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if u don’t like declan lynch or at least understand and respect y he is the way he is get outta here i dont need that negativity in my life

Lightning in a Bottle, where do I even begin? Once again I’ve been enchanted by my favorite festival. Once again I’ve left thinking that this time it was even better than the last. Once again I’ve left inspired, recharged and more comfortable with who I am.

It’s always hard to put into words exactly what this festival is about and what it means to me. When I come back after the weekend everyone likes to ask, and I find it hard to use just a few words to explain the feelings it gives me and the world it creates. So this piece might be a little rambly and long, but I want to paint a picture for you of the full experience.


On Friday, we arrived Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) bright and early. This was the first time we’d decided to do car camping. We were there by 10 am and I found the car camping area to be pretty packed already. It seemed that Thursday was the busy night for the LIB team, with the bulk of campers arriving then. Luckily we had a friend who came in Thursday night and saved a nice space next to his tent for us.

Let me tell you, car camping is a total game changer. I will never not car camp again at LIB. Moving our stuff from the car to camping was 100x easier. It also really helped that it was overcast Friday morning when we arrived. By the time we set up our tent, the sun was clearing out the clouds and warming up the day.

We got a new tent this year too. It was a Coleman 10 Person Instant Tent. We got it at Costco for about $200 and I have zero regrets. Previously we used a six person tent – which holds six people if you’re laying side-by-side next each other in sleeping bags with literally nothing else in your tent. With the 10 person tent, and four of us in it, we were able to fit two queen air mattresses, stand up to get dressed and have a lot of room for all of our other stuff inside the tent this year. We didn’t even need to set up a canopy to keep us shaded because it came with a really great one that attached to it.

Setting up the tent and seeing the lake was totally amazing. For those of you who don’t know, this was the first year that LIB has been at the San Antonio Recreation area with a lake. It’s incredible to see that we had so much rain this year in CA.

After setting up our camping area, we grabbed some beers and went for a walk to check out the lake. It didn’t take us long to realize how the lake was affecting the San Antonio recreation area. Over the course of the weekend we saw two snakes, some half-dollar-sized spiders, and lots of little flies/mosquitoes. Surprisingly, none of these bugs bit us and I don’t have any marks which was a really nice surprise. The snakes were also harmless, mostly just scary. This was solved though by a guy next to our campsite who we ended up dubbing “Jake the Snake”. This crazy guy collected the snakes for us and moved them away from our campsites. (Thank you, Jake the Snake).

It also turned out that the festival had to be reorganized a little bit, because of something else the lake brought with it. Where the Woogie stage used to be, a bald eagle had made a nest and laid some eggs in the tree. Talk about amazing. Some people even got to see it. We tried to look for it once but we couldn’t find her or the nest.

We had one friend arrive at our campsite after us because she had to take a separate car. To offset the carbon emissions, LIB charges single car drivers $30 to park at the festival. Once she arrived, we changed into our first looks and headed into the festival for the first time.

Friday we themed “holographic space lamb”. My group and I really like coordinating themed outfits. I wore my Glamorous UK blush pink mesh maxi dress, holographic J Valentine bottoms, lightning bolt pasties, and some new platform pink boots I had purchased from Hot Topic. It didn’t take me long to need to put some insoles into those shoes. They were cheaply made but became much more comfortable once I had the shoe pads in. They were a ton of fun to frolic in around the festival. I always recommend bringing a pair of insoles to any festival. They can be a totally game changer.

The weather Friday was perfect with the morning haze, then even still once it cleared up. During the day it never got too hot and then at night I layered my look with some leggings and this really cool faux fur jacket I got off Poshmark for $20.

Once changed we headed into the festival to explore. The Thunder and Lightning stages were the same beautiful set up they’ve always been. A new Pagoda Bar, Woogie stage and other some other new structures were set up with beautiful bright colors reflecting on the lake.

