SOOO here’s my stop drop & take a hit(s) video that I’ve put off for so long 💜 I was tagged by @me-owjuana, @st0nerlesbian, @stoned-adventurer, @dreamin-of-blue, @oregram, @a11ysonwonderland & like 20 more people..

Sorry about my messy hair, Missouri doesn’t respect me & my hair needs. But please continue to tag me in your videos, I watch every single one of them 💕

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Blond(e): Powerful Lyrics that Stuck Out To Me
  • Nikes:we're not in love but ill still make love to you
  • Ivy:i thought that i was dreamin when you said you loved me, the start of nothing
  • Pink+White:you showed me love/dark skin never saw the shade
  • Be Yourself:be yourself be secure with yourself
  • Solo:think we were better off solo/inhale(in hell) inhale (in hell)theres heaven
  • Skyline To:it begins to blur when we get older
  • Self Control:ill be the boyfriend in your wet dreams tonight/keep a place for me
  • Good Guy:i know you dont need me right now
  • Nights:if i get my money right you know that i dont need you/hope you're doing well bruh/new beginnings wake up the sun is going down/shut the fuck up i dont want to your conversation/been ready for you all my life
  • Solo(Reprise):solo that i can admit when another kid gets shot by the popo it aint an event/no more
  • Pretty Sweet:you cant hurt me now
  • Facebook Story:jealousy pure jealousy for nothing
  • Close To You:ill be honest i wasnt devastated but you couldve held my hand through this pain
  • White Ferrari:left when i forgot to speak/ i care for you still and I will forever
  • Seigfried:im not brave/been livin in an idea from another mans mind/id rather go to jail ive tried hell/maybe have a good cry over you/id do anything for you((in the dark))
  • GodSpeed:i will always love you,how i do/ill let go of my claim on you/always
  • Futura Free:im just guy not a god

Soooo here’s my stop drop & take a hit(s) video that my ass has put off for so very long 💜
I was tagged by @st0nerlesbian, @stoned-adventurer, @dreamin-of-blue, @me-owjuana, @oregram, @a11ysonwonderland, and probably 20 other people

Please excuse the messy hair, i tried out space buns for the first time and loved it. PLEASE tag me in more of your guy’s videos, I watch every single one of them 💕

I tag @stoner-vogue, @sativadiivaa, @hellostoneman, @psychedelic-freak-out, @godshideouscreation, and whoever else feels like taking a hit 👽💨 Stay High babes