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I've Known Since Monday

I’ve known since Monday, but I did not want to say anything for a while because I wanted to make sure it was real. After everything that has happened with my foot injury over the summer, I was fully resigned to the fact that I would have to wait until next year to make one of my dreams come true and try-out for The Nutcracker. Yet, the ups and and downs of life always have a way of balancing out. 

I am officially in this years production of The Nutcracker!!!!! Even though I have been unable to dance for the past couple months and I was unable to try-out for the Nutcracker, my amazing and supportive teachers felt comfortable enough in my dancing abilities to cast me in the show even without an audition. I’m honored and beyond thrilled to be one step closer to my dreams, but I am terrified at the same time. My teachers have faith that I will be performance ready in time and that is a lot pressure coming back from a serious injury. Not that they are pushing me to return too soon and aggravate my injury! I just want to be at my best for them and for myself.

Anyways, enough with the feelings, and feelings about feelings, and feelings feelings, and one feeling that turns into another feeling… :P

I know that when someone says “I’m in the Nutcracker!” the immediate response of the other person is “What parts did you get???”. 

I am a Snowflake and a Lilac Flower! I promise to write more about my first Nutcracker rehearsals (which happened yesterday) later. Right now I’m floating away on a cloud of happiness towards my second rehearsals later today! 

Never give up on dreams, people! 
Love, Lillie