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I had a dream about a sandy beach with slow moving waves, and the name “Melissa” written in beautiful calligraphy writing on the sand.  The name was written in red, but not blood, just a bright beautiful color. It felt so real, I could almost touch the sand and smell the ocean.  But before I could even acknowledge the name, it was washed away with the slow rolling of the ocean.

Eren wasn’t always the passionate and driven individual that others know him for. That determination to defeat the titans or anything that gets in the way of freedom was kickstarted by learning about all the possible wonders beyond the wall. Before that, he was a pretty normal little kid without a grand ambitious goal.

Of course, most of the characters close to Eren can’t imagine him just being so…ordinary. His incredible tenacity and desire for freedom has defined him in the eyes of others for so long. 

It just occurred to me that there’s only one character (that’s still alive, I mean) who knew that Eren from before: Armin

And idk, it just struck me as comforting to realize that Armin still enjoyed Eren’s company and liked him even before he became the extremely driven person who’s introduced in the first chapter. That dream to go beyond the walls together has been part of their lives for a while, true, but it wasn’t the only thing that brought them together.

Eren saw somebody who wouldn’t run away, and admired him for that enough to want to befriend him. Eren, who wasn’t exactly a social butterfly and kept to himself. 

Armin clearly liked Eren enough to want to share his excitement with over that illegal book. He’s the one who suggested that they could go explore the world together in the first place. I highly doubt Armin would want to share something so personally precious with someone he didn’t feel strongly for already.

This is part of why I think it’s so far from the truth to claim that Eren and Armin’s relationship is only based on the wish to see the ocean together. It’s so much more than that. Honestly, even that shared dream is more meaningful than it’s often given credit for. It’s not just fantasizing about a dream beach vacation. 

Last we saw of Eren, it was pretty clear that his capacity to dream for freedom was in shambles. The imagery of the ocean and beyond no longer represented ultimate freedom as he once thought, so seeing it in person wasn’t a happy moment for him. The truth changed his perspective. I know it’s common for fans to say that his and Armin’s friendship must have begun dwindling after that ocean scene (I’ve had my doubts as well), but I think this realization about their early days together could prove otherwise. At the very least, it’s bound to be important for later.

Armin knew and already liked the Eren from way back when, before he became a passionate dreamer. Before he desired to see the ocean and beyond. I think Eren himself would benefit just from recognizing that, especially now. 

Now I just want hear from Armin himself what exactly he saw in Eren that he liked so much. It’s something that can be speculated, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some sort of confirmation 😏

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Are you in love?

If love means waiting for her to talk because her voice calms you down, trying to make her laugh as often as possible because her smile is more beautiful than anything else, sitting on the bed and staring at her while she gets ready for two hours putting make up on and doing her hair, knowing even the darkest sides of her mind and still adoring her, dreaming about us on the beach with two little children playing in the ocean, getting excited about every text message, then yes, I am in love.

Me, eating ice cream with my mom: Do you ever have recurring dreams?

My mom: Yes. I think everyone does in some capacity.

Me: For the last few years, I keep having dreams about Yirrell Beach. It’s night and there’s a huge white light in the sky hanging over the water, and everyone comes out to look at it. It doesn’t matter how the dream starts; it always ends with the light appearing over the beach.

My mother:

My mother:

My mother: Oh. No. No one has those kinds of recurring dreams.

Klaine one-shot - “Put It All In Writing” (Rated NC17)

Blaine loses Kurt, but is anyone really lost if you remember them? (3577 words)

This is another re-write. I didn’t know how to rate this, so I made it NC17 for the subject matter and for some of the imagery. Warning for heavy angst, character death, anxiety, generic talk of injuries (limb loss), non-graphic thoughts of suicide. Another one with a bittersweet-ish happy ending depending upon your interpretation.

Read on AO3.

Phantom pain.

It’s a ridiculous name for what Blaine’s going through. The term phantom pain makes it sound more like he gained a demonic spirit when in reality he lost a limb. 

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FIC: CLOSER (5/30)

A Chris Evans fanfic

Summary: A day full with emotions led to a terrible ending.  

Warnings: NONE 

NOTES: So, here it is…It took a while to post this because I wasn’t so convinced about this chapter. I don’t know. I still don’t like it. Maybe that’s why I was gone for a few weeks (”Lola you’ve been gone for more that just a few weeks”) because I wanted to try again and write something different, but nothing came out. So, i was about to loose my shit (AGAIN) and I decided to post it anyway. SO SORRY AGAIN (”stop apologizing, and post the damn chapter, Lola.”)

If by any reason you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, let me know! 

