dreamer cosplay

My cosplays from 2016 (-beginning of 2017) 

Compilation of Fighting Dreamers Productions Yuri!!! On Ice cosplay videos.

My favourite cosplayers/cosplay personalities on the planet.

Yuri On Ice: Shakira

Yuri On Ice: What’s The Secret?

Yuri On Ice: Skate Fast

A Very Yuri On Ice Christmas

Yuri On Ice: Technique

Yuri On Ice: Bloopers


So… this was the “can I get into full costume and style the wig in 7 minutes"challenge that I made up on the fly because I knew I would be alone for exactly that time. And I totally failed, in my opinion. Hand curling those /dumb/ side things are ridiculously difficult when you do it blind and pin whatever thing you get after one try. And then throwing on a different color of contacts (because my other ones are taking a break) without washing my hands hurt quite a bit.

I can’t wait until I finish my Lt. Col. Uniform. Or at least get my new breeches and undershirt because currently I am a #mess.
Ignore my painted nails - I had an event yesterday.