dreaming of throwing up

ok so let’s talk a bit about jobs vs passion. my last fulltime job was at a big game development studio; the kind of job you’re (supposedly) passionate about. most of my colleagues adored the games we made, and so they didn’t care that the company had a major diversity problem, that our salaries were below average, that we didn’t get overtime compensation yet stayed ‘til 11PM more often than what’s healthy, and that the company promoted an unhealthy alcohol culture. because we were passionate. this was the kind of job you grow up dreaming about; don’t go throwing it away because some colleagues are harrassing you or because you get no recognition for your efforts!

for more than a year I was tired. stressed. in constant pain. my anxiety was through the roof. I worked on these “dream projects” and I felt dead inside.

when I quit that job I started freelancing as a writer. I got some really good jobs. I also got a bunch of small-time, low-paid, “hey at least your name is on it so isn’t it enough to pay 10$ for this text?” kind of jobs.

with the typical millenial housing situation of an apartment that I could barely afford on a fulltime pay and a constant stream of job offers that were underpaid I spent four months doing what I love, while constantly overwhelmed by stress. my insomnia got really bad, and when I managed to fall asleep I would dream about my bank balance. I would dream of losing whatever stability I had left in my life, simply because I couldn’t afford a “normal adult life”.

and so, today I got a job. it’s a fairly standard QA job at a medium sized game development studio. unlike any other game companies I’ve been at they offer humane working conditions. they don’t expect me to show up too early and stay too late because I’m passionate. the hours are nine to five, and they disapprove of overtime. the pay is slightly above average, and I get health benefits. I’ve been through several interviews, and at no point has someone tried to belittle my career or tried to convince me to work for less than I’m worth.

for the first time in many years of my career, I’m happy. I’m at ease. I applied for this job because I wanted to get away from the passionate part of the industry. I wanted a job where I could go home at five and dedicate my freetime to my own writing projects. I wanted to work at a place that didn’t eat my heart and soul and energy as I contributed to projects that wouldn’t even bear my name in the end credits.

so what I’m trying to say is that there’s nothing wrong with having a “normal” job. you’re not giving up on your dreams if you take a job outside your main interests. if it offers stability in your life, it’s enough.

Friendly reminder that “selfish asshole” Jaune Arc has...

-Offered Ruby a helping hand when they first met and became her first friend at Beacon.

-Didn’t put Pyrrha on a pedestal and treated her like a person and a friend instead of a celebrity.

-Despite getting blackmailed into throwing sap at his friends (if he didn’t, he would be forced to give up his dream) by an asshole, still didn’t throw the sap at his friends and stood up to Cardin.

-Saves said asshole from getting mauled by a Ursa.

-Realized how selfishly he was acting during Jaundice and owned up to it and apologized to Pyrrha.

-Despite being jealous of Neptune, encourages him to be himself and to ask Weiss to dance.

-Wears a dress (keep in mind that he said he would do so if Pyrrha didn’t get a date to the dance as a JOKE) to cheer up Pyrrha and dances with her.

-When Pyrrha was feeling down about the Maiden affair, tries his best to understand what is going on and to be encouraging and comforting to her (granted, he didn’t know what was going on and Pyrrha accidentally slams him into a wall, but still).

-Despite Pyrrha slamming him into a wall, still shows up to her and Penny’s tournament round to support her.

-After Pyrrha breaks down after accidentally killing Penny and as a result, doesn’t notice a Nevermore about to attack, rushes into the battlefield in order to get her out of the way, with no thought or worry for himself.

-After Cinder’s speech and watching Pyrrha being incredibly torn up over her accidental murder of Penny, he and Ruby immediately assure her that it wasn’t her fault and that Cinder was to blame for this.

-Realizing that he won’t be able to make it to Pyrrha in time, he immediately calls Ruby and Weiss to go to her and help.

-Still keeps a recording of Pyrrha helping him train so all the work and effort she put into believing in him doesn’t go to waste.

-Despite not liking Qrow, still helps Ruby carry him around when he was poisoned and brings him to safety out of the Nuckalevee’s way.

-After seeing Ruby beat herself up over everything that has happened, gives her an uplifting speech about how despite Ruby witnessing Pyrrha’s death along with losing Penny, Team RWBY, and to a certain extent, Yang, she keeps pressing forward, and that gave them the courage to keep pressing forward, while playing down his own loss.

God, what a fucking asshole, amirite?

As The Years Go By (Lin x Reader)

Prompt: “At new years on midnight for a single minute you possess your soulmate’s body.”

Words: 2707, I think.

Summary: The reader is Lin’s soulmate. They take their sweet time finding one another.

