dreamland fun

yourlocalhooligriff  asked:

Silver just chuckles gently, watching Bronze writhe around gently in her sleep. "Well, shit.. Looks like someone's having fun in dreamland. Don't mind me while I watch, Gemstone.."

Bronze had the blanket off of her, some of it around her hind legs but the rest of it off the side of the bed. She moved and wriggled ever so slightly, a small amount of sweat beading from her brow, and her hooves pulling on the sheet and shaking softly. She panted lowly and moaned softly. She was obviously having a good time with this dream, her marehood was soaked.

The Universe Hates Toby (and Alcor by extension)

Summonings usually come sometime between nine at night and three in the morning – the serious, let’s-sacrifice-this-kid-he-likes-kids-right kind of summons, not the ‘hey I need a favor and I have a tub of rocky road here help me please’ because those actually come in throughout the day. Plus there’s the whole candy-trading ring that he actually had to set up a pocket dimension for all this candy because holy shit this was a good idea and takes up at least a fraction of focus in his daily life.

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