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Hello! I was wondering what portrait mod you're using! That one post you have of Elliot regarding the sprinklers on your farm is where I saw it. :) Is it just Elliot-centric or does it affect everyone? Sorry if you've already answered this question before, but I'd love to know. Thanks!

The portrait mod I use is  Dreamburrows Elliott Portrait! It has been my favorite and longest used Elliott portrait mod! I never much cared for Elliott’s default portrait because well, Fabio, and the face just never seemed to fit his sprite. So I was incredibly happy to find Dreamburrow’s mod! It fits a lot closer to how I imagine Elliott looking! I highly recommend it!

Looking into Dreamburrow’s profile on Nexusmods, it looks like this is the only mod they have made. Which is a shame, since I’d love to see what the other characters would look like in this same style!

Here are the mod’s new portraits

Thank you so much for the ask! ^_^

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do you know of any Skyrim female clothing mods that are... non sexy? like not revealing or body hugging? i can barely find any :(

I got you, anon!

Immersive Armors has lots of options 

zzjay’s Wardrobe has some awesome clothes + armor! 

Hedge Mage Armor

Dragon Carved Armor 

Rogue Armor 

Konahrik’s Accoutrements (big quest/area mod, but adds a lot of armors/clothes)

Fluffy Travel Attire 

DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor

Arise - The Black Sacrament 

Craftable Triss Armor 

True Thief Armor 

Demon Hunter Armor 

Warmonger Armory 

Unclaimed Delivery

Grace Darklings Ranger Armor V3

Light Elven Armor Retexture (but is standalone) 

Sadistic Magician Mashup

Grace Darklings Attire Packs

Raven Witch Armor 

Ebony Valkyrie Armor 

Kameleon Armor

Drow Armor Set 

Imperial Investigator Armor (+retexture!)

Ashara Princes of the Woods

Grace Darklings Elven Scout Armor

Ghorzas Armor

Dragonbone Barbarian Armors 

Eldrids Armor Mashup

EotW Dovahkiins Journeyman Armor

Contractor and Mavari Armors

Warmage Armor

Practical Female Armor

Lord Marshal and Steel Falcon

Imperial Shadow Armor

Imperial Assassin Armor

Battlemage Armor

Blood Witch Armor

Liberation Assassin (not sure what body type, going to assume Vanilla or UNP which work fine together. Feel free to test and find out.)

Yharnyam Set

Rogue Sorceress


So I’ve been trying to get a bit of inspiration back, I drew a concept sketch for an armor I sort of kind of want to make. (out of mashed up armor of course, I’m no where near skilled enough to make good looking meshes.)

I’m a bit embarrassed showing my own artwork since I haven’t drawn in months, but I think I’m ready to get back into doing it.