Because of the way the festival was reorganized, it did feel a little squished in some areas. I felt like there was a stage near the Gong Sanctuary and The Cauldron tents that was a little too close. The music overpowered speakers there and the meditation space. I also felt like there were a lot more vendors than previously, which was fine, but it just took a little learning curve to learn the new festival grounds.

We checked out a class in the Learning Kitchen, “Digestive Psychology” on Friday. It was about how we often just try to treat an problem vs finding the underlying issue. For example: perhaps we have back pain and we’re dealing with a lot of stress; we should learn to deal with the stress primarily vs medicating the back pain, because the stress could be causing the pain.

Friday night was a lot of fun bouncing around to check out how art pieces transformed into glowing night structures, dancing to music at multiple stages, and eventually closing the night with Rufus Du Sol. We’re not really the group of people who stay up past 2am haha, we were beat and called it a night after 2am. There’s of course music all through the night for those who want to stay up.

Saturday I wore matching tie-dye overalls with my boyfriend, which we dyed together the weekend before. This look was totally his idea and they turned out amazing. Everyone loved them, I swear I got more compliments on my outfit that day vs any other day. We purchased the white overalls from Forever 21 and got a tie-dye kit from Michael’s with a coupon. I actually ended up having to dye the overalls twice because the first time we didn’t properly fill in all the white space. That worked out fine and they turned really great. I loved having all the pockets and it wasn’t too warm to wear during the day because we didn’t wear any shirts underneath. and at night, I just added my coat again and I was perfectly content.

Saturday we ventured out and checked a few different classes. First was “Sex, Love & Awakening: 4 Keys to Ecstatic Partnership” at Haven. Let’s be real, we wanted to check out at least one class that had sex in the title. I really ended up liking this class and the speaker. She was super well spoken and had a lot of interesting points. She talked about the fours stages of a relationship that she’s studied as a psychologist, and my friends and I had some great discussions after about our own relationships.

Then we went to “Tarot Readings with the Tarot Woman” at Craft-Folk Arts. Each reading was $20. After, we went and checked out a favorite from last year, Benjamin Pixie and salmon skin tanning. This year the class was hands on and we saw a little of the process he uses. Mr. Pixie has some great stories and a love for sharing them that makes his smile quite infectious.

We checked out another Learning Kitchen class Saturday called “Flavor Tripping: A Trip Down Sensory Lane” which was really cool as well. This one was presented by New Belgium Brewery, and they had some beer samples for us while they talked about the process and different tastes of each. They also told us about this thing called a Miracle Berry and let us experiment with it. It’s a plant native to West Africa that contains glycoprotein, something that causes sour foods to taste sweet temporarily. We all got to have one of these little pill versions of the fruit, then they passed out lemons and limes to taste. It was totally crazy because you really did have a tastebud change!

Saturday we also checked out the 2nd Annual Soapbox Derby which was so awesome, and spent most of Saturday night at the Grand Artique which is set up like an old Western town, and played some arcade games. I won a rabbits foot on my first try.

While it may sound like we had very organized days, it was was really made up of a lot of hopping around. We’d taken a look at the schedule before and picked a few things that sounded interesting, but for the most part we would check out a class here, listen to some music there, grab a snack or sit by the lake. There’s really no set schedule you have to abide to at LIB and that’s one of the things that makes it so much fun. We weren’t living by the clock and rushing to keep to a schedule. Most people also have no service at the festival, and you either decide it’s too frustrating to try to keep to posting things, or you just don’t care anymore and you put your phone away to just experience everything.

Sunday was the hottest day. We woke up feeling hot for the first time, and decided it was time for us to venture down to the lake for a swim. The water was so refreshing and felt so nice. The shore was rocky but once in the water you could swim or float without touching it. Everyone was in the water Sunday AM it felt like. Pockets all over the grounds were filled with colorful floats. One of my favorite things about LIB is how we all accept the fact that just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life and have fun. We still like to play in the water, climb on playgrounds and be silly. I love that we’re given this freedom there. I love that no one judges anyone there. The festival had artists build a few climbing structures on land, then a few floating art pieces as well for us to all play on to further facilitate our play.