SONG: Dream a little dream of me - Ella Fitzgerald   

                  CHAPTER FIVE: Dream a little dream of…

PHOTO: (credits to owner)

                                         CHRIS- Tuesday 7:10 pm

                                       Pickles, I’m back. Where R U?

                                         CHRIS- Tuesday 7:45 pm


                              -3 missed call- 8:15 pm- from CHRIS

                                         CHRIS- Tuesday, 9:38 pm

                               Lori, please answer me. Where are you?

                              -1 missed call- 11:00 pm- from CHRIS

                             -1 missed call- 11:15 pm- from EVE

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Matthew Espinosa Imagine; By Your Side ♥

It was around 4:00 in the afternoon, and your boyfriend, Matt, was at a meeting/event about 2 hours away.

He non-stop texted you the whole time he was there.

M; y/n I miss you so much, I wish you were with me right now.. )’: 

You; babe.. I don’t want you to disappoint your fans.

M; I know.. but, you tweeted that you were really sick, and you wished I was there.. I don’t want to disappoint any fans either, but if you need me, then I need to be with you baby. ):

You; just get through the event, and please don’t worry about me.. I love you. ♥

M; I love you too y/n. 

You deep down, did really want him home, but you didn’t want all the fans to be disappointed and hate you. You took your temperature for the second time in 4 hours, the thermometer resulted, 101.2. You felt like your face was on fire, your body was so hot. The fever was taking big effect. 

You didn’t want to go through any cramps, or major head aches anymore, so you took a little nap. And, ended up dreaming about Matt, on the beach at night, alone, which was your guys’ first date.

The wonderful little dream came to an end, you firstly looked at your phone to see it was 5:55. You stretched a bit, but before the cramps and all kicked in once again you went to get some chips. As you were in the kitchen downstairs, you got a FaceTime, a smile spread across your face, as it was Matthew calling. You answered, and waited to see the face you yearned to see through this horrible sickness..

M; you okay baby? 

He had a sad look, you knew he didn’t like being seperated from you, but you pretended the best you could..

You; yeah Matt! I’m feeling better. 

M; don’t lie to me y/n, have you forgotten I can read your emotion through those beautiful bright eyes?

You; well I had to try babe, I don’t want you to worry about me..

M; so if I was you right now, and you were me.. your telling me, you wouldn’t be worried?

You; well.. yeah..

You huffed. He was always right.. 

You; wait, why are you outside? Aren’t your supposed to be with Nash, Hayes, Cam, and Carter at that meeting?

M; Uhmm.. that took a three day delay. Stephen had an emergency, so it was cancelled.. i’m by myself now.

You; oh.. Well, babe, just text me. I don’t want you to see me like this right now..

M; If thats what you want baby. I love you.

You hung up, right after he blew a kiss.

“I swear I know that yard from somewhere..” you thought to yourself, you had seen Matt’s background on FaceTime.

You were just done making some nachos, headed to your cacoon in bed, to watch Netflix for the rest of the night.

You were in the middle of watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars, when you heard a loudish crash in the living room. You immediately thought it was your three dogs wrestling around, and shrugged it off. 

You were slowly dozing off, into your land of dreams once again. Suddenly, you jumped as a warm body came next to you. You sat up rubbing your eyes, to see a loving Matthew now laying on your bed. 

“OH MY GOD! MATTTT!” you shouted grasping him into a hug. He smiled, beginning to lean in for a kiss, you pulled back. “Uhmm, Matt, No. I’m sick remember?" 

He shrugged, "I don’t care. Y/n, even if your sick, I still want millions of kisses. And, if I do get sick, we’ll be sick together beautiful.” He filled the gap between you, taking you into his arms kissing you like it was your last.

“That’s what I was missing, I should have never left you here by yourself..” he whispered pulling you close to his chest, you loved the feeling of his soft, warm bare chest on your skin. It tranced you into a droopy sleepy mood, your sick body convinced you, you needed to sleep.

He seen your phone continuously light up, and checked it for you. As he scrolled through what it looked like was Twitter, you seen a tear roll down his face.

You instantly sat up, “Babe. What’s wrong?” you wrapped your hands around his neck, and your legs around his torso while climbing onto his lap. Taking your phone, tossing it across the room out of his reach.

“The fans. I really don’t understand them. They hate on you, because I want to take care of you? I’m making a huge announcement on Instagram and Twitter tomorrow. Until they can learn that, even though I do love them, your safety and health comes first, I am taking a break from social media. It disappoints me, so much, I know their better than that.. They shouldn’t be taking anything out on you either, y/n..” he wiped the straggling tears from his cheeks, hugging you tightly.

