what is perfume fanbase name? i thought it was dreamfighters a long time ago but i don’t think any of us call ourselves that 

FINALLY!!!! THE WAIT IS OVER!!!! Promoter Bob Arum told Yahoo Sports on Tuesday that Manny Pacquiao has agreed to terms for a May 2 bout with Floyd Mayweather, and that the only thing in the way of the long-awaited fight occurring is Mayweather’s approval.
Arum said Mayweather’s representatives have also agreed to the deal but have not been able to get Mayweather’s agreement. However, there is no verification from anyone representing Mayweather whether Arum’s side is accurate. #dreamfight

your-dreamfighter yeah I still haven’t seen every episode of Avatar because it came on Nickelodeon when I was too young to pay attention to air dates. LoK was definitely my favorite of the two and it’s more mature