I think what always keeps me coming back to LIB is this overarching theme of freedom. I get to wear all my “crazy” outfits with lots of colors, dye my hair pink and do my makeup with tons of glitter. I get to play dress up and people don’t stare at me like I’m a weirdo, but appreciate the creativity in it. I get to walk around with a backpack filled with cold beers and drink responsibly instead of trying to drink a ton before getting into an event so I don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts to drink once inside. I never feel harassed by security or pestered by rules. It’s an adult playground; we’re given the freedom to explore, take charge of our own bodies, take charge of our own time, and express ourselves in our own creative ways. It’s one of the most freeing experiences of my life each time I go.

Sunday we went back to Craft-Folk Arts to listen to “Storytelling - Animal Awareness with Rainbow Dreamer”. It felt like story time in school again- Rainbow Dreamer was a flawless storyteller, with a mesmerizing cadence. From there we went to one of the last Sound Healing sessions at the Gong Sanctuary. Here you lay down with your eyes closed and they play all these sounds around you like rain sticks and gongs for about 20 minutes as a mediation session.

We then hiked up to Mediation Point to take in the view, and ended the day like every other day, watching the sunset from a cliff with other festival-goers. This is always such a magical close to the day, and it was even more beautiful this year with the lake reflecting the light. After howling and clapping at the sunset, we changed for our last night at the festival. Sunday night was the coldest and the most windy, but we had a great time again closing with Bassnectar.

Sunday I wore a hot pink metallic one piece swimsuit I had been pining over since I first saw it online. I waited for a good sale and purchased it, the brand is Motel. I wore it with some fun alien hoop earrings my boyfriend got me for Christmas, and at night with some glitter tights. During the day I had a faux fur purple vest with it from Poshmark, then at night again my faux fur jacket to stay warm.

There’s so many things to explore at LIB, but my friends and I felt like we didn’t miss a thing this year. We experienced it all as it was meant to be, by fulling allowing ourselves to journey through the festival. We went to some great classes and lectures and then took those further into wonderful discussions together as the sun set each night. We grew together over this weekend, and I know we won’t forget the memories we made anytime soon. I love this feeling I leave LIB with, and I hope it stays with me for a long time until it’s time to be refreshed again next year.

No Heroes Allowed [a Barry Allen smut]

Request: Hi. Can I request a smut (or not) with evil!barry where the reader is a hero and has a love hate relationship with barry. They meet on a mission and it just ends in smut (or not).

a/n: damn back at it again with that evil!barry smut


Barry had this dream before. The dream with you and him in his bed, making love. But this isn’t that dream. It’s not a dream at all. Instead, it’s the reality of him. Somehow between all the fighting you and him were doing, he was able to get his hands on you and flash to his safe house.

“You know, usually heroes aren’t allowed in here.” His fingertips dance down your electric blue leather suit. “Strictly ‘no heroes allowed'…but I guess I could make an exception. This time.” he smirks, leading you to the queen sized bed. It’s messy, like someone slept in it and didn’t bother to make it; the midnight gray sheets jostled, half on the bed.

His combat boots trap your ankles, caging them in between him and the bottom mattress, and you tumble backwards. Your suit is unzipped, your breasts peeking out slightly; dark navy gloves scatter on the dirty floor as your hands push his black jacket off his shoulders. He moans, ripping your super suit down your arms with a breathless curse. “You’ve got such a mouth on you, Flash. You’re so aggravating!” you pant, grabbing his neck harshly to kiss him.

