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These undocumented Dreamers were outspoken before Trump. They’re going to stay that way.

  • Activist Erika Andiola is one of an estimated 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who entered the country as children. 
  • Called “Dreamers” — after the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) — this group was granted temporary legal status under the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
  • Throughout President Barack Obama’s tenure, a handful of Dreamers like Andiola have become well-known critics of U.S. immigration policy, advocating on behalf of the estimated 12 million people in the country without authorization. 
  • As Trump cracks down on illegal immigration, the most visible among them fear retribution from the administration for speaking out.
  • They have reason to be wary. While Trump has said DACA recipients will not be targeted in his deportation crackdown, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has already arrested several Dreamers — at least two of whom remain in custody. 
  • Even if Dreamers are safe, almost all of them have family members in the United States who are eligible for deportation.
  • Despite those risks, several Dreamers with high profiles told Mic that they were not about to let his election keep them from speaking out. Read more (3/3/17 2:14 PM)

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Happy Captain Swan Day!

yes - there is no ONCE tonight

but we are here, will always be

epic love story we all love, story that gathered us here together, that gave us lots of happiness, feels and friendship - will always be in our hearts

so lets celebrate it every Sunday!

lets make every Sunday Captain Swa Day!

every one can celebrate by making post:

post where you will tell what you love about Captain Swan

post where we rec great fic - story you read long time ago or last week

post where we tell about our friends in fandom and how wonderful and important they are for us

posts where we tell our creative artists how we admire they art and gifs

posts where we will write about our fav moment or kiss or headcanon

(every Sunday i or some of you will suggest what we post about)

every Sunday for all eternity

we all love this epic love story but this fandom experience is so amazing because of you all my friends - and for our first Captain Swan Day - we can make posts where we send big hugs to all our friends here - so we all can feel that we are together and love each other!

love you all!

(if you have any other idea how we can celebrate Captain Swan Day - let me know!)

big hug to all my fiends - hope i’ll not forgot someone!

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anonymous asked:

hi!! while you at the fic recs.. i fell down the yuri on ice rabbit hole and wondered if you knew any destiel au fics for it? or any deancas with ice skating, i have a mighty need :o

Hello! :)

Aww sure, I know a few!

✓ Silver Linings by @thebloggerbloggerfun
‘The famous figure-skating Olympian is at the same ice rink as Dean, and Dean can’t skate.’

✓ Ice by @galaxystiel
‘After an accident takes away Dean’s future in competitive figure skating, his relationship with Castiel suffers.’

✓ You May Say That I’m a Dreamer by @envydean
‘High School AU: Dean’s been a fan of the men’s figure skating for as long as he can remember. He’s always been fascinated by how the contestants move on the ice, contort their elegant bodies into beautiful positions and land each jump with grace – not that anyone at school knows this, they only know Dean as the tough-man soccer player. When Dean’s favorite under twenty-one’s figure skater transfers to his school, sparks fly.’

✓ Icy What You Did There by @whelvenwings
‘When Charlie drags Dean along to a local ice rink, he’s not expecting to have a good time. But when he gets out onto the ice, he happens to meet someone - and he very quickly starts seeing things from a whole different angle.’

✓ Untitled by @thekingslover
‘Dean and Cas going on an ice skating date, but Cas has never gone before and can’t skate at all but he doesn’t want to tell Dean because he doesn’t want to admit he can’t skate.’


✓ Fabulous list of headcanons for a Destiel yoi!verse AU by @flowercrownyuri

✓ A Dedicated Hug written by me.
‘In which Dean Winchester watches that show about ice skating because Charlie keeps bugging him about it, and Cas tags along. (AKA Dean and Cas watch yoi and exchange their thoughts on Victor and Yuuri’s relationship.)’

Have fun!

Being in the Dragon Age fandom and the Sarah J. Maas fandom can be the funniest shit ever. Like when a text post mentions Dorian or Morrigan without any specific information about them.
Is it snarky-gloriously-gay Dorian Pavus, or Cinnamon-Roll-kinky-witch-man Dorian Hallivard?
Is it Dreamer-High-Fae Morrigan, or Witch-of-the-Wilds Morrigan?
We may never know.

  • Aries: Influence - Love myself tonight and I think you can feel the same
  • Taurus: Don't Talk About It - The world is beautiful / so why don't you feel anything?
  • Gemini: True Disaster - Keep playing my heartstrings faster and faster / you can be just what I want, my true disaster
  • Cancer: Imaginary Friend - Got my arm around with superglue / come power through
  • Leo: WTF Love Is - I know that I'm a handful / but you get me, know what you signed up for
  • Virgo: Flashes - People come / I push them away
  • Libra: Vibes - Flickering, our eyes go wide / you giving me studded sight / painting stars / in our hearts
  • Scorpio: Keep it Simple - Let me keep it simple / so I don't have to face ya
  • Sagittarius: Cool Girl - No, let's not put a label on it / let's keep it fun
  • Capricorn: Don't Talk About It - Don't talk about it / sweep it under the rug like we do
  • Aquarius: Lady Wood - Looking like the freak card kind
  • Pisces: Vibes - Whisper pretty little things / heart sings, I feel 'em, ooh / dreamer, tripping on your highs / feelin' all the vibes
Dreamer in the Sky

High in the rayed and diamond skies,
Up in an air balloon,
She follows close behind the sun,
And mingles with the moon.

She courses through the universe,
And leaves at ev’ry star
An inky token from her pen
That twinkles near and far.

¡Sueña, suave soñador!
Rêve, radieux rêveur!
Tu encanto es encantador
Ton coeur répand chaleur.

She comes and goes, borne by the wind,
And weaves a quilt of dreams
That drizzles purple, dashes pink,
And with such wonder teems.

Where’er she roams, whoe’er she sees,
Whate’er she comes to find,
No matter how the day proceeds,
The world stays on her mind.

¡Sueña, suave soñador!                                        Dream, gentle dreamer!
Rêve, radieux rêveur!                                            Dream, radiant dreamer!
Tu encanto es encantador                                    Your charm is charming,
Ton coeur répand chaleur.                                    Your heart gives off warmth.


For @sonador-reveur– a loyal follower with a big heart. Stay awesome!!


SPN FanFic

-When high on pain medication, you let a secret slip out in front of both Winchesters.-

Sam x Reader

1,059 Words

Warnings: Nothing really, mostly fluff. Use of pain medication (administered by a nurse)?

A/N This is my first ever fic, so feedback is welcomed. This is my @idreamofhazel​ and @impala-dreamer​‘s 1k/2k ‘Sammy Says’ Writing Challenge. (They are both seriously amazing so if you aren’t following them go check them out!!) My Prompt was: “You’re confusing reality with porn again.“ - this will be italicized in the text.

*I do not own or claim any of the gifs/characters.

So without further ado, here is High; my first ever fic!

Pain radiates up your right side, reminding you that something is not right with your body. You take a deep breath and squeeze your best friend’s hand tightly, “Sammy, if I don’t survive this, I just want you to know that hunting with you and Dean have been the best years of my life.”

Sam smiles down at you softly, but Dean’s snort from the other side of the hospital room tells you that he’s feeling less than sympathetic for your predicament.

“You’re getting an appendectomy, Y/N, you’re not dying.” He rolls his eyes and shuffles his feet.

“You don’t know that!” You throw your arms into the air dramatically, “They could leave a surgical instrument in my stomach; I hear they do that a lot more than people think.”

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