A/N: Soooo many line breaks!!!! (thanks to @diggs4life for the help)

You couldn’t wait.  Today was the day.  Well, tomorrow was. You were about to find out if you had a soulmate.  Maybe it was just a myth, but Grace had said she felt it last year. Only for a minute, but it had been enough to know that someone was out there. You wondered what it would be like to walk around in another person’s body.  Did they speak English? You had heard stories of people learning new languages to be able to locate their soulmates.  Grace entered her room and shut the door.  Should you find somewhere quiet to sit?  Were you building yourself up for nothing?

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My favourite JDM tidbits from Live with Kelly on 20 March 2017:

- being a farmer Jeff is very happy about spring starting because it means that “things are gonna start birthing and flowers are coming”

- it’s now time to start planting on his farm, where they also have a vegetable garden where Jeff’s son, Gus is growing all sorts of vegetables and he goes down every night and picks out his own dinner

- he promised to bring eggs for Kelly and everybody for next time he will be on the show because they have so many eggs on the farm

- Jeff’s favourite chickens are the “fluffy-feet ones”

- they have ducks on the farm that they rescued and were living in their living room for two months (because it was too cold for them outside) and the ducks rule the farm, chasing his two dogs around

- Jeff’s farm is a “no-kill” farm but Kelly suggested that he should make “JDM sausages” out of tofu

- they don’t have a family crest but Jeff wishes they had one and joked that he could tattoo it on himself

- he is not a good sleeper, he used to be but it has changed as he has gotten older and a parent, now he feels super-lucky when he gets 5 hours of sleep a night

- he feels rainy weather coming in his back and knee like a week in advance

- Gus sleepwalks into Jeff and Hilarie’s room and he likes to kick and sit up in his dream and then he throws his head on top of Jeff like a “bowling ball”, usually waking him up, and then Gus cannot remember it the next morning

- Jeff’s favourite part of the show is the “Winter Lip Sync Travel Trivia” because of the snow-guns

- they played an Impression Session game impersonating famous people, Jeff did Bill Clinton (”I did not have sex with that woman!”), Barbara Streisand (he sang “The way we were” and was glad that Jennifer Lopez guessed it because Jeff was like “thank God, don’t make me sing”) and Mike Tyson

- he is a great admirer of John Lithgow and said that he “steals” his creepy guy acting tricks from him

- he mentioned doing an Irish accent for P.S. I Love You but admitted to not remembering it anymore

- when they came back from the last commercial break, the audience was chanting Negan’s name to which Jeff said “all Negan”

- Kelly asked him what was wrong with Negan that he was so scary, to which Jeff replied “he is just misunderstood”

- Kelly wanted him to tell how the season of The Walking Dead ends and Jeff said “everybody lives happily ever after…or not”

- Kelly referred to Jeff as JDM “as we like to call him”

Take Care

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A/N okay this fluffy ass imagine was solely written for me because this minor injury happened to me. i decided to share it w/ you guys, hope u like it i just needed to get my feelings out!! also how fuckin precious is he look at that gif i love his smile more than anything. also im using prompts 32, 15, and 3

Prompt 32: “I will always protect you.”

Prompt 15: “Are you crying?”

Prompt 3: “Baby, are you okay?”

ok Actually i’m gonna kill 2 birds w 1 stone, im adding a request i got to this. @slnnamonroll requested prompt 2 : “In your dreams, lover boy.”

P.S. sorry i lied i said i was going to post a different imagine next but i finished this one first soooo… enjoy !!!!!! sorry if it sucks (;

You’d twisted your ankle last night, walking around in the dark when you’re barely awake isn’t very smart. You really didn’t think that it was that bad but your boyfriend, Spencer, worried about you and insisted on at least going to urgent care.

So here you were, waiting for your name to be called so you could go back to an exam room. Spencer sat next to you as you propped up your ace-bandaged-wrapped foot up on the table before you.

“You okay, sweetheart?” he asked, rubbing your arm. You were a little annoyed at him for making you come here because you really didn’t think it was that bad. 

“I’m good.” you shrugged. Just as you’d answered, a nurse called your name and led you to an exam room. Spencer walked next to you as you held onto him for support.

You explained to the nurse what had happened. She nodded along, then recorded your height and weight and told you to sit tight and someone would be in soon to see you. 

Soon enough, a doctor was examining your ankle. She took x-rays, then later told you that it wasn’t broken, just sprained very badly. She made you promise not to walk on it and gave you crutches for help. Then, she referred you to an Orthopedist. 

You thought to yourself that you weren’t going to need to see another doctor. This would heal on it’s own as long ass you iced it and kept it raised, right?

Well, no.

When you and Spencer pulled into the parking lot of your apartment building, he helped you out of the car and you used your crutches to get over to the elevator.

Once you were on your floor Spencer just gave up on offering to help you without you accepting, and he took manners into his own hands.

