dreamland summer

Sarah Dessen crossovers

Someone Like You

  • Scarlet reappears in This Lullaby as the manager of the Jump Java. Her daughter is three at the time
  • Macy and Wes go to Milton’s Market in The Truth About Forever and it’s also mentioned in This Lullaby
  • In Once and For All a redhead named Grace appears. This may be a teenaged Grace as Scarlet was also a redhead

Keeping the Moon

  • Colie is mentioned in Along For The Ride as serving Auden when visiting the Last Chance. She also serves Emaline in The Moon and More
  • First appearance of Colby. It is also featured/mentioned in Along for the Ride, The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, The Truth About Forever and Once and For All
  • Isabel is the waitress at the Last Chance during Along for the Ride
  • Isabel and Morgan are Heidi’s friends in Along for the Ride
  • In Lock and Key, Laney mentioned Kiki Sparks, Colie’s mother, as being her inspiration for running


  • In Lock and Key, Marshall’s roommate is Rogerson who is mentioned as having been arrested for assault. He is mentioned again in Saint Anything as being one of the inmates at the prison Peyton is at
  • Boo Connell is mentioned in Just Listen as teaching a mother/daughter class
  • Jackson High is first mentioned. It is also the school where Macy (The Truth About Forever), Annabel (Just Listen), Auden (Along for the Ride) and McLean (What Happened to Goodbye) attend. Ruby (Lock and Key) also attended Jackson High before transferring.
  • Rogerson attends Perkins Day. This is the same school Ruby (Lock and Key), Will Cash (Just Listen), Auden (Along for the Ride) and Sydney (Saint Anything) goes too

This Lullaby

  • Remy, Dexter and the rest of Truth Squad appear in Just Listen
  • Macy notices someone reading a book by Barbara Starr in The Truth About Forever
  • Cora was Barbara Starr’s divorce lawyer in Lock and Key and makes an appearance at one of her parties
  • Emaline and Theo see Spinnerbait (Hate Spinnerbait!) in The Moon and More
  • Truth Squad and Spinnerbait (Hate Spinnerbait!) are mentioned in Saint Anything
  • Bendo, the club where Truth Squad plays, is mentioned in Once and For All

The Truth About Forever

  • Jason reappears in Along for the Ride and What Happened to Goodbye and mentions Wes as stealing his girlfriend
  • Macy watches Lorna McPhail, the mother from That Summer, give the news
  • Wes and Bert are mentioned as being Luke’s cousins in The Moon and More
  • Kristy and Bert are seen at the mall in Lock and Key wearing Armageddon t-shirts
  • In Just Listen, Owen and Annabel go to the waffle house and see Macy and Wes. They are described as wearing running clothes
  • The subdivision that Macy’s mother builds is where Ruby and Nate live in Lock and Key
  • An angel sculpture made my Wes is mentioned as being outside a realtor’s office in Once and For All 
  • Delia is mentioned as being the Barrett’s favorite caterer in Once and For All

Just Listen

  • When Nate is listening to the radio in Lock and Key, Annabel is the DJ introducing the music
  • Owen’s sister and her friends buy necklaces from Ruby in Lock and Key
  • In Lock and Key, Jamie mentions that Owen helped him make a mix CD
  • McLean sees a couple at lunch listening to the same headphones in What Happened to Goodbye. The couple is described as being Owen and Annabel

Lock and Key

  • One of the clients at Nate’s dad’s business is Macy’s mother from The Truth About Forever
  • Gervais is mentioned again in What Happened to Goodbye
  • Ruby applies to Defriesse University. Auden goes there at the end of Along for the Ride, is the college that McLean’s parents met at in What Happened to Goodbye and Bee mentions going to in Once and For All
  • UMe.com is mentioned again in What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the Ride, The Moon and More and Saint Anything
  • Jamie is listed as an alum of Perkins Day when Sydney transfers there in Saint Anything
  • Auden mentions awkwardly flirting with Nate Cross in Along for the Ride
  • Heidi and Auden buy key necklaces in Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride

  • The newly named bike shop, Abe’s, is mentioned in Once and For All
  • Clyde is featured in The Moon and More as the subject of the documentary Theo is working on
  • Clementine’s is mentioned again in The Moon and More
  • Heidi is seen again as a friend of McLean’s mother in What Happened to Goodbye
  • Auden appears in Once and For All buying coffee with Eli

What Happened to Goodbye

  • Gert’s bracelets reappear in The Moon and More
  • Dave appears in Saint Anything and talks Sydney into buying drinks at Fraizer
  • Deb is once again a self proclaimed ambassador that greets Sydney in Saint Anything on the first day of school
  • The Luna Blu restaurant is mentioned in Saint Anything and Once and For All

Imagine befriending the boys and like you’d have movie nights with them and they’d call/video chat you every night while there on tour and they’d fly you out to them as much as they could because they missed you so much then when they’d pick you up at the airport they’d rush over to you giving you a big group hug before taking turns hugging you tightly and when it would come to cal he’d pick you up you being way shorter then him he’d spin you around before placing you back on the ground he’d rest his hands on your waist kissing the top of your head as he whispered how much he missed you even tho it’s really only been a good two weeks since you saw each other so you’d all be heading back to the car you and cal lingering to the back of the group he’d nudge his hand to yours causing you to glance down before looking back up at him with a small smile you’d brush your hand to his and he’d entangle his fingers with yours giving your hand a light squeeze he’d slightly tug you closer to his side making you stumble a bit over your feet and bump into his side making him chuckle softly your cheeks turning a light shade of red he’d glance down at your small frame causing you to look up at him he’d lean down kissing your forehead ‘you’re adorable, princess.’ you’d all hop into the van that was taking you back to the hotel you and cal sitting in the back. You’d be driving for a bit the boys chatting rather loudly about nonsense while you looked out the window admiring the view when you’d feel cal rest his hand on your knee he’d slowly slid his hand up to rest on your upper thigh a smug smirk pulling across his lips as he contiued the convo he had going with the boys you’d glance down at his large hands before looking back up at him with a slightly concerned look ‘Cal stop, the boys are around!’ you’d hiss only causing cal to slip his hand to your inner thigh glancing over at you he’d shoot you a wink before tracing small circles on your inner thigh causing you to suck in a breath ‘Calum!’ he’d only chuckle and lean back 'come on baby girl’ he’d keep tracing circles up your thigh inching closer to where you needed him most ’-i know you love it.’ he’d growl out in his raspy voice as he ran his fingers over your sex causing you to bite down on your lip roughly 'you have to be quiet baby girl you don’t want the boys to hear you.’ he’d say with a smirk as he continued his actions rubbing small circles over your sex he’d lean in closer to you 'I’ve missed you so much, princess.’ he’d whisper nipping at your neck slightly you’d let out a breathy moan causing cal to grin as he pressed his fingers a bit rougher against your core 'Mm you’re so naught, letting me play with you while the boys are in the same car.’ he’d tisk as he placed soft kisses to your neck he’d rub wider circles to your core causing you to throw your head back in pleasure and bite down on your lip roughly trying to not make any noise. As you inched closer to your release he’d pull his hand away from your sex causing you to let out a frustrated groan 'Calum’ you’d whine only causing him to chuckle 'Don’t worry princess when we get back to the hotel I’ll treat you like a queen.’ he’d wink as he intertwined your fingers with his.