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last day before food chem! i even had dreams about food lmao (though… i guess it’s not so unusual given my sweet tooth… 🥐) and tbh i kind of like this subject but i’m dreading the other upcoming exams a lot. luckily, come hell or high water, i’ll be done with the second year of uni on the 23rd ~ really i wish i could be brushing up on my japanese skills, you can tell they’ve seen better days from my planner scribbles…


Brunch at the Top at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

GOT7 REACT: To you talking in your sleep

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
GOT7 react to you sleep talking

Just a heads up, there are so many GOT7 requests that it might seem like I’m spamming you guys with them xD But I promise I’ll be trying to post a variety of groups.

JB: I feel like Jaebum would be just slightly too tired to be able to decipher anything you were trying to say while asleep. You would start sleep talking when you were just in a light slumber, almost every night. Usually he’d be up waiting for you to stop, just slightly irritated that his sleep was being disturbed.

What is she even saying?

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Mark: When you fell asleep amongst the conversations only to start sleep talking about random things, Mark wouldn’t notice right away and think it was strange how you weren’t even staying on topic but he would also find it absolutely adorable.

Everyone’s talking about the food.

Y/N: “I wanted the pink one….”

Mark: “The pink what?”

Y/N: “Pink…flamingos….”

Jackson: I think Jackson would really be entertained with all the clueless mumbling you sputtered whilst asleep. He’d enjoy having those conversations with you, even though you wouldn’t remember any of it -they’re still precious memories for him.

Why is she so cute?

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Jinyoung: For some reason, I think it would always just slip his mind that you would often start talking in your sleep. When he lies down beside you and asks if you’re awake, your mumbling would answer for him and he’d end up having long, drawn out conversations only to find out later you had just been sleep talking. But he doesn’t mind. For him, it’s a way to release all his thoughts and worries without having to burden you.

“And sometimes…I think I’m not doing enough for the group, you know?”

Y/N: “Mmmhmm…chocolate is good…”

Ah, she wasn’t actually talking to me…

Youngjae: You had the tendency to get quite active whilst unconsciously talking in your slumber. It really tests his love for you.

Y/N: “I can’t get the banana milk…Youngjae…” *presses elevator button continuously*

“Y/N this isn’t the supermarket…” *sigh*

BamBam: He would be really tired, and maybe just a little annoyed that you wouldn’t fall into a deeper sleep. But because he loves you, he’d be willing to work with it.

Y/N: “That’s my sweater…” *pulls all of the duvet towards yourself*

“You’re lucky I’m crazy about you, because I’d have to be crazy to deal with this y/n.”

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Yugyeom: When he heard you mumbling about wanting something to eat he wondered if he should be getting you something.

“Do you want to order in? Should I make something? Y/N?”

Y/N: “Thank you for the food…”

He’d realise you were talking in your sleep, slightly embarrassed he hadn’t noticed before.

She even dreams about food.

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vegan mandoo!!!

making dumplings w/ my mommy- the person who instilled in my heart the love and passion for food. she is the reason i love to make food, share food, eat food savor food, and yearn good food..

she is also given the dubious honor of being the reason why i dream about food 24/7. sadly.


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random the golden girls sentence starters!

❝ Nobody ever believes me when I’m telling the truth. I guess that’s the curse of being a devastatingly beautiful woman! ❞
❝ Eat dirt and die, trash. ❞
❝ Excuse me, have I given you any indication at all that I care? ❞
❝ Oh, [Name], you’re not a terrible person. You’re just horny all the time. ❞ 
❝ We were enjoying a glass of punch out on the veranda when a beam of moonlight hit my cleavage. Suddenly, the band began to play. It was at that moment I realized my bosoms had the power to make music. ❞
❝ Jealousy is a very ugly thing, and so are you in anything backless. ❞
❝ You vindictive little sea monkey! ❞
❝ We’re collecting lingerie… for needy sexy people. ❞
❝ I hate to admit it but they melt my Haagen-Dazs. ❞
❝ I could vomit just looking at you. ❞
❝ Not all of my dreams are sexual! Sometimes I dream about food. ❞
❝ I feel like crawling under the covers and eating Velveeta right out of the box. ❞
❝ Condoms, [Name]! Condoms, condoms, condoms! ❞
❝ I’m upset because I was not the center of attention and no one said I was the prettiest. ❞
❝ [Name], I could get herpes listening to this story. ❞
❝ I’m single, I’m free on Saturday night, and I can arch my back until my head touches my heels. ❞
❝ When I was a child, I used to get overexcited and pet the cat too hard. ❞
❝ I’m going over there to kill them. I’ll be back in time for Wheel of Fortune. ❞
❝ Not everyone is classified by the Navy as a friendly port. ❞
❝ Let’s rent an adult video, drink mimosas and french-kiss the pillows! ❞
❝ You’re not getting into this bed! Sleep on the floor like any other dog. ❞
❝ Must you always be so cheerful, you empty-headed Mary Poppins knock-off? ❞
❝ I look like a widow in mourning? Perfect, they’ll know I’m available! ❞
❝ Where am I going? To get ice cream or commit a felony, I’ll decide in the car. ❞
❝ Like I’m the only person who ever mixed a margarita in a sailor’s mouth. ❞ 
❝ All I do is listen to your sexual problems. What about my sexual problems? I don’t get any. ❞
❝ Let me spell it out for you: Go to Hell. ❞
❝ Isn’t it amazing how I can feel so bad and still look so good? ❞
❝ Go to sleep, sweetheart. Pray for brains. ❞ 
❝ It’s like life is a giant weenie roast and I’m the biggest weenie! ❞
❝ If this sauce was a person, I’d get naked and make love to it. ❞
❝ Better late than… pregnant!❞
❝ I always take a deep breath before I greet a man. It thrusts my breasts forward. ❞
❝ May your marinara sauce never cling to your pasta! ❞
❝ Here we are in the middle of a crisis and there’s no cheesecake. ❞
❝ Am I forgetting something? Oh no, I never wear underwear. ❞
❝ My mistake, I thought since you look like Yoda you were also wise.❞
❝ You know what’s a shame? When you sit down and your thighs squish out to twice their size. ❞