“Y/N, stop for a sec,” he said, and you stopped walking. He took the crutches from your hands, then turned around in front of you. “Hop up for me, yeah?” 

You giggled, clambering onto his back the best you could without disturbing your injured ankle.

He walked with you on his back to the front door, unlocking it with his key. “I’m making you an appointment with that other doctor tomorrow,” he told you matter-of-factly, as it was not up for debate.

“Fine,” you sighed. You knew he wouldn’t change his mind. He stepped inside the cozy apartment and set you down gently on the couch. “Do you need anything?” he asked sweetly. He gave you a sympathetic smile as you winced when you moved your leg in a way that did not agree with your ankle. “Can you get me some painkillers and ice?”

He nodded, kissing your forehead then going to get them. When he came back you were already laid down with your foot propped up on a pillow.

Spencer sat down next to you and gave you your things. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, with him taking care of you.

The next day, you woke up and your ankle seemed to be more swollen, bruised, and painful than yesterday. You heard the sound of running water, indicating that Spencer was in the shower.

He exited the bathroom a few minutes later, drying his hair with a towel.

“Good morning love, your appointment is in two hours.” he said. You nodded, “Okay.”

“Can I take a look at it?” he asked, coming over and sitting on the edge of the bed next to your bad foot. He saw the bruising and swelling and sighed, then wrapped it with the bandage again.

“Looks a little worse today,” he noted. 

“Hurts more today too.” you told him.

Spencer gave you a sympathetic smile. “Let me help you get ready to go.” he stood up and walked over to your dresser, taking out a bra, shirt, underwear, socks, and sweatpants so that you’d be comfortable.

He helped you into your clean clothes. He carried you to the bathroom so you could brush your teeth, insisting that it’d be faster than you hobbling over on your crutches or jumping on one leg like you’d done all day yesterday after you were told not to walk on the bad ankle.

The doctor told you that you had a really bad sprained ankle, and you’d be in a boot for 4-6 weeks and crutches for support the first week or two. In the car on the way home from the appointment, you began to cry.

“Are you crying?” Spencer asked, trying to look at you and keep his eyes on the road at the same time. You let out a sarcastic laugh and nodded. You put your head in your hands.

“Baby, are you okay? Does anything hurt? Talk to me,” he said softly. He stopped at a red light and turned to look at you.

“I just feel really useless, Spence. I can’t do anything. And I’m so clumsy, what if I just end up hurting myself more on these damn crutches?” you confessed, voice muffled.

He pulled over onto the side of the road, which wasn’t very busy. You heard the click of his seatbelt unbuckling and looked up at him to see him smiling softly at you with his head tilted slightly to the side.

“I know it’s hard not being on your feet. But I’m here to help you, okay? Nothing else is going to happen to you.” He paused, trying to get you to look at his eyes but you kept your eyes glued to his shirt instead. “Hey, look at me.”

Your tear filled eyes met his dry ones as he wiped your tears away, then held your face in his hands and kissed you. You felt so guilty for being annoyed at him for wanting to help you because now you’d need him. He was always so patient with you, no matter what.

When you got home you wanted to shower but you couldn’t put any weight on your foot yet. 

“How about I’ll wash your hair over the sink and then you can shower after, that way you won’t be in there for long. But, I can just get in with you to help if you want.” he smirked, trying to be playful because he knew you were upset.

“In your dreams, lover boy.” you joked back with a smile, throwing a balled up t shirt at him.

Once you had showered and Spencer washed your hair, he crawled in bed next to you. You wrapped your arms around him, “I love you.”

“I love you more.” he said.

“I’m sorry for being a bitch earlier. Thank you for taking care of me.” you were feeling emotional again, tears welling up in your eyes but you weren’t exactly sure why.

“Always. I will always protect you.”

And he was right. He’d die before letting anything serious happen to you. You both fell asleep in each other’s embrace, dreaming of the life you’d share in the future together.


BTS When you surprise them at a fan meeting.

A/N: this is my first reaction. You can request idea’s for reactions, imagines and one shots if you want to. I will be doing EXO, BTS and maybe some Seventeen reactions (oh shit 13 members, 13 different reactions😂 I can do this😂💪🏻) They’ll get better than this (I hope😅) I hope you like it though ;)


Jin was on tour for almost two months now and you missed him like crazy. So you texted Namjoon to check if they were nearby this weekend. And yes they were. This weekend they were two hours away so here you were at the fan meeting waiting for your turn. And if it was your turn Jin would see you and his face would light up. He would get out of his chair and run to you and hug you tight. ‘’I missed you so much, jagi. ‘’I missed you too, baby.’’ He would kiss you lightly and the fans would go crazy.


