnels in the side of residential buildings. Unusual motifs like dice and teapots dot the landscape (or float through the air), and yet everything seems in its place, a credibility attributed to elements lifted directly from the architecture seen on the streets of Warsaw, Poland.


Paul Lehr Masterworks of the Dream Realms

Paul Lehr (1930-1998) is one of the greatest future-fantasist painters of the post-pulp era. He was very prolific and produced a large body of work of remarkable intensity and consistent high quality. In the late-80s and 90s, after paperback publishers had lost interest in putting beautifully weird covers on their books, Lehr turned his attention to painting epic and highly detailed dream landscapes.  Txt Via

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Poetic Surreal Settings by Lory

Focus on the amazing work by Laurent Rosset known as Lory on Instagram. Each images he publishes inpires adventure loves ans fascinate fantasy enthusiasts. The visual stories he creates depict hot-air balloon above a stormy sea or a little craft in direction of a mysterious island.


Dreamlike Paintings by Kari-Lise Alexander

To create such inspiring paintings, Kari-Lise Alexander draws her inspirations from her Scandinavian origins. Since her young age, she practices painting and try different kind of pictural techniques. Here is a selection of her portraits, depicting sensual and ethereal women, right in the middle of a flourishing nature