What it is:

Created by Dreambots, this small robot-masseur was designed to knead our shoulders and back. And, thanks to a very clever system of pulleys and sensors, it maintains an even pressure over all the regions it reaches and never goes “off route” in the process.

Why it is Cool:

Because it recognizes the ever-growing need to relax and recharge our batteries – and without having to make appointments or leave home or the office in order to do that.

And also because it does that in a simple, economical and, above all, effective way, something that times present and future demand more and more.

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  • Rita Amandio - IPG
Welcome WheeMe, The First Mini Masseuse

While many of us love the massage experience and the chance to relax and be pampered if only for a moment, but one company is looking to add accessibility to that equation with their latest invention.

Welcome the WheeMe, the world’s first mini massage therapist that caresses and massages as it rolls across your body, according to the creators at DreamBots who unveiled the neat contraption at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. In addition, the robotic masseur contains tilt sensor technology that allows it to steer itself on a surface without losing its grip or falling. All you need is just three AA batteries and some time to yourself.

Although it’s not capable of deep tissue massages due to its weight (less than a pound), WheeMe does promise a nice, gentle feeling.

Watch the video below for more info.  Is this the future of massages?