I remember hearing about the events that this movie was based on a few years ago, and being awestruck at the stupidity of it then, but watching this movie last night, i feared i might break my tv, or go hoarse yelling at the screen.

Maybe i’ve watched too much law and order: SVU, but who wouldn’t know that your boss at McDonalds doesn’t have the right to strip search you? Or that a cop, over the phone, cant make you give someone a blow job?

Not only did the all events in the movie happen, the “prank” caller pretending to be the cop did this over 70 times, and while none of the other cases were this bad, more than one came close.  i really need someone to restore my faith in humanity right now…

So there’s this show called Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23" about roommates, and not only is that eerily close to my and my roommate’s apartment number, but um… June is my roommate’s actual celebrity twin, and I don’t really look like Chloe, but we have the same hair and moral standards. I relate to her a fucking lot. It’s just so bizarre. #weird #donttrustthebinapartment23 #donttrustheb #dreamawalker #krystenritter #celebritytwins