His lips mold to yours and he caresses your shoulders, slowly descending to your elbows, forcing you to lay down. He sucks your lower lip, nibbling a little, savoring the taste he’s been dreaming about. It isn’t healthy how much he dreams about your lips. He releases you with a deep breath. “What can I say? Gotta impress my hero.” he mumbles, pulling his maroon t-shirt off his body. Muscles flex as he leans to your lower body. “You’re the last real dreamer I know.”

The sound of leather squeaking echoes off the dark walls. Barry smirks, index finger hooking around your thin underwear, blowing on your pussy. “Barry, please, just do something!” you plead, head dropping on the flat pillow, fanning your hair out.

His tight pants are on the floor before you can even think. He hovers over your body, forearms propping himself up on either side of your head, chest against chest. “Be patient, babydoll. I’m getting there, I’m just…admiring the art.” His tongue licks your jaw and he shifts on his knees, aligning himself. “Such a naughty hero, aren’t we?” he tsks, thrusting his cock in you.

You rock back and forth, clinging your ankles together behind his lower back, boobs bouncing in his face. He grins coyly, snapping his hips forward. Blunt fingernails drag down his back, creating bright red lines on his pale skin. A moan wrecks your throat, “B-Barry!”

He chuckles darkly, biting down on your collarbone; a deep violet bruise starting to form. “Cum for me, babydoll. Be the naughty hero you are.” he grunts, thrusting in harder and vibrating.

You gasp, opening your mouth and squeezing your eyes shut as your abdomen tightens. You feel yourself clench around his cock; he releases inside of you, panting hard. You breathe. In. Out. “Can we - can we call it even?” You wince as he pulls out, rolling next to you. The bed shifts, adjusting to his weight.

Sweaty milk chocolate hair mats to his forehead and he laughs, arm falling on his stomach. “Is the hero surrendering? Hmm…interesting. I guess we can call it even. For now.” he hums, gazing up at the ceiling. That was way better than all his dreams.


Decided to post on this blog because. <3 I guess my blogs don’t even make sense anymore hahaaaah

So as some of you may know I’ve been on a month long vacation without alot of use of my tablet and not really much internet for a little while. Sooo, I figured I’d pull out my pens and pencils and see how I’m doing traditionally - I haven’t touched my pencils since 2 years, I was scared as all hell XD

But I guess I managed! Here are some characters from my webcomic project Dreamers, respectively Aherän, Meke, Kijün and Gilbert.

The last one is a little gift for @loverofpiggies who’s going through a tough time (and I’ve learned it’s your birthday soon, too!!), I absolutely love her Lucidia project already, especially Sage, gosh she’s such a treasure I love heeeer <3

Since in Dreamers, skeletons became very rare, Gil would be a complete sweethearts to other skeletons and I don’t know, since Sage is my fav I just. Put the two together to be friendos! :DD

I would’ve drawn Dreamers Ink with Lucidia Error to complete the weird batch but yeah.

Hope you like it! <3

fact: ronan is a practicing catholic 

fact: ronan and adam are going to marry the fuck out of each other (sorry i don’t make the rules, this is just very obviously so)

ergo: adam and ronan aren’t going to bump uglies before marriage 

and this is fine. adam is used to ignoring the wants (arguably needs) of his body. many a night with a rumbling stomach and fatigue heavy limbs and the itch of exhaustion in his eyes can attest to this. they don’t actually have a conversation about it, but he knows.

and ronan knows he has every intention of marrying adam, provided he consents to such an arrangement. not because he wants to get in his pants (though he unarguably does) but because it makes sense. it’s not the onlything he can see himself doing with his life, but from where he stands it’s the most logical one. adam would appreciate that.

ronan has no qualms (well, some qualms but they’re inconsequential and most likely irrational) about asking adam to marry him his first summer back from college. adam has no qualms (not even some, because he learned to stop writing his feelings off as inconsequential and irrational) about saying yes. the howwhatwhenwhere of it are for the two of them, and officially ruled out as a tale to be told over a table with a perpetual film of grease at nino’s.

