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*I’ve honestly lost count.

*All the times I’ve had to reload hasn’t helped that any. Could be months, years even… could only be a few days. I don’t know anymore.

*But hey, it’s not bad at all! I’ve been training super hard!

*Working with Sans is pretty great. I don’t know about being the most powerful or anything, but he seems to know what he’s doing.

*I’ve gotten so much stronger physically. Even if I end up getting killed and having to reload, it’s like I retain what I’ve worked towards… of course now I also SAVE after every training session.. just in case.

*only thing I still struggle with.. is my actual powers. I have yet to figure out… how to turn them on.

*even though I remember other timelines much clearer now, and the powers I’ve gained in them, I just can’t access the powers yet in my own timeline.


//IM BACK. I SAID I WOULD BE. IM BACK AND THE STORY CONTINUES!! no set schedule yet but I’m gonna post as often as possible. sole focus is on this blog as I love it too much to let it die for good.

I will also be opening for commissions soon because I might end up losing my job and I’ll need the money in the meantime if that happens… *siiigh*

anyway here’s monsterkid//

reaction compilation #78

Reactions to page 39! Frisk gets grounded.

Wha–? Knew WHAT?

You’re welcome!

Found the genocide player.

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

I am happy, thank you, Anon.

The transition from lowercase to all-caps is cracking me up.

I’m really confused by this question. Asriel’s been threatening Frisk with fireballs, not Chara!

Asriel is 8′8″ (264 cm), Chara is 5′7″ (170 cm), and Frisk is 4′4″ (132 cm).

In other words, Asriel is 3 feet taller than Chara, and twice as tall as Frisk!

Chara wouldn’t have to if Frisk would just hold still for once.


A comprehensive breakdown of your OC.

Tagged by the very sweet @dalishelfblood, thank you honey! Obviously this is going to be about the twins - Faeron and Nico 

NAME: Faeron Lavellan 

AGE: 27 during Trespasser



PROFESSION: Mage/Force mage/Dreamer


Born in the west Free Marches to keeper of clan Lavellan, Faeron was blessed with the an abundance of magic from an early age. Extra training and guidance had to be given once he started to pull others into his dreams or simply walk into theirs at the tender age of 5. 
Faeron’s easy going goofy nature has always made him approachable and easily liked, however his kind nature has at time blinded him to peoples faults and has lead to trouble in his past. Now when under pressure he uses his humor to deflect difficult situations.   


Body Type:  Ectomorph: Small joints/ boned Lightly muscled.
Small chest and buttocks.
Low body fat (without exercising or following low calorie diets) 

Eyes: sapphire-amber

Hair: Blue/black

Skin: Fair/Tan 

Height: 5'7" (and a half!)

Weight: 130.6lbs


Strength: 6/10 He’s not Hercules and he’s happy to admit it. He is toned and wishes he could have big muscles like Dorian and Blackwall, his body just doesn’t tone that way.

Perception: 7/10 His perception is pretty good. Unfortunately he prefers to talk or think about something totally off topic in his own little world. 

Endurance: 9/10 This is where he get’s high marks, His training his left him both physically and mentally able to sustain spells longer than some mages. He also runs long distances 3 times a week to stay in shape.

Charisma: 9/10 Faeron is friendly and kind never playing favorites to anyone, everyone is worthy of his time until you prove him otherwise. He’s funny and flirtatious, but gets easily flustered when that attention is returned by someone he likes.

Intelligence: 8/10 He’s a smart enough cookie. 

Agility: 10/10 And this is where he shines. Highly flexible and quick on his feet able to flip dodge and bend out of the way of any spell thrown at him. 

Luck: 6/10 His life hasn’t been a breeze, but Faeron would count himself as one of the lucky ones.

Magic: 9/10 He’s not quite got the hang of every spell yet, but he plans on learning as many disciplines as he can to learn how magic works at it’s base level.


Colors: black,Silver, Dark Purple 

Smells: leather, firewood, Fresh bread and sweet pies (that Faeron likes to cook himself) 

Food: Faeron would eat all day long if he was allowed to! Apples are his favourite snack, munching several a day. He loves fresh bread and roast chicken, and roasted boar for a treat! Also cakes he’s utterly mad for them! 

Fruit: Apples, Cherries, Blueberries and Strawberries 

Drinks: fruit juice, water, jasmine tea

Alcoholic Drinks: Mead, wine, brandy. 


Smoke:  Occasional elfroot for his nightmares or purely relaxational

Drugs: no

Drivers license?: Harts, Halla’s. Horses! Stick it between my legs and I can ride it! …. Wait, That sounded very wrong…” - Faeron talking to dennet