After two months of not seeing each other because of the tour, the boys were finally close enough so you could visit them at a fan meeting. You called Jin when and where the fan meeting took place. You would be waiting in the audience until you could ask a question. You would wear a cap so you weren’t recognizable for the fans and Namjoon of course. The other members already knew you were here though. When it was your time to ask a question, you would ask something like ‘’So how are things between Y/N and you?’’ and he would answer like ‘’Good, good. I miss her of course, but yeah things are amazing.’’ He would smile and think about you. ‘’I miss you too, Namjoon.’’ he would look up and you would take your cap of so he could see your face. He would run to you and hug you and spin you around. ‘’I missed you, jagi.’’ He would say between kisses.


After way to long of not seeing each other you finally could see your hope again. So you texted Suga to check where the fan meeting took place and that’s why you were waiting in the queue of the fan meeting of BTS. You couldn’t wait until you could hold your sunshine in your arms again. So now you we’re waiting until it was your turn to talk with Hobie. First you pretended to be a normal fan with Namjoon and Jimin. And than after three months you finally could talk to your hope again. When he saw you he would scream out of happiness. He would almost jump over that table out of excitement, but that wasn’t allowed so he ran around the table and hugged you tight and gave you a quick kiss. ‘’I’m so excited to see you again JAGIIIII!!’’


Today was the day you finally could see your boyfriend Yoongi again after let’s just say way to damn long. So you watched Yoongi interact with his fans and you waited until it was your turn to ask your question. When it was your turn to ask a question you would wear a cap so fans wouldn’t notice it was you. You would ask questions like ‘’Have you slept well lately?’’ he would think it was a little weird but what the hell he was known for sleeping a lot. So he would give an answer like ‘’Yeah, I guess I have, but I would sleep better if Y/N was next to me though.’’ the fans would say ‘’aaaaaaw’’ and you would smile to yourself. ‘’What if I say that Y/N is here right now.’’ He would look around the room and you would take your cap off and his eye will get big. ‘’Baby…’’ he would whisper. But let’s get real he won’t run to you because he’s a tired person and you know that so you would walk towards him and hug him. He would get out of his chair so he could give you a proper ‘hello’ kiss.


It’s been a while since you saw your Chim Chim.  You missed him like a hella lot. So today was the day you were going to see him again and you were so excited! You saw Jimin being cute with the fans. You weren’t jealous though, because you know he loves you. So when it was your time to talk with the members most of them were surprised because only Jin knew you were coming to the fan meeting today. When Jimin saw you his jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe you came to a fan meeting to see him. ‘’Jagiya! Oh my god! You are here!’’ he would say and get out of his chair so he could run to you. He would hug you tight and kiss you on the lips. He would rest his forehead against yours and say ‘’I missed you so much…’’


It has been two months since you saw your dorky boyfriend the last time and to be honest you couldn’t wait much longer or you will go crazy. So you called Jin and ask if they were nearby, and fortunately they were. So here you were, waiting in the queue to surprise Taehyung. When it was your turn to talk with him he would look surprised and you would give him a derp face which he of course would return. He would run around the table to give you a tight hug and say how much he missed you.


Two months. Two months of not seeing your boyfriend and to be honest your best friend. So you asked Namjoon where the fan meeting took place. Now all you needed to do was wait until you could surprise Kookie. You would wear a sweater that Jungkook left at your house, so if you missed him you could wear it. When he saw you he would be (jung)shook, because he didn’t expect that you would be here. ‘’Jagi…’’ he would walk towards you and touch your cheek, he still couldn’t believe that after two months you stood in front of him. When he finally knew he wasn’t dreaming he would throw his arms around you and maybe even tear up a bit because he missed you so much ‘’I missed you so much.’’  ‘’Same here Kookie’’ he would give you a quick peck on your lips (you’re his girlfriend he’s not so shook around you, not always)

simon imagine - sad break ups and drunken make ups

REQUESTED:  “Hey, can write about Simon and his ex(y/n) break up (Simon never gave her time) and Simon really wants her back. A close friend of theirs is having a party and they both go with their friends, Simon sees her and tries to my eye contact then their fav song comes on and she goes to the toilet and starts crying and Simon follows her and Simon talks about how he wants her back”

“Y/n. Please tell me you are not applying your lipstick again.”

Cal turned around, shooting me a disapproving look from the passenger seat. I sat in the back of the car, mirror in my shaking hand, trying with all my will to be careful in the darkness. 

“Leave her alone Cal, she’s nervous.” Sarah muttered quietly. 

“Oh shit yeah, Simon.”

“Still here guys!” I reminded them, cringing at the mention of his name. It wasn’t as if I’d forgotten, for gods sake; I knew full well Simon would be there tonight. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It had only been a month and a half since Simon and I had broken up. The night still haunted my dreams; screaming, throwing things, and then me walking out. Tonight would be the first night I would see him since. Hence, the pressure is on to look good.