it’s the very definition of a small wedding. the gangsey and the ladies of foxway (plus mr. gray, after a miraculous return) all squeeze into the green camaro and the bmw and gansey’s obsessive journaling of all things glendower comes in handy because they have the exact coordinates of where cabeswater used to stand. they say their vows in latin (adam’s idea, ronan’s creation), calla (previously ordained to marry for reasons still unknown) officiates, opal eats all the flower petals she was supposed to throw (and part of her dress) and gansey fails so miserably at containing his tears that almost no one notices blue’s eyes are suspiciously damp as well (except ronan). 

(their rings are, of course, dreamed up. they appear to be made of polished wood, and it only takes one try to dream one that fits adam’s finger exactly right. a purposeful twist provides the brief sensation of their hands clasped together, pulse to pulse. adam thinks they’re easily one of the most brilliant creations ronan’s ever pulled from his dreams.

matthew, having requested and immediately been granted the task of the ring-bearer, nearly loses them. twice.)

later that night, after the celebrations at 300 foxway, the two of them pay a visit to st. agnes and while adam doesn’t have many feelings either way for ronan’s god, he lets him whisper another set of vow against his lips and says his own just as fervently with his hand pressed to ronan’s chest to feel every stutter of his heart.

even later, at the barns, the site of their first kiss becomes the place of another first and a different sort of vow is passed between skin and lips and bodies.

several times.

fact: adam and ronan have a stupidly spectacular time being husbands

Okay, I think it might be time for a brutal reassessment of drafts. There’s so many I just end up staring at them, going ‘nope’ and ignoring the tab altogether. Now if yours doesn’t make the cut, a) it’s NOT personal, b) I still want to write with you if the reverse is true too, c) I will let you know personally. I owe you that much, since I don’t usually drop things.

anonymous asked:

We know that sans and papyrus and gaster are all "jokes" off the text font, and Toriel is "tutorial" but what about mettaton? Or the other main characters? What's the "joke" with them?

I know that Undyne is a pun on “undying”. Datamining also revealed that her name may have been supposed to be “Undine” in the beginning before it was changed to “Undyne”, which is a reference to her link with water as Undines (or Ondines) are beings associated with water!

For Asgore, I know that his full name can be an anagram of “Sage or Murderer”. The Wikia also says that “Asgore” is an anagram of “Aegros” which means “troublesome, anxious, sad, difficult, or reluctant” in latin. And his last name, Dreemurr, sounds like “dreamer”.

Asriel is quite literally Asgore and Toriel’s ship name. ASgore + toRIEL = Asriel. It’s also interesting to note that Asriel Dreemurr can be an anagram of “serial murderer”

For MTT, the UT wikia tells that it could be a portmanteau with “metal” and “automaton”. It also mentions that “Mettaton” is similar in pronunciation to “Mettatron” which is the highest angel in jewish lore and transliterated into greek as “MTT”. 

For Napstablook, the wikia says this: “Napstablook’s name sounds like “Napster bloke”. Napster is a defunct peer-to-peer file-sharing service that focused on sharing music files. This references Napstablook’s computer being on a “music-sharing forum” and their general affinity for music. “Dapper Blook” is a play on the phrase “dapper bloke”, which is a British phrase referring to a sharply-dressed person (usually male). “Blook” may also derive from “spook”.”

For Alphys, however, I have no idea if her name is a reference or a pun with anything! 

mermaid/sailor au jikook for forjimin
rated t for turbulent seas
word count: 1,377

Jimin grows up hearing stories about the dangers of sirens, beautiful women with lashes like stardust and smiles dripping with liquid moonshine. He grows up learning every single trick in the book—cover your ears, shield your eyes, and never believe in their beautiful lies—and he knows all there is to know about the ocean and its depthless dark. Or so he thinks he knows, because if he truly did know, he wouldn’t have chosen a night like this to take a walk along the waves. If he truly did know, he would have stayed well and warm in bed and slept away the blue moon and he might still have a grip on all his heart has to offer.

