Thoughts @ 3:56am

Now it takes no effort to be stay up until 4am
It takes more effort to sleep *before dawn
One by one the texts between me and you and you and me
Your sleepiness has taken over
Your mind *has powered down
I imagine your breath slow, steady
The rise and fall of your chest, heavy
Your arms loosely draped around your
Or maybe
Baby do you ever *imagine
In your arms
Drifting off
To our own separate dream worlds in the comfort of each other
But you see
My dreams are all here in front of me
Or at least they would be
But I’m in *my bed
And you’re in yours
And I’m dreaming about you
With my eyes wide open…

delicate moonbeams
goes through my heart with each touch
i desire a love of starlight
as bright as the sunniest day
he leaves me with feeling of hope
unties the knots of pale dread
turns my heart into a love song
reaches high notes of joy
writes sweet lyrics with permanent ink
i am cured
—  t.j. // my sweet transformation