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Y'all need to chill abt this whole Joseph cult bullshit. Most dating sims have strange, dark routes it’s not the end of the world, and as far as anyone is concerned, it’s virtually inaccessible anyway, and is probably cut content.

Dream Daddy is a game where you are a dad (and you can be a trans guy or not), choose wherever you married a man or a woman, if your daughter was adopted or not, date other dads (on a huge diversity of race, body type and lifestyle), and one of those is canonically a trans man and one of those also reads sasunaru fanfiction. Not only that, you can get smexy scenes (not explicit) if you want, get on an interesting plot and have a good and healthy relationship with the most important character of all, who is your daughter. Is there anything else that I need before buying this awesome game?!

My friend explained the DND alignment chart to me, so I made this

Who’s who?

Why Andrew Jackson Jihad/AJJ as Chaotic Evil?

Why Jared Mees as Chaotic Good?

Why The Front Bottoms as True Neutral?

Why The Mountain Goats as Chaotic Neutral?

If you want more explanations/evidence for bands lmk


new designs have been added to my redbubble!!

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(please reblog if you can’t buy something, although i do (obviously) encourage buying something if you can, i obviously understand if you can’t/don’t want to! but yea, spread this around please!!)