Dreamin’ (JB / Im Jaebum Scenario) Part 2
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“Hello, Jaebum.”


Jaebum was about to speak when JYP and the other related staff walked into the room. You and GOT7 immediately stood to give your greeting and the meeting started off with Jaebum and your reunion cut short.

Throughout the whole meeting, you could feel Jaebum’s gaze intensively following you. Every movement you made or every time you spoke. You awkwardly coughed a few times and tried to avoid looking at him directly in the eye.

It was so obvious to the rest of the room that you noticed Jackson and Mark nudging Jaebum under the table, however, nothing stopped Jaebum from holding his gaze at you. The scariest thing though was not once did Jaebum speak. He just sat there, poker-faced and stared.

Was he angry? Was he shocked? A million question lured your mind as you gave your presentation and listened to both the art director and GOT7’s suggestions on the album art concept. Your professional facade did not waver but inside, you were freaking out over Jaebum’s reaction. What is he thinking?

“I look forward to seeing the final products. Please do not hesitate to come in and discuss things over if there are any products. Thank you.”

You internally breathe a sigh of relief when the meeting was finally over. You shook hands with JYP and the art director when Jaebum finally breaks his gaze from you as he and GOT7 bows while the staff leaves the meeting room.

The awkward silence fills the room as you and GOT7 are left behind in the meeting room. Mark was the first one to break the silence.

“Jaebum ah. You’re scaring the designer, glaring at her like that the whole time. Is there an issue?”

Jaebum decided not to reply to Mark’s question verbally but shook his head lightly. Jaebum’s styled down hair hid his eyes and you couldn’t tell what expression he was wearing. It was another awkward silence when you decided to clarify the atmosphere while sparing the details.

“Actually, I use to be a close friend of JB. We haven’t contacted each other for a while, so he’s probably just shocked to see me.”

You see the rest of GOT7 suddenly light up at the new found information and quickly became less formal towards you. You quickly started chatting with the other six boys (mainly answering many questions from Yugyeom, Bambam and Jackson) while Jaebum remains quiet.

“How did you guys meet? Did you and hyung not stay in contact?”

“I use to be a trainee in JYP, trained along with Jaebum. We were good friends but I left two years ago shortly after you guys debuted. Jaebum and I lost contact with each other.”

“If you’re a close friend then why is hyung so upset?”  

Jaebum’s upset? You looked over to Jaebum confused.


You see Jaebum frustratedly ruffles his hair before abruptly standing up from his chair and walked over to you. You haven’t had time to comprehend what was going on and before you knew it, Jaebum was hugging you tight.

An eruption of squealing filled the meeting room while you stood still. In the corner of your eyes, you saw Mark and Jinyoung shushing the boys and leading them out of the meeting room. You slightly blushed when Mark gave you a thumbs-up before he disappeared behind the door.


You patted his shoulder that was wrapped tightly around you.

“…. I’m sorry.”

“Why? What for?”

“I wasn’t there to support you when you decided to leave JYP, instead I was on stage performing… I was so ashamed and scared to contact you because I felt like as if talking to you after I debuted was…. like rubbing salt in your wound. I was a hell of a bad friend.”

Jaebum breaks the hug to look at you, his eyes were soft and he had a sad smile on his face.

“You’re so silly, Jaebum. Why would you ever think that? Leaving JYP was my decision, it had nothing to do with you debuting and doing what you loved. I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve achieved from beginning until now.”

You lightly hit Jaebum on the arm as you looked up to meet his warm gaze.

“I’m sorry for not contacting you in so long…. I missed you a lot. ”

Jaebum whispered before he hugged you again, burying his face by the joint of your neck and shoulder.

“I’ve missed you too and I’m sorry for not taking the initiative to contact you more after leaving.”

You wrapped your arms around him and patted his back soothingly. The both of you started chuckling as you two tightened your embrace, it felt like an eternity before your hug broke. You look up to see Jaebum smiling warmly, his eyes squinted into the adorable eye smile.

“Want to grab a cup of coffee and allow me to catch up on your life?”

“I’m fairly updated about GOT7’s JB though?”

“GOT7’s JB isn’t as familiar with you from two years ago. My treat for coffee.”

“Alright, if you insist.”

As you and Jaebum left the meeting room to head to the coffee shop, you smiled to yourself noticing how Jaebum was holding your hand. You decided to stay quiet about it.

groupies-do-it-better  asked:

Hi, Harley! I just wanted to tell how much I love your black and gold dress! It's a piece of art and you really look stunning wearing it! May I ask where you got it?

Thannnnnnnk youuu *chuckles* Daddy bought me the dress… it was one if his first gift to his queen… i love wearin it… *smiles while dreamin of him*