Today Ohkawa posted this on her twitter. They are three of Fai’s little secrets. I’ve been trying to translate it, but my japanese is pretty limited and google translate isn’t giving me anything :(
Anyone who can help?






From Ohkawa’s Twitter

Voltron paladin dream headcanons:

Hunk: Generally has pleasant dreams about food. However they’re a 50/50 because the dream can turn into a nightmare if something gets overcooked. Said nightmare is always fixed by something related to engineeering™.

Pidge: Dreams in binary and codes. Sometimes dreams of her family, too. Nightmares consist of never being able to reach things that are out of her reach.

Lance: Dancing and music based dreams! Always adventuring and being loved by some unknown SO. Nightmares are being sucked into space or being eaten by monsters.

Keith: Only dreams in black and white. Always seems as if he’s looking into someone else’s memories. Alien memories. Nightmares? Surprisingly few and they’re usually themed around being left alone.

Shiro: Hardly dreams. When he does, it’s usually a nightmare of his time as a prisoner.

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title: i wanna wake up to you
pairing: bokuaka
rating: g
summary: bokuto and akaashi and the moments where they make a home in each other.

for bokuaka day, something light and fluffy for my fave volleyowls~ >ao3<

“Ah, it’s already this late,” Akaashi says, glancing out the dark window. He puts his pencil down, blinking across the table at Koutarou. “I should be getting home.”

Koutarou fumbles for his phone. “Uh, I think the last trains just left though…”

Akaashi frowns. “Oh.”

“You can just stay over! My parents won’t mind!” Koutarou fiddles with his little owl-shaped stress ball as Akaashi considers. It’s not the first time Akaashi stayed over, but Koutarou can’t help feeling nervous every time. He likes being able to spend more time with his friend, and he knows Akaashi feels the same, but there’s still a part of Koutarou that shakes and quivers in the pauses that make up Akaashi’s calm nature.

“Let me just let my parents know.”

“Okay! I’ll go get the futon set up!”

Koutarou bounds out of his room down to the hall closet. There’s an excited smile pulling at his lips and something swelling in his chest. They can watch some anime, or maybe more volleyball footage, or maybe play a game! Though they do have school tomorrow, so maybe Akaashi will try to make them go to sleep early. But that’s okay, because Koutarou knows that Akaashi likes talking to him, too.

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Faerie Tale Theatre [Pt. 2]

[ ➤ Change pronouns and adjust to fit your muse! ]

Little Red Riding Hood

  • “I want to grow up, I just don’t know how… I have limited experience.”
  • “Who wants to live with a pack anyway? If they don’t want me, FINE.”
  • “Three days and not one edible thing has come down that path.”
  • “Now there’s a tasty little DISH.”
  • “We can be alone together, just you and me.”
  • “On anybody else, this would look perfectly hideous, but on me, ahh, beautiful.”
  • "Stay where ya are, ya miserable flea-bitten fur-bag or ya’ll end up a rug on my floor!”
  • “What great, terrible teeth you have!”
  • “What took you so long I damn near suffocated!”
  • “Well in addition to be eaten by a wolf, I’m sick as a dog.”
  • “Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth.”