“Y/n,” Sarah turned to face me. “Please don’t stress okay. You look beautiful, and he will be kicking himself in the dick regretting losing you. You have this okay.”

Again I cringe. It didn’t seem fair for Simon to regret anything when I walked out on him. It wasn’t as if he had cheated, or lied or hit me. It was just all too much. He never gave me time, always so demanding and intense and I couldn’t handle the pressure. I thought separating would be the best thing for us and yet I was at the unhappiest I had ever been.

“I hope so,” I mutter under my breath. The nerves twist at my stomach.

“I know so. Now come on. You ready?”

I nod reluctantly, opening the car door. The music could be heard from the parking space, shouting and laughing echoing throughout London’s dark winter streets. As we approached the door of the Sidemen house I smoothed out my skirt. The hairs on my arms stood tall and I felt instantly sick.

“Stop worrying Y/n,” Cal put an arm around me. “You have this in the bag!”

We were welcomed in by Tobi. He greeted us all with a hug before showing us over to the dance floor. Within seconds Cal and Sarah disappeared, Sarah to dance with Freya, and Cal to go and converse with Josh. I stood alone by the door. I couldn’t help but wonder what my place really was here: I was no longer a sidemen girlfriend. Was I even really a friend? The the thought made my chest ache.

I made my way to the drinks table at the back, instantly pouring myself a cocktail with a generous amount of alcohol. As the liquid fell into the cup somebody touched my arm.

“Y/n you’re here!”

JJ’s face seemed to light up as he engulfed me in a hug. 

“I am. Hi JJ.”

“How are you? How are things?”

This is a question I always struggle with when talking to anyone who shares some form of relationship with Simon, because I know they’re referencing the break up. When asking this question, nobody really means how are things. What they really mean is ‘how does it feel to be alone? do you cry yourself to sleep every night? are you over it yet?’ If I was truthful, I would probably burst into tears on JJ’s shoulder, telling him my life was ruined and I was sure I would never love again.

But I wasn’t. Instead I took a gulp of my drink, ignored his questioning eye and told him I was completely and utterly fine. He nodded, opening his mouth before closing it again. This repeated a couple of times before he took a deep breath.

“You know, it’s not too late to make things work again, Y/n.”

My heart sunk in my chest, warm, salty tears filling my tearducts. I blinked them away, not even forcing a smile as I looked at JJ.

“I think it is, Jide.”

“It’s not. He misses you.”

A sigh escaped my lips. Why was I talking about this when it was so fresh and painful? Where even was Simon, would he have even turned up? Perhaps he’s already taken someone up to his room. I shook off the thought. 

“I can’t talk about this, Jide, not now. I’m sorry.”

I walked past him and back to the drinks table, finishing the rest of my cup before refilling it again, this time without the cocktail - just with straight liqueur. I finished off this within seconds and poured myself a third. The third drink always made social interaction easier, i thought to myself as I head towards the dance floor.

Soon enough I found myself dancing with the Cals, Harry and Sarah. Alcohol ran through my veins, spreading warmth throughout my body in the form of liquid confidence. I engaged in several hugs, greetings, suffered several times through the dreaded ‘how are things?’ question until i wanted to scribble the words Fine, don’t even ask!’ across my forehead in black sharpie. Other than this, it had so far been a good night, and for the first time in a long time I was enjoying myself. 

All of a sudden the music came to a halt. All eyes in the room looked up at the DJ, who held a large black vinyl in his hand. I exchanged a puzzled look with Sarah who shrugged, clueless as I was. 

“Alright everyone,” the DJ’s voice sounded. “This next one is for the couples in the room!”

Fucking great, I thought to myself. Ignoring the looks of concern from the people around me I rolled my eyes and headed back towards the drinks table. Quickly I topped my drink up and then returned to join everyone. The speakers kick started and as the room dispersed into couples around me, the song started.

My heart sunk. Even in my drunken state, I knew this song. It was mine and Simon’s. I looked up at the DJ in disbelief, questioning why such a mellow song was placed into this playlist anyway; and then I saw him. 

At the other side of the room, standing alone amongst all the couples, was Simon. He looked taller, slightly more muscular than the last time I saw him. His hair was a deep, dark red. It suited him. As our eyes met my chest stood still. The cup fell from my hands, soaking the floor around me. He’s looking back at me. This is Simon, and I love him, and he’s looking back at me.

Instantly I turned on my heel and sprinted, out of the room, down the hall and towards the toilet. I slammed the door behind me and gripped the sink. A loud sob escaped the bottom of my throat as tears raced down my cheeks, landing in a splash of black mascara on the porcelain. The image of his ocean blue eyes staring back at me stayed imprinted in my head. Why was I so surprised to see him when this is his own house? Why did I even come tonight?