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[Concert Report] DIV’s “2nd Anniversary LIVE”: “We are going to make each thing we want to do into reality”

On May 10, DIV held their performance “2nd Anniversary LIVE” at EX THEATER ROPPONGI. Being able to hold a live performance in a venue with a capacity of 1,800 people after only two years of activity undeniably shows their high potential. They were able to show their newest single “Hyouryuu Kanojo” on new ground with fans making their way to Roppongi with high expectations.

After the venue went dark along with digital opening music, the members appeared onstage, which was colored with vivid blue lights. They began the show with the up-tempo song “ANSWER” among an upswell of excited cheering and applause. Vocalist CHISA stood at the center of the stage singing emotional vocals with a splendid aura. Shogo looked over the audience while performing solid guitar work. With staging in which he could feel the excitement inside of the venue, Chobi matched it with deeply undulating bass. And satoshi sat behind the drum set, showing his powerful drumming and powerful presence. The composure of these four members was palpable as they took the stage without any timidness at EX THEATER ROPPONGI.

They then performed songs like the danceable song “Sekirara Lala,” “ASTERIOS,” the hybrid tune that fuses electronic taste and heaviness, and “Dokusai Geek,” during which the fans swing their towels during the catchy chorus. They performed a stylish and up-tempo set characteristic of DIV, and the audience’s excitement swelled immediately, creating a truly good atmosphere. Following “Gokusai Geek,” CHISA did his first MC.

“Welcome to our second anniversary show. We’re going to do a lot of songs today, but if you don’t start getting excited from now, the show will end in the blink of an eye. Everyone, do it with all your energy.”

After greeting the audience, DIV began the second block with songs like “BUTTERFLY DREAMER,” which features refined sound and powerful vocals, “Cinderella,” which features Shogo’s speedy solo and Chobi’s slap bass, the brilliant and loud “Cocktail Color,” and “hungry soul,” with satoshi’s transcendental drumming and CHISA’s wild shouts.

The highlight of DIV’s performance was the interweaving high-quality performance of all the members. Their flexible playing and high-quality musicianship captured everyone’s eyes and ears, and the refinement with which they performed aggressive numbers was impressive. The elaborate arrangement and speedy performance did not feel at all out of place.

“Are you having fun? DIV celebrated our second anniversary on April 13, but I’m really happy that we were able to come this far in two years. Thank you.”

Followed by CHISA’s MC, DIV began the second half of their performance. Beginning with luxurious vocals and jaunty beat of “SEASONS,” they performed “Tokyo Necropolis Hakubutsukan” with Chobi’s groovy bass and Shogo’s graceful cutting, the resplendent “Taiyou no Uta,” and “Natsu no Yukue,” with its cyber and melodious elements.

With a slightly different feeling than when they violently raise the tension, DIV’s ability to pull in the audience with their stable stream of high-quality songs was magnificent. The members showed their excitement diligently with no sense of being forced. DIV changed EX THEATER ROPPONGI into a warm and unified paradise with their powerful, brilliant, and invigorating individuality.

After “rainy,rainy,smiles,” the members left the stage, but fans continued to call for an encore. Answering the passionate voices, DIV returned to the stage and played “you” and “ZERO ONE,” giving the performance a feeling of a comfortable drive. During the second encore, they debuted their new costumes for their single “Point of view,” which will be released on August 27. The unexpected surprise raised the tension of the audience even further.

DIV displayed their sense of accomplishment and individuality at their large, second anniversary performance. Between performing the three songs from “Hyouryuu Kanojo” at the large venue and announcing an August single release and autumn tour, their upcoming activities deserve a lot of attention. During the encore, CHISA said, “There are still things we want to do. We want to make each thing into reality,” and their dreams will more than likely become reality.

credit : barks.jp