Hansel and Gretel

  • “How can I possibly sleep with you rolling around next me like a pig in the mud.”
  • “What’s to become of us? How am I to feed my poor children?”
  • “I’m sure they’re eating venison with a prince right now without any a thought for us.”
  • “Surely God will take pity on two children and watch out for us.”
  • “We must have been very bad children for them to leave us in such a place.”
  • “Nibble, nibble little mouse who is eating up my house?!”
  • “Eat me out of house and home will you? We’ll see who eats what.”
  • “She doesn’t see very well, but she has the nose of a wolf.”
  • “Heart to batter, batter to heart, death’s a treat, so sweet to eat.”
  • “I want fat, fat, fat! Rolls of fat, flesh and more flesh! Soft, undulating, quivering jiggling young flesh!”
  • “You sit in a little cage all day, while I’m running to and fro: ’fetch this, boil that, c-c-c-cook.”
  • “I don’t care if DO you lose your temper! You’re a horrible woman!”
  • “Our sorrows have ended and we’ll live together in great happiness!”

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

  • “She was always kind of… spunky.”
  • “Let me sleep for 2 more weeks… I’m dreaming about food.”
  • “My teacher says to not let anybody see my papers because it’s a big secret.”
  • “Little kids don’t think as well on Saturdays! It’s a scientific fact!”
  • “What if you got a thousand bees all in one place? Then if you got a million queen bees and some kings too? You’d get a million-trillion bees!”
  • “We have to be very carful, there are highway men and robbers all around, they may be close by!”
  • “I don’t care if she’s ‘just a little girl,’ that doesn’t give her the right to barge into people’s homes without their permission.”
  • “What if one of these weeds has a poison thorn and it sticks me and I die right here in the front yard?!”
  • “I’d think a green cow would look something like a dragon, don’t you think?”
  • “I’m TOO smart!”
  • “I’ll wear my prettiest dress, and comb my hair real nice and smile my best smile, and for sure they’ll fall for it!”
  • “They’re the nicest bears in the world.”

The Princess and the Pea

  • “Oh yeah, real tough being prince: you’re rich, you’re powerful, oh it’s a real burden!”
  • “I know exactly where I am: I’m lost.”
  • “I’ll probably sneeze to death, but anything for chivalry.”
  • “You have the most expressive eyebrows I’ve ever seen!”
  • “In my spare time I like to count horses and think about my feet.”
  • “For the past few hours you have been rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and not a great deal of fun.”
  • “You are simply a rung on my ladder to success. An object to be stepped on.”
  • “I’ve traveled all the major roads, I’ve stayed in 2 or 3 kingdoms, I’ve been wooed by a couple village idiots, and I’ve met some very interesting people.”
  • “Good company, bad company… at least you’re not alone.”
  • “The whole family’s a little bit off, and seeing is how I’m sitting here talking to myself I’d fit right in.”
  • “It was like I was sleeping on a boulder–I’m black and blue from head to toe.”


  • “I wonder if you can wish to the moon, or just the stars… they’re in the same universe.”
  • “You can move, you can talk, you can think on somewhat limited basis of course, given you’re a teenager.”
  • “He attacked life with the gusto and the innocence of a small child.”
  • “I understand you, but the other people? They start to talk and think you’re a little bit you know– bugabugbuga.”
  • “I’ve got to be the stupidest person I’ve ever met.”
  • “You’re going to go home, you’re going to tell the truth, and promise to never ever do this sort of thing again.”
  • “You take your money, bury it in the ground, you wait overnight, and you’ve got 5 times as much!”
  • “Ever see a wooden donkey? I’d make a fortune!”
  • “I’m so sorry, that’s why you’re here, because I was so bad and thoughtless!”
  • “It’s part of my job, but I love wood.”


  • “You have been so kind to me, allow me to give you something in return.”
  • “You’ll learn that beauty and talent are a blessings, but if they are too much admired, they can be curses as well.” 
  • “I won’t marry your creepy son, I won’t! I won’t!”
  • “I’m sure he’ll find you delightful, and your story fascinating.”
  • “How does one conquer Gaul? Doesn’t one already have the gall, as in ‘he had the gall to call me a nitwit?’”
  • “It takes more than sweet songs to get by in life.”
  • “I do my best to secure your future and this is the thanks I get?”
  • “I’m always the bride and never the bridesmaid.”
  • “Prince or no, I can’t marry anyone without my mother’s consent.”
  • “Flower angels can slip in and out all sorts of places… even dreams.”

Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

  • “The years do not effect my beauty, my skin could be satin.”
  • “That gawky brat! How I hate her!”
  • “Cold soup… cold meat… cold peas… I could eat it all if I weren’t so tired.”
  • “That’s a STUPID assumption,_____!”
  • “Her heart is in this box. You’re lying again.”
  • “When a mirror tells a lie, it shatters in shame.”
  • “She’s a witch! I knew it when I saw her, and don’t call me stupid!”
  • “The gentle arching of my eyebrows fascinates me, most others eyebrows are grotesque and misshapen.”
  • “I don’t even miss the castle anymore… It’s so big and cold and lonely. But I do miss swimming in the moat.”
  • “No one can argue now. Now there’s only one beauty in the land.”
  • “I cannot imagine anyone hurting you, you should only be loved.”
  • “Each and every mirror as you turn to look at it, will turn to black.”

Apparently Tamaki has a crush on me……in my dream LMAO