My sobs continued, loud enough that they just so happened to drown out the noise of the bathroom door being opened beside me. It was only when I glanced up at the mirror that I saw him there, standing in all his beauty, behind me.

“Y/n..I’m so sorry. For all of it.”

I gripped the sink tighter, the cold surface hurting my palms as I screwed my eyes shut. It’s all just a dream. It’s all just a very messy, drunken dream. 

“I mean it, y/n. I was a prick, I was way too intense and I fucked up. But losing you has been the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced and it has made me realise, more than anything, how much I fucking love you, and how much I would do anything to keep you.”

I cried harder. I want him so much, but I don’t know what the right thing to do is anymore. And I sure as hell can’t decide now, in such a drunken state.

Then I inhale deeply, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand. As I stand there silently thinking it occurs to me that, although I don’t know what I want long term, I know what I want now. Taking a deep breath I turn around. His eyes flash as we make contact and I head towards him. He looks so pretty under the yellow toned light, and I know boys aren’t conventionally supposed to be pretty, but he’s beautiful.

Then I jump onto him, my legs around his waist, my lips on his. He stumbles back momentarily in surprise before wrapping his arms tight around my hips. I mirror the rhythm of his kiss. His lips are warm, and they taste like alcohol and mint and I love it. His hands roam over the silk of my dress and he pins me up against the bathroom door, moving them up my thighs.

“I love you, Y/n,” he groans against me. “I fucking love you.”

“I love you too Simon. So damn fucking much.”

anonymous asked:

I had a dream that you and Ethan teamed up to over throw big youtubers so that you would be the most subscribed youtubers. Once you two were the biggest, you pushed Ethan off a cliff so you'd be the best.

Sounds like the kind of future I’d enjoy.

My Decision (1)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader(not yet), Lawyer!Bucky x Model!Dot

Warnings: None

Words count: 959

Sumarry: Bucky barnes is the  hottest lawyer who dates the infamous supermodel Dolores Grey, thir relationship is what people called #relationshipgoals. Bucky loves Dot with all of his heart and they’re going to marry soon, Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) never likes the idea of Bucky and Dot. one day she asks Bucky to pick up a painting from the art student at University of California, that’s the first time Bucky meet you. Will the meeting with you change anything between Bucky and Dot, or not?


           “Attention everyone!” Dot’s standing up and gaining everybody’s attention, today is one of those days that Dot set up some fancy luxury dinner for Bucky’s and her family to meet up and talk about what she called “future” for her and Bucky, “I want to thank you all for coming here, I want to announce that…” she glances at Bucky and a smile appeared across her face, “me and Bucky are… engage!” she shows them the big diamond on her ring finger. Their relationship are the #relationshipgoals thing, that what people mostly called. Bucky loves Dot so much, he willingly gave her everything she wants, the fancy living, the big apartment, even bucky is saving some money to build her dream mansion once they get married. They’re parents couldn’t be more happier because Bucky’s dad and Dot’s dad are business partner and by the marriage of their child, their business would be unstoppable.

           Bucky is one of the hottest lawyer ever lived, he won almost every cases he had, he even win against Pierce Company that is known one of the best Company in America. Dot, she is actually a model and she is so bitchy about her career, she always thinks she is the best one, also she is really an arrogant person but Bucky always sees her as the most perfect girl he ever knew, they’re living together now at Bucky’s apartment and Bucky hoped that this time, he will settle down and Dot’s the right one.

           “So when do we expect the marriage?” Dot’s dad asks eagerly, “Yeah, when can we discuss about that? I’m so happy that you guys made this far, as far as I known Bucky my boy isn’t good at relationship but with you, he kinda did great” George Barnes (Bucky’s father) speaks as he winks at his son, “Don’t push him, George” Bucky’s mom chuckled, “We haven’t discuss it yet, but soon! Right babe?” Dot’s squeeze Bucky’s hand, “Yeah, we’ll discuss this soon” , “I think tonight is the best time to discuss about the marriage, I mean Dot’s family is here, and Bucky’s family here to so why not?” Dot’s mom suggests, “OMG Mom that would be awesome!” Dot clapped her hand and giving Bucky her puppy dog eyes, “Let’s discuss it now, then” Bucky smiles and pecks Dot’s lips which made Rebecca rolls her eyes, “Something wrong becca?” Dot’s ask with annoying tone, “Nothing is wrong Dolores” Rebecca answers curtly, besides everyone in the house, Rebecca hates the idea of Dot marrying her brother, she hates her bitchy personality, she hates the way Dot’s talking about money and her dream fancy life, she knows that this girl only brings trouble to her brother’s life but sadly, no one sees that. Everyone is busy talking about the wedding, listening to Dot rambling about her dream wedding, her dream dress, only listening to Dot’s voice makes Rebecca wants to throw up.