“Well, I don’t really blame them. You were their’s first..” you whispered, flopping into a laying position, he follows laying down, facing you. Lacing your cold hands, with his. 

“They don’t own me y/n.. Yeah, I do love them and all, but they have to understand that I obviously wasn’t going to be single forever, and still after 9 months they haven’t gotten over the fact that i’m in love, with you..” he look very flustered, you could tell. His eyes always told his deep story.

You cuddled up to him before saying anything else..

“Okay, well it doesn’t get to me anymore Matt.. The first month or two was the only time it actually got to me.. Can we just appreciate the fact that were together now..?” you changed the subject as best as you could.

“Of course baby.. It still just amazes me though, that even when your sick, you look like a super model. I wouldn’t trade you for anything or anyone in this world y/n.” He kissed you, slowly, but it felt like it was for the longest time.

“Really? You wouldn’t even trade me for food?!” you shockly looked up at him to see a smile brighten across his face, instantly making you smile.

“Well.. Food is food. Food makes me keeps me alive, helps me through bored'em. But if I didn’t have you i’d die, so yeah, you over food any day..” he gave you that cheeky, cheesy smile that he knew made you melt like butter.

“Damn.. I must be super important..” you wrapped one cold hand, that instantly warmed up, around his hot neck and skin. You rested your face into the warm, inviting crook of his neck. He wrapped both of his arms around your body, making you feel safe and secure, pulling you closer to him. Like every other night. 

Matt, pressed play on Pretty Little Liars, so you could fall asleep better. 

But, that wasn’t the thing that made you fall asleep, he whispered continuously, until he knew you were asleep, “Your my flawless baby, I love you so much..” kissing the surface of your skin, on your jawline, with his exceptionally soft lips. While rubbing, softly, small circle patterns on your stomach, trying to help your cramps go away. He quickly gave you a soft peck on the lips, seeing that you were drifting away to your second world of endless dreams. 

How’d you guys like? I hope you enjoyed! ♥ None of you seize to amaze me with your amazing feedback. I love you all so so much!! (: Guess what? My requests are BACK open! ♥ Request as much as you want, i’ll be having a lot more access to my laptop, so all requested imagines will be done! (: Stay beautiful, all of you. ♥

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"Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without". Maybe Gale was being harsh on Katniss or "unaware" about her motives, or a jerk to Peeta; but why do you think she used his words (or his reasoning) while reflecting about what she can get from Gale and Peeta (what I need to survive is not Gale's fire... What I need is the dandelion in the spring…), just before saying "real"? I´d like to know your opinion. Thanks in advance.

This is a great question, and thanks a ton for asking me this.

When I made the comment the other day about how I think that was Gale’s way of taking a personal jab at Peeta, and I still think that holds true.  As far as why she returns to that in the end of the book I think the sole reason of that is the fact that despite everything that happened with her and Gale in the end, she did find some truth in what he said.

Like I’ve mentioned before in countless meta’s about the “I need you” line being significant because she’s never needed anyone before.  And I think the word need is what is key to understanding her thoughts at the end of the book, because she is acknowledging once again that she needs Peeta.  She needs his sunshine, his hope, the promise that life can go on, and she knows in that moment, that the only one who can give her that, is Peeta.

She references what Gale said because she’s admitting that yes, in fact, she does need one of them to survive.  She needs Peeta, and it all goes right back to the first book, in that arena, “If he dies here, I’ll never go home.  Not really.  I’ll spend the rest of my life in this arena trying to think my way out.”  Through it all, she needed Peeta, she couldn’t let him die in the arena’s, and she realized that despite it all, she wouldn’t be able to do anything without Peeta.  They became symbiotic in that second arena, not because they were there to help take care of each other, but because she needed Peeta.  Only one person, by her own admission, would be damaged beyond repair if Peeta died, and that was her.

Gale left and she felt, what? Relief.  She didn’t need him after all, but when she wanted to die, she was “waiting for something,” she couldn’t define what it was, that is until Peeta came back to 12…and then they grew back together, they got married and had toastbabies, and in the end she did need Peeta, because only Peeta could have given her the kind of life she’d always denied herself to dream about…except on that beach in the Quarter Quell.  She never thought of children in a positive light with anyone but Peeta, and Peeta – despite her hesitation – gave her those children she never thought she could have.  He came back to her, despite it all, he came back to her.

