He was a dreamer, his eyes glistened with hazy yearnings
Never was he present– preferred thinking of faraway plains,
I think he believed if he ran far enough, he could find his calling;
That life with me in the town we were raised proved to be mundane,
More than the sorrow I felt rushing through my veins, I felt sorry.
Sorry for him. Sorry that he thought other lands had the answers.
—  dreamer, b.

You may have seen that we are hosting an Answer Time with Gustavo, a DREAMer who has recently enrolled in Columbia University. Unfortunately, following the election of Donald Trump we are pulling his Answer Time to ensure that he can stay emotionally safe and look out for his family. 

In his place we are running an Answer Time with “Fiona,” an immigrant from the Philippines who moved to the US without documentation with her family in 2001. She is currently here as a DREAMer because she arrived here before she turned 16. However, the fate of her family hinges on Trump’s actions in office. She has graciously agreed to answer questions about life for her and her family as undocumented immigrants. You can also read more about her in an essay she wrote for Refinery29.

Fiona will begin answering questions at 11am EST/8am PST. She’s taking questions via our Ask Box and will also be answering questions originally intended for Gustavo.

Our thoughts are with both Fiona and Gustavo and their families this morning.