So my friend met Dan at Dreamhack today...

…and I AM NOT OKAY. She sent me this picture and said “I met Dan today” and i was like ‘’WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT.THE.ACTUAL.FUCK. What the hell is DAN doing IN SWEDEN, IN JÖNKÖPING ????” (which is a city I am moving to in 3 months that is like 70 FUCKING MILES from my house)  I started crying and screaming and laughing because I’m happy for her, BUT I’M SO FREAKING JEALOUS. sHe doesn’t even like him that much, and SHE MET HIM. SHE MET MY BABY MEME LOVING FUCK. And you know what the WORST part is? The worst fucking part is that I WAS SUPPOSED to go to dreamhack with her and some friends. But I didn’t because of my family and i don’t know, I DON’T EVEN HAVE A FUCKING GOOD REASON.  My family thinks I’m insane now but I can’t stop crying. If I went there I would have met him. Dan Howell. danisnotonfire. My hero. I really  can’t fucking belive it. JUST LOOK AT THEM HIM

I’m crying my eyes out, shaking and listening to MCR. I can’t belive it. I CAN’T BELIVE IT.  Me right now:

Sorry for all the swearing but I’M SO FUCKING UPSET 


Dan’s Livestream // 6.18.15

“He hasn’t gone outside today

His battery died so he was late

He was in Sweden (filming something with the BBC)

Went to DreamHack 

Talked about Swedish pronunciations 

He dumped his bag from Sweden on his bed so most of his contents were spread across his bed

He said his birthday was great 

He talked about the real life puzzle thing Phil took him to

“The sweatpants I’m wearing right now i dried this morning and I thought they would be dry by now but they didn’t dry so I am slightly uncomfortably damp.”

Still listening to Drones

Talked about eating and apologized because Ramadan 

He always feels inspired on trains and planes

“Thanks, John.”

He liked the ending of Paper Towns because it was realistic 

He felt like he could relate to the book


Dan and Phil got to see a screening of the Paper Towns movie

He gave it a 10/10 

He doesn’t know how he feels about Final Fantasy 7 remake

“Rude honking outside. Can you not?”

“Liveshizzle. Yeah sorry about that. Am I?”

His favorite AHS season is Asylum

Jessica Lange and Angels Bassett from Coven are his favorite AHS characters

“Obviously we’re all in love with Evan Peters.”

After he recovers from Paper Towns he’ll read Looking For Alaska

Starting new week he’s trying going vegan for a month

He said Matilda was amazing

“I NEED to change my icon. I know I’m a trash lord but my twitter icon doesn’t help.”

Talked about Michael Clifford’s incident

“Michael Clifford is on fire. Too soon.”

Talked about the prank call

“Guys I promise I didn’t feel that bad.”

He got told immediately after it happened that it was a prank call

Pete Wentz DM’d Dan apologizing for prank calling him

Dan and Phil didn’t have time to say hi to FOB at Big Weekend

“When I answer calls from an unknown number… in case its a spam… I answer in an Indian accent to confuse people that might think it’s me so they reveal their identity first.”

He talked about how crazy it was for 14 year old Dan when Pete called him

Talked about how he doesn’t tweet incessantly because he wants all of his tweets to be good

He said all of his tweets are deeper than they look

The capital letters tweet was a draft that he thought was a total shitpost

He appreciates that we’re lame because we appreciate his lameness

“Dan are you part of the illuminati? Yes. Yes I am.”

He said he wishes brands made vegan alternatives

He wants real Maltesers with vegan chocolate 

He might somewhere this weekend

They’ve seen about 1/3 of the book

The top fans were all over the place and he was very into it

He is very attached to Dil so he felt a bit uncomfortable with him and his girlfriend

He’s very proud of the gaming video him and Phil make

“I spend way too long adding comic sans for no reason.”

Talked about his first two jobs

We didn’t have ‘the talk’ with Dil.”

Talked Dil’s ship names

He said Cara is great as Margo in Paper Towns


“Save the bees, people.”

Has not yet seen Jurassic World

*talking about braces* “Good luck with having straight feet.”

He’s still watching Food Wars

“My style is black, but monochrome is acceptable.” 

“When I’m not going to a place for a thing, I never go outside.” clarifying the Dan Howell never leaves the house but is always traveling

“I love you to bits.”

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Dan Howell visits DreamHack - The Supergamers: Preview - BBC Three