Their relationship was never easy, even before the hijacking, but the fact that she was willing to work at it, willing to recover that which they lost, is the biggest definition of her need…because she needed that “to this day I cannot shake the connection between this boy, Peeta Mellark, and the bread that gave me hope, and the dandelion that reminded me I was not doomed.”  Peeta was the promise.  The promise that despite it all, she could have what deep down, she’d always wanted.  A family.

And only Peeta can give me that.”

Up early. Thinking.

I guess I’ll rattle some things off since I’m up and running low on sleep:

-I wish it was easier for all of us just to love ourselves.
(Actually I just wish it was easier for African/black people. The rest of ya’ll can kick rocks tbh.)
-I wish it was easier to get dreams accomplished.
All the talent and passion in the world can only get you so far in this society.
-Sometimes I feel like “friends” know when they are being shitty and instead of working to better the situation, they accept that they are shitty friends and let relationships wither and die. They are cowards to me.
-Folks claim to be real, but are as transparent as _______________.

                                 *insert dope metaphor here*

-The next person that bites my art and doesn’t credit me,
I’m coming after you. Word is bond. 
-I wish whiteness wasn’t the barometer that we all existed in.
It’s so played out. I’m tired of whiteness and white people. (Frfr)
Ya’ll are so annoying, whether consciously or subconsciously. 
I only have hope for the younger of your peoples. 
-When I hear and see men disrespect black women
I legit want to stab them and decorate a throne dedicated to dark skinned black women, with their entrails.

                            (Too Far? Yeah…well, Fuck you too.)

-Sometimes I wish I could live life as my full self, externally.
But since most people don’t believe more than 2 genders exist, I’m left here in the shadows mostly.
I’m not nearly as angry as most people believe I am. I’m more so sad and disappointed with you muhfuckahs. Disgusted usually.
-When I’m at work, I day dream about tanning on the beach.
That’s how I shut my mind off.
My goal is to be black as soot by the time I pass on. Glowing and shit. 
-One Day when I have Children,
I want them to be as dark as me, if not darker.
Fuck you Taye Diggs. Coon ass N***a.

                                           (You mad? or Nah?)

-James Baldwin was an incredibly talented and tortured soul.
Ultimately when the hand of white gay fetishism came down on him and the black community checked him for his fuckery, he lived his life in exile. It was very unfortunate. See what vowing your life to miscegenation and wanting to mingle with the gay white boys gets you? 

-My students are growing like crystals in the earth’s crust.
They are the only things I’m able to be proud of as of late.

                                       I guess that’s it for now…

wherefore art thou, bark ruffalo?; a deancas au

Dean’s always been a fan of dogs, but not when they get loose at twelve a.m….in the pouring rain…with their anxious, blue-eyed owner demanding that he help find his prized, award winning pet.

Based off the ‘Please, I really cannot find my cat and I know it’s three a.m. but Neil Catrick Harris and I would both appreciate the help’ AU from Tumblr.

[AO3 Link]

Dean is dreaming of beaches and sand castles when the first boom hits. At first he thinks it is just another clap of thunder, they’d been coming pretty regularly for the past few hours after all, but this one is different. It’s louder than the thunder, and it sounds a helluva lot closer than it should be. He probably should go check it out…or he could just roll back over and get back to that beautiful ocean view he had going a few seconds ago.

Bam. Once again, the noise rings out from somewhere in the house. This time Dean’s eyes fly open as he pushes up from the bed. What the hell?

Bam, bam, bam! The noise rings out louder than before, and with a groan Dean swipes his phone off the bedside table. 12:30 A.M, it reads. Who or what is banging on his house at midnight?  

The bangs continue on, and then Dean knows he hears the jiggling of a doorknob along with it. His mind races through the possibilities. A burglar? He feels like that’d be unlikely. It’s a family neighborhood near a police station, and the only trouble that’d come to the little town in the past few years had been from bored teenagers trying to find a little fun, usually in the form of knocking down mailboxes. Besides, who’d target Dean’s house? His is the cheapest one on the whole block, and with his rigorous schedule at the lab he’d hardly had time to fix it up. No, nobody would choose to rob his house when there are three white picket fence, American dream homes right next door.

At least that’s what Dean tells himself, but when the banging begins again he ends up grabbing a baseball bat from the closet for good measure before he pads quietly through the dark house, trying his best not to wake up Sam sleeping across the hall.

Bam! The noise is clearly coming from his front door, and Dean jumps back when a flash of lightning reveals a figure through the windows.

“You better run or I’ll call the cops!” Dean yells as he approaches the door, but the figure makes no move to leave. “I mean it! I-“

Dean’s words come up short when he throws open the door and finds the most beautiful man he’s ever seen looking back at him with wide, brilliant blue eyes.  

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