dreamer background


some plain lockscreens with lyrics by dreamers.
(i’m completely obsessed with their album sooo you should check it out.)

listen to ‘This album does not exist’ here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2dtruUPZ49oSh468hKErtf

also, make sure you vote for ‘Sweet Disaster’ on the #alt18 and get it to #1 !!

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reaction compilation #78

Reactions to page 39! Frisk gets grounded.

Wha–? Knew WHAT?

You’re welcome!

Found the genocide player.

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

I am happy, thank you, Anon.

The transition from lowercase to all-caps is cracking me up.

I’m really confused by this question. Asriel’s been threatening Frisk with fireballs, not Chara!

Asriel is 8′8″ (264 cm), Chara is 5′7″ (170 cm), and Frisk is 4′4″ (132 cm).

In other words, Asriel is 3 feet taller than Chara, and twice as tall as Frisk!

Chara wouldn’t have to if Frisk would just hold still for once.