           Finally the dinner ends and everyone is waving goodbye, tonight Bucky is staying at his house and not coming back to his apartment. That night Bucky can’t sleep thinking about this marriage thing, he wants to built a family with Dot he didn’t expect to marrying Dot this fast, three months from they’re going to have their wedding. Bucky walks around the house and found Rebecca’s light is still on, so knocks the door and coming in, “Hey becca, you’re not sleeping yet?” , “Nope, I’m still working on my paper… sometimes the teacher didn’t really care that we’re actually have another life besides school” Bucky chuckles at his sister, “So… I’m not hearing any of your ideas when we’re discussing about the wedding, something’s wrong pumpkin?” Bucky asks, “Nope, just not interest” , “Why is that?” Becca just shrugged her shoulder, “what do you think about having Dot as your sister-in-law?” Bucky is now laying besides her lil sister, “Never thinking about it actually” , “Do you like her, Becca?” , “You want me to be honest, or not, James?” , “Ofcourse I want you to be honest” , “I’m sorry, I never like her, ever” , “Why is that?” Bucky asks curiously, “If I tell my point of view about Dot now, it won’t change a thing between you and her, I just hope that you’ll not so blind to see the real her, Buck. But if she makes you happy, I’m happy for you” Becca kisses her brother’s cheek, “Being the protective sister as you are, huh?” Becca just chuckles, “Anyway, are you free tomorrow or do you have any cases to win?” Becca asks, “Nope, I’m good tomorrow” , “No date with Dot?” , “Nope, I wanna spend time with you” , “Can you do me a favor?” , “what is it, pumpkin?” , “yesterday, me and dad bought this painting from the art exhibit for mom’s birthday tomorrow, you know how much she loves collect some paints, can you pick up the paintings tomorrow?” , “Why don’t the artist send it here?” , “She can’t because this week is her week of tests, she is a student in University of California, so she said I can take the painting at her store tomorrow. This is the address, her name is (Y/N) she isn’t famous, I know but believe me her paintings are breathtaking” , “alright, I’ll pick it up and after that I’ll pick you up after school and we can go get your favorite ice-cream” hearing the idea spending time with her busy brother and eat her favorite ice-cream makes Becca lunged and hugs her brother tightly, “I love you so much!!” , “Easy there pumpkin” Bucky chuckles, and once she let go Bucky kiss her forehead and waved goodnight to her little sister. Bucky keep glancing to the bussiness card and it’s written the name of the artist, her name is (Y/N), how come a not famous artist and not to mention she’s still taking art classes, catches Rebecca’s attention while Bucky knows her sister only adores famous artists with awesome paintings.

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Writing by @moustachiopenguin :

If someone were to ask him about his first love, he would lie and say he’s forgotten.  He wouldn’t tell them about a boy named Kise Ryouta.  He wouldn’t share memories that make him smile and make him ache.  He’d pretend not to remember racing hearts and sweaty palms and stolen kisses.  There would be no stories about commuting between cities and missing trains home.  He’d have nothing to say about locked doors and flushed cheeks or bruised lips. 

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blooshie  asked:

Either #7 or #27 for peterick. I can't decide which so I'll let you pick your favorite :)

I apologize this is so late! I thought about 7, but I decided to go with 27 because it’d be funnier.

“I’m pregnant.”


“Uuuuuugh.” Patrick lay on his back, one arm covering his face and the other on his stomach.

“He ate a whole large pizza?” Andy, sitting at the kitchenette table next to the lounge couch Patrick occupied, had skipped dinner to talk to his mom on the phone. He stared at Joe’s barely concealed snickering as he nodded, then glanced at Patrick. “Why?”

Patrick desperately wanted to say it was worth it, but with the amount of pizza sauce and cheese swimming in him, he wasn’t so sure. Hearing Pete’s laugh as a body passed in front of the couch, Patrick’s hand shot out, latching onto denim. “Nnn.”

“What’s up, buddy?” Pete giggled, following his boyfriend’s tug, leaning over him. 

“Pete. I’m pregnant. It’s yours.” He hiccuped, rolling enough onto his side to wrap his arms around Pete’s legs.

“Whoa.” Pete wobbled, but brought a hand up to onto the back of the couch to steady himself. “I mean, it better be mine? I paid for the pizza so that’s kinda like being the dad, right?” Patrick’s only response was to burp into Pete’s legs.

“Dude are you gonna be okay?” Joe walked over, looking over Pete’s shoulder.

“Can I be the god father?” Andy chimed in.

“What? No I’m totally the god father. I was there for the conception.” Going over his own words in his head, Joe crinkled his nose. Andy and Pete laughed, but Patrick released one hand on Pete to bat at Joe’s legs.

