dreamcast: justice league

jcogginsa  asked:

Who do you think should be the leader of the Justice League, assuming a Big 7 line up.

Wonder Woman. She’s comparably powerful to Superman (even the way I’d handle it where he’s actually much stronger than any other hero including her and Captain Marvel but in a punching contest they can all hurt each other just fine because magic, it’s all about the same to us humans) and a far better fighter, and unlike Batman, who’s experienced in giving orders to subordinates in what amounts to a black-ops unit, she’s the one who’s been trained since childhood to act as a leader to fellow warriors. I think she could rally the troops and get them in line in a way neither of them could; not that Superman wouldn’t still be leading the charge a lot of the time given how much he can do and endure, and that Batman wouldn’t frequently be coming up with last-minute saves, but I see her as the one actually barking orders in the field and forming their standard tactics and keeping the whole operation on-point and running smoothly at the head of the table, especially once you throw her political experience on top. Scott Snyder actually seems to be writing her in much that role in Metal as the one calling the shots, which I appreciate seeing.


Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - bs amount of bs plotlines and bs amount of stupid rumours (batfleck is really deathstroke posing as batman anyone? And OMAC and Bizarro being plotpoints )

Suicide Squad - “reshoots for more fun” (although it was partly true I believe? )

Wonder Woman - armpits

Justice League - runtime

Aquaman - ????

deathchrist2000  asked:

What did work with Young Justice?

The animation was slick, the voicework was universally solid, the world and backstory were well fleshed-out (if you go on the Young Justice Wiki there’s apparently a whole timeline extended a decade prior to the Team forming), the action was good, the timeskip was ambitious and a great way of working in a whole new cast of characters and load of history, and a fair number of individual scenes were perfectly good. It’s just the show they chose to make with those constituent parts that sucked, especially when lots of other parts involved the creative staff’s soul-curdlingly stupid idea of how teenagers speak, feel, and generally behave; I maintain that the exact same people could have put together a pretty fun Justice League cartoon, since it wouldn’t have played so directly into their weaknesses.