They will leave
and you cry a little bit,
maybe a lot
or maybe even more
You cover your lips in dark red
and your eyelashes gets less natural
You go out to dance your heartache away,
just for tonight you say, just for tonight
Your heart is beating too fast in your chest
because you want to forget,
you just want to forget

They will leave
and you discover vodka
and how awful it tastes,
but you find out it can get you so high
that you can’t feel down anymore,
until you wake up next day
and sooner or later it all starts over again
You said at 17 that you’d never drink,
but at 18 the pain and grief convinced you,
because the alcohol burning in your throat,
doesn’t matter when there is as a  fire
burning so badly
in your heart

They will leave
and you’ll kiss boys and girls
to make your world get some happy twirls
They don’t mean anything to you,
but you don’t stop until you think you’ll feel
It might make you sweat,
but what does that do to what happened in your past?
I mean, the soul is all gray and black,
but all the lights at the dancefloor is not out of any lack

They will leave
and you’ll go out crying in the woods
so no one can hear,
but your mom still saw the tear
when you came home from school that day

They will leave
and you’ll become the person you said you never would
Look at you now, you really could

They will leave
and it’s amazing how much someone can fuck you up
So good, fuck you up so good
Your heart is beating too fast in your chest
with the depression, grief, anxiety and all the rest

They will leave
and it might take you back to the day you first met
that you oh so gladly would just like to forget
You just want to forget

—  t.j. // They say that a broken heart changes people