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More chainmail stuff, most of which is available on my Etsy! I’m remaking this post because apparently Tumblr won’t show posts with external links if you search for them, which is some BS. 

The rainbow necklace is now up for sale! It’s steel and anodized aluminum and is sure to be nice and durable.

A link to both my Etsy and my Instagram can be found in the description of my blog; and yep, it works on mobile too! I’d really love to make a business out of selling my stuff this summer, so if you could help me out by signal boosting this or taking a look, I’d really be grateful!

Oh, and also: I’m shipping international now! Yay!  


♪ The Alchemist Dark-morigirl Set for MSD BJDs ♪


Find it in my Etsy Shop: Nyusszdesign!

Please be advised that the sets fit best on slim MSDs such as fairyland minifee/dollchateau kid/ etc.

Set includes:

~ Striped tunic shirt
~ Layered tattered skirt
~ Tattered leggings
~ Leather Alchemist bag with runes
~ Leather Alchemist belt
~ Crocheted arm warmers
~ accessories: lacy-scarf, dreamcatcher necklace, flower crown

All parts of this set are handmade!

Available sizes:

~MSD: Dollchateu/minifee/Luts/ etc

Without a Home pt 2

Part One 

Word Count: 1526

Description: After a rainy night, Virgil finds himself hiding in the car of an old friend, and he has a lot of explaining to do. 

Virgil sat in the passenger side of Roman’s car, fiddling with the hangnails around his thumb. It was awkward- maybe just on his end. Roman seemed relaxed, focused mostly on driving.

He cleared his throat before rolling down the window.

“Have you heard from the others at all?” Virgil spoke, finally breaking that layer of silence, which eased whatever tension he felt in the air.

“Hmm? Patton and Logan? Yeah a bit- Logan came down for a weekend a couple weeks ago. They’ve been good, though Patton’s been pretty stressed with classes,” Roman replied. They made eye contact for a split second, allowing Virgil to nod before they both looked ahead of them.

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♪ Lady Deer Dark-morigirl set for MSD BJDs ♪

Price: 64$ + shipping SOLD

Find it in my Etsy store!

Order made! ONLY ONE SET!
Please be advised that the sets fit best on slim MSDs such as fairyland minifee/dollchateau kid/ etc.

Set includes:
~ knit gray cardigan
~ layered-ruffled tulle skirt
~ long tunic shirt
~ long black socks
~ black panties
~ accessories: scarf, dreamcatcher necklace and flower crown

Available sizes:
~MSD: Dollchateu/minifee/Luts/ etc


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 1.25.16

free spirit stamped necklaces by primlark // top | bottom

crystals and dreamcatchers and feathers and mountains … find your special stamped totem and wear it proudly. or, snap up a couple and layer to your heart’s content!!