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Celebrate #ItsStillBeautiful with us from August 20th-27th

Two years ago, the third season of Hannibal finished, and a bit after that, our dear Bryan Fuller told us to “ask again in 22 months” in relation to whether the show would be back. If Fannibals are something, it is patient and determined, and we have waited the 22 months. We have endured time and we’re now stronger than ever, our fandom growing each day. In August, the time will be up, but we will also be celebrating the two year anniversary of The Wrath of the Lamb and the end of the third season, and the fact that we have much more to look forward to!

That is why, for the second year in a row, we’ll be holding #ItsStillBeautiful. Create anything at all (fanfic, art, craft, gifsets, playlists, songs, etc) and post it from August 20th-27th.

The theme of this event is anything at all as long as it’s set post-TWOTL— it must be canon-compliant up until the fall, and then the limit is your imagination! Whether it’s about one character or a pairing, includes flashbacks, other characters from the Hannibal fandom (like the rarepairs), or anything at all is up to you, but it must be set post-TWOTL, and since we want to encourage creativity, we don’t accept anything that has been posted before.

Thanks a million to @sheep-in-clouds for the gorgeous art!!

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So…I was inspired to doodle more sleeping Hannigram real quick.

And all that came to mind was my own personal cannon that Will smiles in his ‘sleep’ when Hannibal practically smothers him unconsciously whilst snoring like a whale.

Because the sweet old cannibal didn’t know what *good sleep* was until he finally got his Graham Cracker  <3

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Hannibal and Will found, or saved, a herd of lost ducklings at the crime scene, and the ducklings accidentally imprinted on them so they followed them both everywhere like they were their parents. xD

This is the cutest thing ever, can you just imagine Hannibal or Will having the little ducklings following them all around!! CUTE!!


“We are their father’s now. Will.”

“Hannibal, I don’t think you’re making any sense. We cannot be their father’s, it’s not logical.”

“Tell me then, Will, what would be the logical idea to leave them?”

“I…I don’t know. Maybe adoption? Someone would want them…right?”

“Surely, no one would be able to take care of them better than us, Will.”


“Yes, Will?”

“We are talking about ducks, Hannibal, not small children.”

Hannibal raised an eyebrow at the statement, before looking down as he heard a small peep come from below him. Both men turning at the little tub of water in which the three little duckling’s were swimming in, each one staring at the both of them as they followed wherever the two walked. One of them continued to try and jump out of the tub, only to slip back in. When Will turned to glance over to Hannibal, he only saw the older gentleman smiling at the ducklings, a smile, rare and in the purest of forms.

“Not ducks, Will, ducklings.” the man corrects, “And I think they’ve come to be rather fond of us, would you give them away so soon, after they have started to imprint upon us.”

Will opened his mouth to respond back to Hannibal’s question, only for his eyes to flash back towards the ducklings, as one the one trying to escape finally succeeded and hopped out of the tub. The two other one’s trying to follow suit, while the one free of the tub run across the table to where Will was standing. Close to jumping of the wooden surface, before Will jerked his hands out to pick the duckling up, preventing it from falling to their doom.

Clutching the chick to his chest, Will rubbed it’s small little fuzzy head with his thumb, watching as the duckling nuzzled against his hand. Feathers fluffing up, before it started to relax completely in his hand, looking up to see Hannibal starring at the two, his gaze a mix between sadness and adoration. And a little something else, but it was hard for Will to look deep into the man’s expression, as he felt his eyes looking down.

“I suppose you are right about that, I guess three more mouths to feed wouldn’t be so hard.”

“Perhaps we could switch off on caring for them, as they would probably want to spend time with both their father’s.”

Will snorted a little, “I didn’t expect you to be an animal kind of guy, Dr. Lecter.”

“Hannibal, please. And I certainly have nothing against animals, I just do not enjoy the mess of cleaning up hair afterwards. But I can certainly take care of three little ducklings.”

“Whatever you say, Hannibal.”


No one said anything, at least not Will.

