hey, so seen as though summers finally here… i decided to post a follow forever :) i also haven’t done one for ages. i never know what to say in these lol anyway i’d just like to thank all of these flawless people for keeping my dash alive with their amazing posts and flawless edits. sorry, if you aren’t in this i follow loads of people so i probably just forgot you… i still love you though. p.s. sorry for the shit edit i didn’t know what to do… i never do lol - Leanne

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hey, here is my rather long and late new years follow forever, i just want to thank you all for being the amazing people that you are and making my time on tumblr enjoyable. have a great 2014






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(sorry if i forgot anyone, just message me and i will add you in)


*Sentimental music starts play* Dear friends, mutual and cool blogs that I am too uncool for to be a mutual with,

The time has come around where we hope for awesome gifts (your fave) under the tree it is autumn aka my time ever.

Ever since my last follow forever things have changed, celebrities got hotter, tours have ended, new music is coming to us and whatever 2015 may bring.

So this is to the people who made my dash amazing, to the friendly people, to the people who make me giggle in delight when I read your textpost, to the people who dare to speak their mind, to the most cute people I have ever talked to and to the great fanfics writers (bless your soul). I love you, your blog is loved, bless you and your blog, thanks for exciting.


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ok so i actually make quite a lot useless follow forevers but i achieved a goal i thought i never would: i got 2k followers!!!! so this time im making a ff with all of the mutuals who have made my 4 years on here worthwhile. i’ve made such great friends on here, a long time or just a month ago, and i’m so happy you guys are a part in my life!!! 

my brother

ethan ahston5sos: my natural born sibling. my favourite memory is probably the one where we went to the beach. you, me and rj sitting in a baby seat in the back of malums suv with the windows open. you’re the chillest person i know and im glad i got u!!!!

my wife

nikki bassistgirlfriend: if you could win an award for realest person out there, you would win an award for realest person out there. ur a cutie and i dont understand how u still want to be my wife after all the shit ive said. thank u. ur the ony texan girl ive ever loved <3

my girlfriend

kate fknmalum: we are exact copies of each other!!! i cant believe we’ve only talked seriously for only a few weeks but i swear to god it feels like at least a year i can text u “i want luke up my ass” and u can sense my emotion at the exact time. 

my queen

guada michaelcliffort: my longest best friend of all, pls u still make me happy every day and im so glad i got u :’) i got u into halsey and i think you hate me for that but yeah you’re the sweetest most innocent friend i have and sometimes i just need to talk to you. we gotta catch up on skyping!!! LOVE YOU

my squad

lillian moneyheaux, eri drummersgirlfriend & kelly perfectjdb: you guys are honestly the coolest squad and thank u for letting me be a part of your reckless conversations about harrys nips. i love u all!!!!

my fellow fic enthusiast

jamie itlukey: thank u so much for ur malum prompts and fic recs every once in a while :’) ur a very cool person who i’ve followed for like 3 years already and happens to live like 30 minutes away but i’ve never met which we should change!!!

my irl friends

romy dutchfrustration , daan plastic-tit, carolijn bobsayshallo, chloé cvd97 & elaine elaineetje: aka my squad!!!! you’ve all seen me at my worst (physics class. chemistry class. any kind of class) and my best and i cherish u all. 

my bomb ass mutuals!!!

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and last but not least some non-mutuals that are lit as fuck

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+ blogroll!!!!

Hey, so I decided to post a Christmas follow forever. I’d just like to thank all of these flawless people for always keeping my dash alive with their flawless edits and awesome posts :) sorry for the shit edit btw and sorry if I haven’t put you in this… I still love you and if I’ve spelt anyone’s URL wrong then please tell me and I’ll correct it, thanks :) p.s. I hope all of you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year - Leanne x

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