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Album Review: April 2015, Black Clouds - Dreamcation

So, As some as you may no I planned to do a review of this album a while back but my vinyl player broke, Well I’m finally doing it. My player is still broken but I wont let that stop me. I’m definitely trying to give more information and be more in depth than my last review as well. Which I kind of just blew through and rushed.

Album: Dreamcation

Band: Black Clouds

Unfortunately you cannot find the entire album to listen to online however here is their official website http://www.blackcloudsmusic.com/

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(oh no, oh my)

dreamcat!Lory will always be nsfw

young!Lory in labcoat spotting some birds outside maybe

young!Charles is tired of my shit, so is my onisona

the furry lady is some of Maya’s MMORPG characters (representing her lost eye)

and those chill guys were kind of request?? of my friend, though i liked them too much

Creating a matrix for storytelling inspiration: cats everywhere in my dreams

Searching for inspiration, one theme came upon my path…Cat!
Lovecraft-A Dreamquest unto unknown Kadath: a journey in the dreamworld, confronting horrors, guided & protected by Cat. Main theme: shamanic journey in the otherworld, protection by power-animal cat. This book inspired my first internet nickname: dreamcat.
Lewis Caroll-Alice in wonderland & through the looking glass: A journey through…

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