Not during class, or when he was walking in the halls, no one said anything to the man. They only started, watching as the shaggy and strange man walked through the halls, with three little ducklings following right after his feet. Or in class when the duckling’s all snuggle up in a little sleepy pile as they  peep quietly, While having gone out and bought a large wool blanket for the little guys. Well two boys and a girl, Will and Hannibal had had a long discourse over the phone on what to name all three of them, the girl Will had settled on Abigail, as for the two boys it was Hanni Jr. and Homer. As both men had a love for the classical literature, while Will had joked about naming one after Hannibal just for the fun of it.

It wasn’t until he was leaning in the corner of the science lab, as the science trio were poking at a dead body, did someone finally say something.

“So…are they like your kids now?”

“Hm? Who?” Will hummed coming out of his lazy bored haze.

“The ducklings, they’re always following you around, they won’t even let Zeller pet them. I swear I saw that little dark one almost bit his finger.”

Will chuckled, looking down at Hanni Jr. who ruffled his feathers, before settling down next to Will’s hand. “That’s Hanni Jr. for you, he doesn’t like it when people get near him. Scared the hell out of two of my students.”

Beverly cackles at that, “You named him Hanni Jr.! What did Hannibal have to say about that?”

“It was more of a joke, but he seemed rather fond of the idea. The girl is named Abigail, and the shy one is Homer.”

The science trio all made a soft little ‘awww’, as each one of the duckling’s peeped at attention when their names were called. Will fishing out little treats he made with Hannibal for them. Feeding each one a little piece, before letting them cuddle next to his arm, smiling down at them.

“You know for a weirdo like you, you sure do look adorable with a bunch of baby animals.”

Will snorts, “Thanks, Price.”


Hannibal finds himself reading up more than necessary for raising ducklings, conversations on the phone lasting up to three hours, as he discusses proper care of raising their ducklings. Pacing back and forth in his studies, while the three little ducklings followed right after their tall and graceful father. Finally after some more discussing, Will and Hannibal move Will’s session to Hannibal’s house, sometimes having these dark conversations over dinner, or in the man’s study where they can keep a closer eye on the ducklings.

“I have a couple of men coming over in a few days, they’re going to work in my backyard and fix a big enough pond for the ducklings to swim in when they get bigger. Of course, I’ll need to do some research on what are the best kind of fish for them to have in the pond, so they don’t get sick. But I can see them growing, healthy and strong under our-”



“Shut up.”

Before Hannibal could say anything, Will had leaned forward to press a kiss against the man’s mouth. Humming in delight, as Hannibal deepened the kiss with his own mouth, a hand coming up to cup Will’s cheek as he pulled a way.

“We’re going to be great father’s.”

grahamdesign  asked:

Can you show me some Hannibal's and Hannigram's tumblr? I just created Tumblr

Sure! My other blog @fuckyeahhannigram is a good place to start. I tend to only reblog things from people that mostly post Hannibal and Hannigram so basically follow anyone you see there.

This is so hard because we have sooo many quality people in this fandom. Here’s a small list to get you started:

@existingcharactersdiehorribly and @wiith-my-hands SO MANY GIFS

@the-winnowing-wind and idontfindyouthatinteresting - fandom/show revival news central!

@emungere My favorite author

@camilleflyingrotten @byk23 @hannibalcreative @sympathyforthecannibal @granpappy-winchester @vi0lentquiche and about 1,000 other people I’m not thinking of at the moment.

Please feel free to chime in about yourself or any other blogs, everyone!!

Yeah right, Will can SAY (as well as do) whatever he wants (but Hannibal draws the line at some point) - PART 4

Will dares to make this face while at Hannibal’s table.

Then he says

But it doesn’t matter

Will sits like this

And talks like this

And then pretty much he rights all the wrongs with this performance

 A collection of the faces Hannibal has to see every day

And Will doesn’t miss the opportunity to park his ass on the desk like in the old times.

He leaves things on Hannibal’s table like cats leave dead birds on the doormat

He gets girls pregnant

But then again, Hannibal considers the pros

And the cons fade away.

Even the one where Will asks Mason to kill Hannibal

All seems nice and well. Will tries to have Hannibal killed as always, Hannibal is happy and breaks Mason’s neck to celebrate.


Will commits the unforgivable mistake of calling Jack and inviting him to dinner at Hannibal’s place.

And that’s the only reason why Hannibal reacts like this.

This could be yet another explanation of Hannibal’s reaction in Mizumono. If it’s because of that, Hannibal, I understand.