“Andy’s the god father because he would have stopped me. Unlike you assholes.” In reality, he’d eaten the whole pizza because when they’d walked in a few girls leaving had laughed, clearly pointing at him. It’d been a horrible way to deal with his insecurity, but at the time drowning out his upset with food seemed best.

Pete, although he hadn’t stopped his boyfriend, must have known what was up from his suspiciously sweet treatment of him while they were out. And even now as the taller rubbed Patrick’s shoulder in a soothing manner.

“Yesss!” Andy pumped his fist in victory over Joe.

“Whatever man, you and Pete enjoy that “child” when it comes out. I’m gonna sleep.” Joe patted Patrick’s leg as he began to walk away. “Feel better, okay?”

“I’m gonna sleep too. Wanna get up early to exercise.” Andy got up and glided back towards the bunks. “Get some rest, Patrick.”

Patrick groaned again, face still in Pete’s legs. “Little higher and we can make this a blow job.” Patrick didn’t have to look up to know Pete was smiling.

“I’m flipping you off behind your legs.” Came his muffled reply.

“Yeah, I can feel it.” Pete straightened himself, stepping back out of Patrick’s arms. “Come on, baby. Let’s get you to bed.”

“Noooo. I’ll sleep on the couch.” Patrick tried to curl up, but found constricting his stomach and lungs wasn’t a good idea.

“And deal with you having a kink in your back? Nah, come on. We can share the same bunk tonight.” He leaned down again, grabbing the younger’s shoulders to start lifting him up.

Patrick attempted to put up a fight, but in the end he knew the walk to his bunk would be worth it. Slowly, with Pete’s help, he hoisted himself up. They began walking to the back, Patrick leaning heavy on his boyfriend.

“You’re perfect, you know that right?” Pete’s voice was quiet.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m every man’s dream.” Patrick grumbled, not in the mood for mush.

“Heh. Maybe not. But you are my dream.”

Patrick stopped, forcing Pete to stop as well. “I’m gonna throw up.”

“Ouch. Can’t be that ba-”

“No I am literally gonna throw up. Get me to the bathroom.” Patrick was already moving away.

“Oh shit. A miscarriage.” Pete followed, trying to reconcile his worry for Patrick and his amusement.

pyrrha-valentine  asked:

What would be your thoughts or head cannon ideas on a Yandere Ink or Dream?

Huh…I actually don’t know much about either of those AUs, buuuut I’ll try!

Yandere! Ink Sans
•He watches over Frisk in every AU. Every single one.
•He may or may not be pulling a few strings behind the scenes in order to ensure her survival in the more…violent universes.
•Ink can’t touch her now, but he will find a way to get her one day.
•He has the ability to erase as well as create, although he is loathe to use it.
But…if some being decided to besmirch his wonderful masterpiece, he has no issue smudging that being out of the grand picture.

Yandere! Dream Sans
•He is a very noble being, intent on protecting his “princess” from whatever the Dreamworld throws their way.
•Dream hates it when Frisk wakes up. She’s leaving him…again.
•Has secretly been looking for a way to keep her from ever waking up. After all, he can’t protect her if she’s not asleep!

(*sigh* I tried!)

martiantigers  asked:

Can you do wesper for 6?

6 - things you said under the stars and in the grass

“i think i want to go to ravka.”

it’s been on his mind for weeks, even months.  somehow, it’s only away from ketterdam that jesper finds himself able to say it, at the edge of the farm with wylan’s head in his lap.  fingers tug absentmindedly at golden curls, and it feels a million miles away from what he’s come to think of as his life.

their life.

things feel less real out here, or– maybe more vividly real than before.  whatever it is, it lets him speak now and the words come out in a rushed breath, misting slightly in the night air.

“hm?” wylan blinks up at him, only half-awake.  blue eyes turn darker, more luminous in the moonlight. 

“ravka,” he repeats, and he can see the second wylan comes awake properly, eyes all ridiculously lit up.  wylan’s been waiting for months to hear him say it. “i want to go.” there, he’s said it.  deep breath. “see what it’s like.”

train, maybe.  learn to use his powers properly, talk to other grisha.  maybe not, but it could happen, if not soon then one day.  he could visit for a while, just as a tourist, as a guest, come home, go back.  one step at a time.

wylan looks delighted (of course he does, most days he’s more excited about jesper’s powers than jesper is) but somehow manages to keep his enthusiasm to a manageable level. “if that’s what you want… i think that’s really good.”

i’m proud of you.  

it’s one thing to say it out there, throwing the future up to the sky and dreaming up possibilities.  in three days, they’ll be back in ketterdam.  jesper doesn’t know how he’s going to feel about it then, if he’ll even keep the nerve to see it through.

he’d like to try.

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