HTTYD little things

Toothless’ look

I like to notice that little detail like how during that flight in Where No One Goes, Toothless keeps looking at Hiccup, literally every 2 seconds - these are not even the lot of it.

Not just waiting for his signal to pull-up, but like watching him carefully, like he’s making sure his baby is okay…


HTTYD Parallels

Hiccup + Hero

I love how in the first movie, it’s finally the hardened Vikings acknowledging him, and the way he had fought for them. In a way, its a new perspective of their own way of life - sacrificing limbs in their war with Dragons. But now, with Hiccup, he fought side-by-side with a Dragon and was saved by a Dragon

In the second one, its 5 years of hard work for Hiccup, tolerating Vikings eccentricities, difficulties with Dragon problems, keeping up with Dad’s expectations for him to be the ‘Pride of Berk’ and all. And by then, no matter what scraps, whether or not you accept the Riders/Defenders of Berk as canon, you can tell Berk does see him as their hero. He always saves the day…always

And, always with Toothless